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777-200X (LR Maybe?)

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 1999 11:53 pm
by widebodyphotog
I was hoping that some of you folks can give me some additional details on Boeing's proposed 777-200X n 777-300X. The details I have found are the following:

* An increase in wingspan via wingtip extensions of 76in to 212ft 7in

* Max take-off weight up to 750Klb both models

* GE90-110/115 as sole powerplant for both aircraft

* Additional fuel tankage in wing and tailplane for new total of 49000USGal

* Range of 8800nm and 7200nm for -200 and -300 repectively

* Boeing estimates a market for up to 500 of these 777's

The questions I have are these:

1) Would not there have to major structure changes to balance the larger wing? ie move it forward maybe two frames? Besides just the strengthening to cope with the increased weight of everything.

2) Does anyone have estimated field performance? The power to weight ratio's are much higher than even -300
so there shouldn't be a concern about excessively long takeoff runs. Right?

3) Any specification for the GE90-115 other than thrust capability? I've read there will be a fan dia increase of 2in to a new dia of 125in.

thanks in advance