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Virgin Upper Class?

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2001 1:44 am
by airbus380
Yes!!! I'm finally flying a Virgin 744 JFK-LHR in Virgin Upper Class! How is it? Any experiances??

RE: Virgin Upper Class?

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2001 4:13 am
by TonyBurr
You will really love it! I flew Upper Class LHR-IAD because UA canceled my flight (luckiest move I had). Be sur eto use the liunge. Get there early. Enjoy it. And also on the other end in London.

The staff is incerible. Ther service is great! Their meals are "unusal" as is everything, but great. I LOVED the bar with stools in the plane. Great way to talk to people and make the flight go quicker. The night time flight may not have as many people at it as the day flight. Therefore u want to get a seat away from the bar. If it is a 747 get a seat in the front of the cabin. If they are the new seats ( and I think they have them on the JFK-LHR run) they will be unusual. I have to admit, not the most comfortable. To watch the moive or recline the seat, it not only goes back, it goes DOWN! I was looking up at the person next to me.

I turned down the massage, but kind of regreted it. Neat idea.

You will really love it. Afterwards u will wish you were able to fly Virgin everywhere in Upper Class! Are you getting the free limo service on both ends?

Let us know what u thought of it.