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Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 1:16 am

Well with all this talk about favorite airport, landing, and airline, lets talk about airplanes! My favorite airplane that i have flown in is the Canadair Regional Jet (yes i do fly on bigger planes!). The plane got on the runway and up off the ground quickly and quitely. The plane has smooth handling and we had a very smooth flight to CLE. On landing you descend nose first, prety interesting. On touch down
you can barely feel the little plane encounter the concrete. Well thats my favorite plane. Whats yours?
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 1:24 am

My favorite airliner is the 722 in UA's colors. I like the look of the 722 and the feel of it. I like the cockpit layout also. I like the older kind of cockpit with a F/E. I think the 722 looks so cool takingoff. At COS i was spotting one day and there was this 722 takingoff on 35R bound for ORD. Theres a hill that covers the runway from the west, so when planes takeoff they come out of nowhere it seems.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 1:36 am

I like all airliners, but I particularly like Boeings. There is nothing more cool than watching a 727-200 take off.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 1:49 am

Favorite airliner...that I've flown...A340...looks good in almost any livery (can't wait to see it in LanChiles's colors).

Favorite airliners...A340, B777, B717, B757.
The 777 looks great (never flown in one, got mixed reviews) taking does the A340.
The B717 is a great looking little plane...been on all DC9 types and looking forward to fly in one of them(717)...I hope airlines start picking up more of them, I'd hate to see this type be put out of production.
The 757 is such a graceful plane with sleek some ways it reminds me of the "Classic" B707.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 3:33 am

The 757-200 is probably my fav of all favourites. I like the sleek and slender look, and riding the takeoff is such a thrill with the high thrust-to-weight ratio. Sadly SIA traded in their 752's long ago.

Among my other favs are the A340 (same - long slender lines, a fetish?), the L1011 (don't know why, it's just cool), and the 747-400 (never fail to amaze me to watch one of these big heavy birds take off; almost require a temporary suspension of belief).

The 777 is not one of my fav aesthetically, but that's just my personal taste and opinion.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 3:36 am

Fokker 100. Too bad this company went bankrupt, because it made the best short-haul aircraft in the world. I think the F-27 is my favourite prop aircraft, only too bad that you only can spot it rarely nowadays in Europe.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 8:10 am

My 3 favorite planes are, A319, B757, and B767. I was on a 4 hour flight on an A319 [Aircanada, phx-yyz] and it was the best flight. As for teh 767, i have only been on a 1 hour flight on it [Aircanada yyz-yul] and it was AWSOME!! IT WAs my first [and only] wide body plane [ill probably go on one soon again] As for the 757, i jsut like it.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 8:19 am

I personally think the Airbus A330 is the best looking plane ever. I like riding in the 767 however.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 9:42 am

My favorite plane ever is the Fokker F-27 Super-MK500. I think it is the finest aircraft ever made.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 10:26 am

Well, I'll go for the A340-300E, kicks ass at takeoff with its little red button (heh heh, extra thrust from the CFM56 5-C4 engines) and looked great in AF World Cup 98 colors !
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 1:03 pm

My favorite plane if you haven't guessed by now is the 747. My favorite in the 747 family is the 747-400. It is truly a workhorse and has proven so along with the rest of the family. Here's to the next generation of 747s to come!
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The SP

Thu Aug 26, 1999 4:29 pm

The 747 SP - it's cute (what can i say, it just is!) and it's a novelty, not many built, not many left in service (boo-hoo). I am lucky enough to have flown on both the Qantas SP's many times on flights such as SYD-PER-HRE, FRA-BKK-SYD, SYD-HNL, SYD-CNS, SYD-BNE.

So here's to you Baby Boeing, Pocket Rocket, Chipolata, Fat Albert and all the other nick names we have for the SP!

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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 4:53 pm

My favorite airliner is the Airbus A310, I don't know why I just like that litlle big plane, it looks like so graceful as a dolphine. I do like The A333 and the A343 and even the 777.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 6:22 pm

As long as I can remember I have thought the most beautiful airliner of all time to be the L1049 Starliner. It is just so evocative. A close second is the Convair CV990- truly graceful and fascinating. I have also always had great affection for the Vanguard, VC10 and Super 60 series DC8's. As far as the new generation goes, I like the B757 and MD11. Strange, just realised that most of my favourites were commercial flops! I better stop here!
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 7:54 pm

The 707 and 747 Classic are my favourites. Most of my flights in the jumpseat have been in 737-300s, so I have a special affection for that workhorse too. But nothing beats a P&W-powered 747-200. Other favourites include the 727 (my first plane ride), the A300 (both B4 and -600R), A320, and 757. But nothing beats the 707, 727 and 747-100 & -200.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 10:36 pm

My favourite plane is the A330. The plane has smooth graceful lines, without the clutter of four engines that the 340 has. My favourite colours are the Aer Lingus A330-300 (and now -200).
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 11:19 pm

Reading your post you seem to focus more on the inside advantages rather then the look.
Well, then the best airliner is the one, where I have a smooth, funny and enjoyable flight together with good food and service! registered User #136 :mrgreen:

RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Thu Aug 26, 1999 11:38 pm

In the order of preference: Boeing 767-300 and 747-400, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, Boeing 727-200.

