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AV launches Avianca Express against regional LCCs

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:56 am
by RCS763AV
Avianca Holdings has launched the Avianca Express brand under which its subsidiary Regional Express Americas will take over turboprop operations starting in the Colombian market. Their slogan is "Un solo país", which means "One country" in spanish, reflecting the branch's mission of penetrating the colombian regional market and allowing regional cities access to Avianca's global network.


Colombian media article (Spanish)

Some highlights:

Expects to carry 1.2M passengers in 2020.

Current fleet is 12 ATR-72 aircraft, expects to have 20 ATR-72 by the end of the year.

Increased frequencies and improved schedules on BOG-VVC/MZL/CZU/FLA starting March 30, 2020.

Return to Medellín EOH airport, with initial operations on the EOH-MTR/BGA/UIB starting March 30, 2020. UIB is not currently flown from BOG or any other point in Colombia. Second round of operations to include APO/PEI/MZL/AXM and others to be announced.

Avianca Express has a lower cost base which allows Avianca to effectively compete with regional LCC powerhouse Easyfly, who have been growing like wildfire by following a succesful a strategy of both launching innovative point-to-point routes from large intermediate citites outside of BOG (MZL-CTG, BGA-PEI) and attacking routes which were once dominated by AV with high frequency and lower ticket prices (BOG-PEI/AXM/MZL/NVA or CLO-MDE).The re-start of EOH is a direct jab to Easyfly.