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Continental Job Posting

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 5:28 am
by corocks
To Continental Corporate Employees......

This job posting is out on the Continental website. I was wondering if any of you are familiar with the position. I was very curious about the atmosphere there as far as layoffs, etc. I did not realize the hiring freeze had been lifted. Trying to decide whether or not to apply. Any thoughts are welcome.

Manager- Integrated Marketing
Houston, TX

In this position, you will implement customer centric messaging in all interactive programs by utilizing hardware and software systems associated with content and campaign management systems. You will manage/facilitate targeted channel sales opportunities, develop strategy for tactical messaging via interactive medium, and optimize current interactive marketing agenda. Additionally, you will design acquisition promotions with personalized call-to-action based on customer profile attributes/behavioral segments and synchronize promotions/tactics with online and offline entities. With a dedicated staff, you will also manage post implementation analysis and reporting.

The qualified candidate should possess four years’ experience with offline or online marketing, including customer retention/activation and segmentation, Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science or equivalent experience. Advanced degree preferred. Candidate should have knowledge of the travel industry with emphasis on Internet and personalized marketing initiatives, ability to manage multiple projects while operating under strict deadlines, knowledge of interactive marketing applications and demonstrated understanding of SQL/relational databases as well as interactive campaign management software. Candidate should possess excellent verbal/written communication skills as well as strong organizational/analytical and interpersonal skills and have high level interest in advanced technology.

RE: Continental Job Posting

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 5:53 am
by coboeing777
Unfortunately I cannot comment on the exact job posting you just listed as I don't know much about the marketing business. However, I will comment a bit about Continental in general. I can confirm that the hiring freeze has been lifted because I just got hired a few weeks ago for an aircraft maintenance position. However I have been employed with CO as a ramp agent for the past 4 years and I have to say I have been very happy. No matter where I have been it always seemed to be a very positive work environment, for the most part. There are always people who are going to bad mouth the company and what not. The job you are looking into is a corporate job which means you'll be most likely be working out of Headquarters in Houston. I've been up to the headquarters building and even there I saw nothing but a professional group of people. CO's got some great people working for it. Sure, we may not have made a profit last year but then look at the state the industry is in right now. Some of the other majors are in far worse shape so I consider myself lucky to still have a job. Some people can not say that right now. Well, thats about all I have to say,, if you have any more questions feel free to ask!


RE: Continental Job Posting

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 5:56 am
by artsyman
There are currently plenty of jobs on the job baord at Continental.