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Humorous Quotes

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:40 pm
by SumChristianus
I've been reading and commenting on here for about three years and I have to say that I think we're kind of funny...
As done with some friends, it's quite fun to collect all these sayings and I've found a few gems on here recently... with likely many more all throughout this place.

started recording some a year ago as mentioned at this thread viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1438721 but I'd like to share the document again and get more of our hilarity gathered into one space at this link: Feel free to share anything light, funny, or humorous said on this site on the editable link or below and I'll add them to it. Please don't discuss other users, complain about the site, moderators, or anything of that sort. This is meant to be completely fun and charitable. We can all use more humor in the world and our lives right now.

Humor brings hope!!! I like humor a lot (I run a satire/humor site for my community/school and it gives you a whole positive take on the world and life.

Thanks, everyone most of all for sharing really interesting aviation news, and for the humor you have while you're at it!

James G.

Examples of some of the best recent quotes:

“Shooting down a 3 year old 737 is a crime in itself, with worldwide shortage of 737s.”

(on missile defense systems on planes)
“Surely it would be quicker and easier to provide Flightradar24 to all military units, who are stupid enough to shoot at an airliner, lit up like a Christmas tree flying out of an international airport.”

“I am trying to figure the big issue with overloading an aircraft with fish. I thought they had their own scales.”

“With all these debris falling from the sky today (UA328 and 744 LGT-5504),
someone must have enough parts to assemble his own engine, a homemade PW4000.”

“JetBlue is a PR firm that flies airplanes.”

“Commentary on Fox News a little while ago: the engine failure happened at ‘13,000 miles above the ground.’ United 328 Heavy, cleared for translunar injection.” - N965UW

“Irrelevant. Birds do not have a max crosswind published in their op specs and will fly regardless.” - N766UA

Re: Humorous Quotes

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:00 pm
by gkirk
It used to be so much better ;)

Re: Humorous Quotes

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:13 am
by N965UW
Honored to have made the list. I try my best :D Another gem from the UA328 thread:

[Meaning to say "boroscope"]: "Why would anyone horoscope a fan blade?"

"Horoscope a blade? "Ahh, yes, this blade is a Cancer... based on the celestial bodies, it's going to have a really topsy-turvy, spinning, turbulent month.. we may need to remove it in case the stress gets to it!"