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Re: No A380 for KLM?

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:01 pm
by Revelation
Shumayal wrote:
I would have liked to think that being in the EU, it would be an incentive in the airline to buy more European rather American.

Interestingly enough (or not), governmental export-import financing can make it more advantageous for an EU firm to buy US and/or a US firm to buy EU products.

Re: No A380 for KLM?

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:23 pm
by frigatebird
FlyRow wrote:
frigatebird wrote:
FlyRow wrote:

That's a diffrent point, and if you have read the thread you can see me saying multiple times that the A380 is just plain stupid for KLM.
You say you have to look very hard to find aircraft components made in the Netherlands, the A380-Glare part was just a example , saying that I think that's a reason for me that KLM should buy a A380 is plain stupid and saying that no aircraft components are made in the Netherlands is utter rubish as well.

So read the thread, don't sell rubbish and read before bashing me ..

I haven't declared utter rubbish on your post like you did twice, so don't start lecturing me.
You give the A380 as an example of how much glare is being used, but the A380 is as good as dead. Why not answer my question instead: how much glare is used on A350s you think?

Why is that relevant, that's not what you asked.

I don't care how much dutch parts are in airbus/boeings (although it's nice for our economy).
The only statement I dont agree with is that the Dutch don't make aircraft parts and that it's hard to find any, it isn't.. and saying that it is hard is rubbish. If you don't even know Fokker is still a thing and builds aircraft components I can only scratch my head.

Then you throw a hissy-fit that I think KLM should buy Airbus (a380/350's) because they make some parts...
a) I didn't say that
b) I disagree that KLM should buy A380's (if you want to see why, just look at responses i've made in this and other topics about KLM's a380 quesitons).
c) It's not relevant to answer how much of the aircraft is "dutch", as KLM doesn't look at that, they look at the price/cost balance, not at prestige.

So in short:
a) Dutch don't make aviation parts -> Rubbish
b) I think KLM should buy a A350/A380 becasue of Dutch part -> Rubbish
c) Do i care how much % of these planes is Dutch -> No, not relevant in the discussion

So please, tell me what your problem with my post is, because I don't see it.

KLM won't buy a A380 period, it has zero reasons to buy/lease/lend them.

Well if you can't see it let me tell you.
For one, you can also say "(totally) disagree" if you don't agree with my post. Responding with "utter rubbish" is showing a total lack of respect from your part.
Secondly, you are twisting the meaning of my words, and thirdly you are drawing conclusions like "If you don't even know Fokker is still a thing and builds aircraft components", which is, to use your own words, utter rubbish.
But I don't want to take this thread to your level so I'll just leave it here. :talktothehand: