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What to expect on Carnival Imagination?

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 10:33 am
I have been on Carnival Destiny/Paradise/Freedom and I shall be going on a 4 days cruise to Ensenada, Mexico on Carnival Imagination. What to expect? Is it good?

My previous experiences were quite good. Well quite sometime ago.

Do older ships like Imagination/Paradise etc go anywhere farther apart from repositioning cruises?[

Re: What to expect on Carnival Imagination?

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 1:07 pm
by northstardc4m
If you've been on other carnival ships the Fantasy class will be similar for you... A bit smaller and some of the on board features are lacking obviously but they are not bad since they got rebuilt a few years back.

For longer onf them, the Fascination does 7 days out of San juan right now, same cruise we did on the Valor in 2014. They have done Carnival Voyages that are 11 night plus cruises. We looked at one that was 15 nights on the elation I think, a few years ago though... Though I think they are off that now.

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Re: What to expect on Carnival Imagination?

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:34 pm
by bananaboy
I sailed that ship / itinerary about 3 years ago. Was my first time sailing with Carnival and, for what I paid, thought it was excellent value.

Clearly, it's an older ship with the quirks that come with that - ie Serenity hidden away and accessed through a lounge. Food was decent in quality, especially at sit-down restaurants but I thought buffet choice was limited. Service good throughout and ship was spotless.
Catalina was a nice day out. Ensenada was what I'd expected..was offered sex and drugs before I made it into the town centre but it was a change of scenery..I'd probably do an excursion if I went again as I don't think the town itself had much to offer.
My slight disappointment was the "Fun Day at Sea" where we did literally stop dead for the best part of a day. Weather was good and the sea calm but there's something so relaxing about hearing and seeing the waves as you move. A small point (and a good way not to waste fuel cruising around in circles) but one that may be of interest to you.

From memory I don't think that class of ship do sail a whole lot further from the US..on those older ships the yields are lower and fuel costs higher so I'd guess they'd want to keep down the distances they sail. Carnival Fantasy seems to offer the longest sailing of the ships in that class but it's a one-off partial transit of the Panama Canal. Then, it's back to "business as usual."

Re Carnival Fascination - you can also join the ship in Barbados if you're looking to extend your total trip with a beach stay and want somewhere other than Puerto Rico.

Enjoy your cruise.