Boeing 767-300: The most comfortable plane which was given me to fly. In oneself, the shape of the fuselage is not particularly attractive (if you want to know my opinion), but on board, one is entitled to the greatest comfort. I flew a Boeing 767-375ER of Canadian Airlines between Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and Vancouver (B.C. Canada). I appreciated the seating configuration, which is 2-4-2, more comfortable in my opinion that a 3-4-3 layout. This plane takes off without strident noise and climbs rapidly. The flight behaviour at cruising altitude is " serene ", even during turbulences, which is very favourable with the relaxation. In addition, there is several lavatories dispersed in the cabin, which avoids long walks. Boeing 747-400: I flew a 747-475 of Canadian Airlines and the flight behaviour is as, if not softer as that of 767-300. One finds there an abundance of lavatories and the engines' noise level is always low. On the other hand, I do not like the small television screens attached to ceiling (in B767, there is giants screens). The plane's silhouette is indisputably the most impressive that it was given me to see.

L-1011: Initially, I particularly appreciate the characteristic shape of this airliner. One very
easily distinguishes it from the others with its third engine and its massive silhouette.
Moreover, I like the sound which produce its engines. I recently flew an Air Transat
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar and all is done carefully, without brutality during the flight. The interior is roomy and arranged with taste. However, I reproach its lack of lavatories and the strange vibration which produce the engines when starting.

Boeing 727-200: A splendid plane, in my opinion, the most aesthetic plane of its category. I flew a Boeing 727-233 Adv of Air Canada in 1990 and 1991. One is very comfortable there and the noise level of the engines is rather acceptable. It is a powerful and soft plane at the same time.


RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Fri Aug 27, 1999 2:29 am

I like A330s. I flew Aer Lingus's A330's BOS-DUB-BOS and I enjoyed every minute of the flights.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Fri Aug 27, 1999 5:02 am

Fascinating to read the replies to this one - some wonderful aircraft and no clear winner (which is good). My own favourite (from a looks point of view) is the A340, but I've always had a soft spot for the 767 and of course, the wonderful 747.

Some interesting choices as well - the Connie, F27, 727 and CRJ (says a lot for it that it can hold its own with larger aircraft - I've been on it and it is a splended aircraft!).
But NO MD11. Hmm . . .

Thanks LH423 and Andman for the Aer Lingus A330 vote - it certainly is a lovely aircraft. If you ever go across the sea to Ireland, you can get lovely views of them landing at Dublin. What a sight!
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Fri Aug 27, 1999 5:21 am

To fly: A340

Cool to watch: 757 and CRJ
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RE: 772

Fri Aug 27, 1999 7:36 am

By far, the 777. It is probably among the 3 greatest aircraft ever made, definitely the best I've ever operated or flown on, and far superior to the A330/A340 in every aspect.


RE: 757 All The Way!

Fri Aug 27, 1999 7:59 am

I love the 757! I've never flown on one but they look cool. I love them. My second favorite for appearance is the MD-80, and for coolness of the cockpit, the 777. I love that cockpit! So advanced.
Favorite jet commuter: the CRJ 700 and 200
Favorite prop commuter: De Havilland Canada Dash 8
Favortie foreign airliner: Airbus A-320
Favorite recreational aircraft: Learjet 35A and Cessna 182RG

That's all!

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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Fri Aug 27, 1999 8:53 am

It has to be the A340. After loving the 747-200, I finally got to ride on the A340 from Frankfurt to JFK. What a great aircraft. Smooth as butter!

A close second has to be the Tu-134. How can you not like a plane with a skylight in the restroom! Also, when on it you know you 're flying. Little rough with the take offs an landings though.
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Sat Aug 28, 1999 2:07 am

Best airplane in design : MD-11 (or DC-10)
Best airplane to fly in : B 777 with Singapore Airlines
(unfortunately never flown on MD-11 but often in DC-10)
Nice airplanes to watch : A 330/340 very gracious at take-off and landing
Nicest colour schemes : Balair (yellow wings) and British airways (world colours). AA ought to change its c/s quickly it's really becomming very old fashionned!
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Aug 28, 1999 2:20 am


I must say

1. Tu154M
2. MD-11
3. L-1011
4. Yak 42
5. B727
6. Falcon 50

But don't forget

7. DC-3
8. PC-12
9. Dash-8
10. BAe HS 125
11. B757

etc. etc. etc.

