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State Of Disunity At UAL

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2001 2:27 am
by travelin man
The LA Times has an interesting (and sad) article about the woes (especially labor woes) United continues to face with a new CEO.

I will never understand why some labor groups seem intent on driving the airline under. The "me first" attitude got United into this mess into the first place (and I'm including management with ALL labor groups). It is sad to see that the attitude has not changed.

RE: State Of Disunity At UAL

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2001 6:45 am
Travellin Man

I'm sorry but did you read the entire article. Or just the spin that the author places at the top of the piece? The IAM 141M and the IAM that represents the CSR's are not the problem here. The Pilots contract the high cost of UA operation and a reliance on travel from an area of the counrty that is particually hard hit are the problem's. But UA is in good shape in many ways. With the retirment of all 727's and 737-200's UA has a young and reliable fleet. With the schedule reductions by UA and all other airlines On-time is a regular thing not a hope. And Solomon Smith Barney's report on the Airline industry was high on UA's recovery because our five hub's draw from a 42 million person population base. (the metro area's surrounding the airports we dominate) Jack Crieghton was right: "there is nothing wrong with UA that can't be fixed by what's right with UA."