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Bad SQ Experience?

Sat Aug 07, 1999 3:30 pm

I'd like to hear about anyone having a bad experience with Singapore Airlines. I dont know anyone who has anything bad to say about them. It appears they can do no wrong! But I'm sure there are some of you out there that have....
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sat Aug 07, 1999 4:41 pm

SQ 's the best airline in the continent and is believed to be the best in the world. I've seen some bad experiences for other people like once on a flight from SIN - BKK a small turbulance occured and a lady spilled hot chocolate on her laps , obviously she was burned and crying. However the crew DID handle it very well. They calmed her down and helped her with the first - aid. I think SQ deserved to be called " A Great way to fly"

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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sat Aug 07, 1999 6:28 pm

Hi !!!SQ is a very nice airline but I think they are way overrated. They have all gadgets like personal TVs and new planes but I think their staff isn't all that friendly. They are not rude, but they are not too personable or friendly. I've flown on them three times within Asia it has all been the same. I think Thai and Malaysia Airlines are much better and so is Cathay PacificThe 777 Man
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sat Aug 07, 1999 9:43 pm

SQ is not all that great a way to fly. Having flown with them several times, SQ is not unlike most other international airlines of the same calibre. The service can be shoddy and it does often depend on which crew members are working on any particular flight...just like any other airline.

I was once delayed for 3 hours on an SQ 747 'MegaTop' at Kuala Lumpur without any reason given by the crew...clearly quite unprofessional in my view...especially when the flight only takes 40 mins. Subsequently, I arrived very late for my appointment in Singapore...thanks to SQ.

Flying long-haul eg. on the LHR-SIN route they aren't much different to BA or QF...the films may vary (incidently BA always tends to have the best in-flight entertainment)...but otherwise the service is much the same...I board, I eat, I watch a film, I sleep, I wake, I eat, I arrive...

..something special in the air? I think its all hyped...if only SQ passengers would try BA, QF, CX, MH they would find that SQ isn't all that great a way to fly.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 3:34 am

A couple of years ago, I flew from RIC to SIN using frequent flier miles from Delta. Delta was to provide the US domestic portion of the trip, and Singapore was to provide the international portion. I had reservations on SQ from JFK-FRA-SIN going and SIN-AMS-JFK returning. Shortly before my trip, I was notified that my SQ segment from AMS-JFK was discontinued on the day of the week I was flying, and the only way they could get me back would be to leave Singapore just a couple of days after I got there, then wait several days in New York until my originally scheduled Delta flight would take me the rest of the way home. This was totally unacceptable to me. What was the point of going all the way to Singapore for just a couple of days? Singapore Airlines told me there was nothing they could do. They couldn't take me any farther than AMS, and I would have to find alternate transportation from AMS-JFK. I called Delta since I was using Delta miles, but they said they could do nothing, since it was a Singapore Airlines award. After going back and forth with SQ and DL on the phone, I finally got to talk with a sympathetic customer service agent who got permission from higher up for Delta to fly me from AMS-JFK at no charge. So it ended up working out fine, thanks to Delta.

On that same trip, when I arrived in SIN, my "indestructable" American Tourister suitcase came down the baggage conveyor smashed. The metal band that goes around it was bent in on both sides so that a baggage agent needed a crowbar to get it open. Singapore agreed to pick it up at my hotel, repair it, and return it to me at my hotel, which they did. Then they damaged it again. I had a 24 hour layover in AMS, and when my suitcase came down the conveyor, the bottom was smashed in. Singapore Airlines said they would repair it but I had to take it to the repair shop myself, which was not located in the airport. Since I only had one day in Amsterdam, I didn't want to spend it looking for and waiting around a baggage repair shop, so I didn't accept this option. They told me I could wait until I got back to the US and get it repaired there, and they would pay. But when I got to my hotel in Amsterdam, I managed to punch it out myself and it looks close to normal. I have had that suitcase since 1980, and no airline has damaged it before or since.

One other thing. SQ does not permit advance seat assignments in economy. You have to take what's left when you check in.

Other than that, I thought SQ service was excellent inflight.

Bob Bradley
Richmond, VA

RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 6:04 am

I wouldn't call it "bad", but my only experience on SQ could be called "disapointing". An industry counterpart graciously offered me Raffles Class tickets on SQ for EWR-AMS, for which I excitedly accepted.

Problems began at EWR airport, where the SQ claimed by ticket was not upgradeable, even though the ticket clearly stated "Y/J" upgradeable. After I threw a small fit, they agreed I was right and gave me a window seat on the "Megatop". Unfortunately for me, this particular aircraft had not yet been fitted with the upgraded Raffles Class, so instead, I got a seat which was clearly inferior to several business class products I have flown. The seat had no electronic controls, with a standard coach style recline button, and the leg rest actually had to be grabbed from the bottom by hand to be extended!

The meal service was most dissapointing. The hostess brought out a cart into the aisle, asked me which item I preferred, and slapped down a foil covered dish onto my tray top. After the foil was peeled off, a rather unappetising beef dish was revealed.

Worst of all, however, was the fact that the KrisWorld entertainment system was inoperable on the upper-deck! The inflight crew, who I must admit was very professional, invited me to take a seat downstairs, where the system was working. Being tired, I declined and reclined for some rest.

I would most definitley like to try the service again. I think the fact that this aircraft hadn't yet received the new Raffles Class was a major factor for my disapointment. I will say however, that the inflight staff do set the standard for any carrier in terms of service.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 9:22 am

The problem with Singapore is that it gets so much hype that anyone who has anything less than a fantastic experience gets upset. It is all relative. If you had that kind of service on Tower Air, you would probably be overjoyed. But, not every flight is going to be the is more just having fewer bad trips.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 10:50 am

I really think that you all frequently expect some out of the world thing when you board the aircraft. Come on! F/As are humans too!