You just can't stop, once you get going, can you?

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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Aug 28, 1999 4:02 am

Its hard to pick just one, so I have a few:

1.) 777-200 and especially 777-300. Both planes look absoulutly magnificent. The shear size of these planes make it hard to believe they are twin engine aircraft. Outstanding comfort and smooth as anything in the air.

2.) 747-400. I flew this on Korean Air (and I lived to tell about it) from SEL to ORD, and JFK to SEL (that was a L-O-N-G flight), and can say nothing but good things about this aircraft. I had plenty of room in my economy seat. Wonderfull aircraft, and I can't wait to fly on it again.

3.) 757. This was my first large aircraft. Well larger than a 737/MD-80. I loved it. Sleek looking plane, comfortable, and smooth. My favorite single isle airplane.

Hon. Mention. MD-11. I flew a World Airways charterfor the military to Korea. It was a nice flight, but we were packed on the plane. Damn military, gave new meaning to the term "Cattle Car".

So Many Great Planes

Sat Aug 28, 1999 4:10 am

My ultimate favourite is the B747-400: Ultra comfort, smooth take-offs, a real legend
2nd Place is the A340-300 with amaizing lift off! As silent as a plane can get nowadays and the comfort of flying in a quad.
3rd is the B757. The best looker, sleek and powerful

Special rewards to the A330-200, a commercial success and finally the B777, one of the best concepts (extra wide body, big fans)

Which airplane I hate? The B737s, the NGs are better but still boring and old looking (not even classy like the B727 or the B707)


RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Aug 28, 1999 11:59 am

Favorite Design: MD11
Favorite To Fly In: 747400 followed by the MD11 and 767300
Favorite Prop: Dash 8
Favorite Regional Jet: CRJ

OK, I'll admit that I like every airplane, especially the ones mentioned above.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Mon Aug 30, 1999 6:57 am

I'd have to say the best airliner is the 747-200's, especially the ones by Northwest, they're powered by those 7R4G2 Variants of the JT9D engines, 54,750 pounds of thrust! Awesome.

-I also like the L-1011's. Very quiet if well maintaned, the ones with the fairing over the engines are quieter than the others. They're like the DC-10's but better, they have 4 hydraulic systesms, the DC-10 has only 3, and after Flight 232, everyone knows that that extra system is a life-saver. Also, they look really sleek, the S-Duct looks better than the DC-10's 'Cigar on the tail" design, and the nose is more defined as opposed to the DC-10's butterball appearance. I guess the only way the DC-10's better is its having larger windows.

The 757's aren't bad either.

-LV Griffin
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Mon Aug 30, 1999 12:56 pm

Hi!!!My favourite plane is Boeing 777-200. The 747-400 is also very nice. As for narrowbody aircraft, I really like the A319. These planes are also very nice to fly on. A Boeing 777 landing is always very smooth and solid. Special mention of 747SP and L-1011 which are very nice planes. Very happy to have flown on a 747SP (LHR-LAX on UA) since there not many left in scheduled airline service.The777Man
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Sep 04, 1999 5:50 am

To fly: Definitely the Boeing 747-400, RB211-powered. It is amazing to be in such a huge aircraft, feel the power of those mighty engines pushing it forward, and lifting off the runway...a miracle something so large can take off so smoothly. Awesome to watch, as well. Runners up: Lockheed L1011 - smooth, quiet and powerful, they'll be sorely missed; Boeing 757-200 - spacious for a narrow-body, powerful and smooth.. To watch: The Russian-built Ilyushin IL96-300 is a beautiful, graceful aircraft, whether taxying, parked or in flight/taking off. Amazing to watch this short-fuselaged, long-winged, graceful albatross-like jet taking to the air and soaring overhead. Runner up: Boeing 777-200 - like the 747-400, amazing something so large can become airborne so gracefully.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Sep 04, 1999 6:07 am

Hands down, the DC-8, a great looking bird.
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RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Sep 04, 1999 6:35 am

My favorite plane to fly in is, hands down, the 747-400. I've flown in them in Economy, Business and First Class, upper deck and main cabin, and have always loved it. Of course, about 90% of all the flights I've ever been on have been on 747's, so I suppose I'm bias. Right behind is the 777-200. Flew on one for the first time in June. I had to seat near the rear in a window seat next to two other people, and I still enjoyed it!

Least favorite to fly in, the 737 and A320. The less said, the better. I guess all those flights on jumbos has spoiled me on smaller airliners.

My favorite to look at: the 777, followed by the 747(any version), the DC-10/MD-11, and the A330.

RE: Your Favorite Airliner

Sat Sep 04, 1999 12:39 pm

Well, you will think I am crazy, but ever since I was young I have always loved the normal 747-400. I still do. It is such a great plane. I always thought (when I was young) how they got that big thing into the air.
It is still my favorite plane.

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