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EW aircraft in different kind of liveries

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:34 pm
by stylo777
Going through the fleet details of Eurowings, I'm quite surprised why they still have a massive amount of planes in different kind of liveries but not classic EW flying around?
- over 30 aircraft are still with Germanwings painting
- many still wear the Air Berlin livery; even some specials hybrid ones (like the one with Etihad)
- all white and simple Eurowings writing in purple also seems to be the standard for Dash8 and 737 fleet
At least the longhaul fleet is kept in classic EW livery.

I'm sure they want to keep the downtime of every airplane to the minimum; however, those are (in my opinion) well invested resources for your branding and quality.
Looking at the competitors, EW is probably the worst in class (FR, U2, DE, ST, X3, VY, HV, ....).
Before the bashing starts, I also understand that within a short amount of time they "were forced" to incorporate "remains" of Air Berlin. But even than, those aircraft didn't immediately went into operations, they got checked by maintenance and fixed where needed. On the other hand, what's the real deal behind all the 4U painted aircraft? I'm sure they had much time all the years to go to the paintshop. A 320 painting work should not last more than a week...

I'm also wondering how the interior looks like?

Re: EW aircraft in different kind of liveries

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:50 pm
by vandoc
Most planes in 4U livery still belong to 4U. Their livery has to be the 4U one bc of some contract with the unions. 4U is part of the unioncontract between Lufthansa and the pilot's union Cockpit. It is guarantied that a certain amount of planes fly in 4U livery under the 4U AOC.

For the former AB aircrafts, these were put into service very quickly and they will be repainted during the winter.

The Dash-fleet isn't painted in full colors bc it is not clear where these aircrafts will end up. Rumor has it that they will go to OS.

The 737 are operated by Tuifly and came from AB as well.