Comparatively speaking, SQ is much better than any US carrier out there. Their brand of service shows distinctly when things go wrong. For example, when we were not given a gate a Heathrow for 2 hours last June, the cabin crew brought in fresh supplies of drinks and snacks for the impatient and frustrated passengers. They even turned on the inflight entertainment again and went round the cabin livening up the atmosphere by chatting with the passengers.

Albeit sometimes their shuttle services are not as good (SIN-KUL is quite disastrous sometimes), I think the snacks they provide in contrast to MH's cup of coffee is really something (and they have 300 over passengers to serve compared to MAS with only about 50??).

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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 7:32 pm

I don't think SQ are that great. OK, maybe better than any US airline (I don't count Midwest Express as a "US airline" cos they're actually really good) but not in the league of Emirates, Cathay, Swissair, Virgin, Lauda et al. The "Singapore Girl" is permanently in a bad mood and very arsey. I don't think sullen and snooty flight attendents make for a (cue: music) "great way to fly". The food is always average (I've flown with them a fair bit in Economy but never Raffles - is it still called that?) and they often seem to run out of supplies (soft drinks etc). They are unpopular in Singapore cos apparently their cabin crews are trained to give preferential service to foreigners since most of their revenue comes from transit traffic. That said, if the diffident and sulky service I always receive is SQ's best side thenI'd hate to be a Singaporean national - what do they do, verbally abuse you and hide the safety instructions? Maybe that lady that got splashed with hot chocolate was a Singaporean passenger, and a pre-selected target for intimidation and torture? In their favour they are a big organisation which can help if you are in a spot of bother a long way from home - their tentacles reach far and wide. And what a fabulous hub at Changi! Probably world's best. Also, the fleet is one of the youngest in the world, love all those widebodies. Silly to get rid of the A340 cos it's so popular and great but I understand that the damn thing is so underpowered that it can't get above the weather before it gets to India (initial cruise FL280 or so). Oh well. They may be difficult to please (the 757s didn't stay long, did they? and look what their - justified - cancellation did to the MD11) but it shows in their absolutely perfect safety record (we're not counting subsidiary SilkAir). But I wouldn't go out of my way to fly this airline, they're very average in many ways considering this "world's best" reputation. Top 10 maybe, no way the best.

RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 7:37 pm

having flown SQ a number of times, I must admit that they are not the best. The cabin crew are very unfriendly, especially in Raffles Class which I had flown on a number of occasions. Whilst travelling on SIN-PEN-SIN sectors, the crew was terrible and the aircraft Airbus 310 needed a major overhaul. I sometimes wonder about SQ's maintenance.

I contrast to other Asian airlines, notably Cathay Pacific, which I am a Diamond member of their Marco Polo Club, I must say they are the "Best airline", they have the friendliest staff on ground and in air. Their inflight service is second to none...a true fact that all major airlines talk about.

I hear their new First Class is exceptional! After all, their service philosophy "Service Straight from the Heart" is working much better than Singapore Airlines.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 8:40 pm

I read with intrigue about the preferential treatment towards foreign nationals (Cedarjet). Both Malaysian and Singapore are equally guilty of having similar policies...having said that though - it (again) really depends on the crew rostered.

As a frequent traveller between the UK and M'sia and S'pore...I still choose BA or Qantas for purely the fact that I don't look European. On an overbooked Virgin/MAS flight (KL-LHR), I was once accused of changing my boarding pass - although the check-in clerk had crossed off my seat and reassigned me. The flight attendant then decided to upgrade the English passenger in my seat even even though he wasn't inconvenienced...that was the last time I EVER flew MAS. The most irritating fact was the fact that I was in a suit and he was in a pair of jeans and T-shirt.

Similarly, on an empty KL-SIN shuttle once, there were about 80 passengers on the SIA A310. We were all seated right in the back when there were Business Class seats 5 rows in front of us...after departure, the SQ 'girls' then invited 'foreign' passengers into Business Class whilst 'local' passengers were offered a glass of juice.

I have never had snacks on MH or SQ on their KL-SIN shuttle...I once took to flying Qantas on that route which offered sandwiches but found their schedule too restricted.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sun Aug 08, 1999 9:26 pm

One Qu MAS777
If you hate MAS so much.... why call yourself MAS777?

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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Fri Aug 20, 1999 5:31 am

ans..figured no-one else would use that call-sign.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Fri Aug 20, 1999 7:13 am

Having flown On SQ 4 times (two in first, two in Business), I have to say that they are very average!
I am NOT used to have to get out of my seat so that the attendant can search my seat for the menu. I was not allowed to take it home (it was plain carton, nothing fancy)
On 2 flights, the cris-World system was out of order.
food has always been so-so, not in the same league with food on Lauda,Sabena or MAS.
Also, I've read several professional reports about maintenance malpractices.
SQ does not have a perfect safety record, for Silkair is the regional version of SQ, just like KLM city hopper, Lufthansa city-line and Sabena-DAT.
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RE: Bad SQ Experience?

Sat Aug 21, 1999 4:14 pm

While I have never flown with SIA (being a Cathay fan), it has to be said that they have won major awards and they do carry over 11m ppa. So things go wrong now and again, but don't overlook the fact that for any country to have an airline like that is quite an achievement. For a country which is considerably smaller than Rhode Island, it is some achievement. As the Aussies say, fair go. I certainly would like to fly with them.
It should also be said that SIA's success says a lot for its marketing. It must be a great boost for a city - particularly a less established one - to be served and marketed by such a well known name.
On the subject of the A340s, I did hear an amusing story about their slowness; apparently some airlines want to fit chicken wire to the back of the engines - to stop birdstrikes from behind!

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