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In Our Hearts For Ever

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2001 4:58 pm
by zippyjet
In Our Hearts Forever!

Please pray for all those whose lives have been changed forever! The crew and passengers of the four airliners, their families, their co-workers and friends at UAL. and AL who will never again see their smiles, feel their hugs. To all those fearless in NY. and D.C. who are still giving their 1000% under extreme adversity. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice (passengers and crew facing the terror of death reached out to the rest of us by telling us what unfolded aboard) and, those police, fire, E MT/Medical personnel who gave their lives to ensure the safety of the rest of us we weep for you but, will always have a special place in our hearts for ever!

My first reaction when seeing those in the Mid-east celebrating our loss, and Bin Laden's face was extreme rage and anger! And, as of now, evidence mounts that this monster and his ignorant followers are responsible but, do not act irrational on impulse. I'm confident, that this great nation of ours will unite in a by-partisan effort to find and bring those responsible for this unimaginable terror to swift justice. Let us re-channel our energy towards being there for our friends and family who have been personally touched by today's horrors. When we unite as one nation under God we will have no trouble articulating to the rest of the world that we take no [email protected]#$ from anyone, rogue governments or terrorists. And, to those responsible for this holocaust we will find you and mete out your punishment. This is not a threat but, a promise!

So, this never again happens again on our shores we must overhaul or security net in regard to flying. Airport security has to be uniform where the work force is trained in the best and latest law enforcement techniques! Improve their working conditions and pay!

Utilize our technology by use of fingerprint and handprint security checks. If necessary, use video technology on board. I never thought I'd say this but, it may now be the time to keep the booze off our planes. We don't need air rage and a Jerry Springer Show like passenger cabin environment. Our flight crews have enough on their hands at 35,000 feet! Yep, this is sacrificing a lot of the things we took for granted, and yep, "big brother" as a frequent flyer is now a necessary evil!

In conclusion, always keep those who lost their lives, the injured and all those who risked their own lives for the rest of us in our hearts for ever!