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Re: Boeing CEO resigns, David Calhoun named President and CEO

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:24 am
by LMP737
F9Animal wrote:

As much as I am furious with how things went so bad at Boeing.... I think Muilenberg is a scapegoat. I firmly believe Jim McNerney was the start of a chain of messes that happened to this day with his iron fist approach to labor. The outsourcing became massive under McNerney. The 787 should have been the first warning signs of a mess, especially when they rolled out a shell of an airplane. Airplanes and cheap are two combinations that are very poor IMO.

If anyone should have been on the hot seat next to Mullinberger it should have been him. With that said I think you can trace this whole mess back to one person, a name we have not heard on the forums in ages. Phil Condit. The merger with MD that he championed is what opened the door for the likes of Stonechipher and McNerney. Without it Stonechipher would have stayed at MD while it began it's slow death spiral. As for McNerney, who cares.

F9Animal wrote:
Boeing needs to bring alot of it's work back in house.

I don't think you will see that. It's not in the DNA of guys like Calhoun. In order to make Wall Street happy you eventually see layoffs, buyouts etc becasue that's what the hacks on Wall Street love.

F9Animal wrote:
Bring it's corporate offices back to Seattle,

That definitely will not happen.