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Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 11:34 am

I'd like you to rate your airport:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here is what you are rating on:
service by airlines
employee service
waiting times
frustration level
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect)
parking/termanal roadways/transit system
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 12:03 pm

Quick summary:
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE/KCLE), Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Hub Airline is Continental Airlines
Passenger Service by 8 of nine majors (x Alaska)
Passenger Service by 1 regional airline (Skyway/Midwest Connection)
Passenger Service by three charter airlines (USA3000, ATA, Sunworld)
Cargo Service by 3 majors (UPS, FedEx, AirborneEx)

service by airlines--7, as Continental's hub 8
employee service--4
waiting times--6
frustration level--5
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect)--6 (Just because Cinnabon is there!)
parking/terminal roadways/transit system--6


P.S.: CLE people - please don't flame me, my opinion is almost always "room for improvement" and this is no exception

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 12:09 pm

PER / YPPH Perth International Airport
Hub of... errr.... errr....... nothing.

Service by airlines -> 3
Layout -> 2 (getting from International to domestic is a nightmare)
Employee service -> 5
Waiting times -> 5
Frustration level -> 5
Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) -> 2
Parking/termanal roadways/transit system -> 3

SIN / WSSS Changi International Airport
Hub of Singapore Airlines, and Qantas

Service by airlines -> 8
Layout -> 10
Employee service -> 5
Waiting times -> 5
Frustration level -> 3
Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) -> 10
Parking/termanal roadways/transit system -> 10
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 12:22 pm

Jacksonville Int'l Airport (KJAX)
Hub of absolutely nothing. We don't even get interesting traffic. One spotter related it to being as exciting as watching flies copulate. When I flew in the other day I saw the Spirit of Delta, another DL 762, and a DL 764--that was about as interesting as I've ever seen it.

service by airlines=Delta (our biggest carrier), USAirways, American, United, Continental, Northwest, Southwest, AirTran=8
employee service=2
waiting times=9
frustration level=6
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect)=9
parking/termanal roadways/transit system=7

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 12:31 pm

Pittsburgh International Airport

Service by airlines -> 7 (US is slowly leaving...however America West and ATA are building up)
Layout -> 9 (would be a 10 except the pain of getting from Airside to E gates)
Employee service -> 8
Waiting times -> 9
Frustration level -> 9
Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) -> 10
Parking/termanal roadways/transit system -> 9

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 12:35 pm

Indianapolis International (IND)

service by airlines - 6
layout - 8
employee service - 4
waiting times - 8
frustration level - 8
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 6
parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 2

Ask again after the midfield terminal project is done....the parking/roadways/transit score should skyrocket. Right now it just downright *sucks*
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 1:03 pm

BOS - Boston Logan (Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport)

Service by airlines: 7.5
> Will never, ever, ever see service from Southwest, and Frontier pulled out, but it does get all the U.S. majors aside from WN and the vast majority of the larger European carriers. No Asia service, not a real hub for anyone, but due to market size gets a lot of point-to-point service to other non-hub cities from AA, DL, US, and has frequent service to most of the largest U.S. cities.

Layout: 2
> Absolutely horrendous, with several relatively small separate terminals, connected only by either an infrequent bus system (using the same congested roadways as all other traffic) or by walking. Secure areas are mostly disconnected (Terminal C has 3 separate secure areas, Terminal B has 5!) and connections from International Arrivals at Terminal E are extremely inconvenient.

Employee Service: 3
> Probably some of the worst service I've ever experienced (especially at US Airways) from agents.

Waiting Times: 2
> Don't even THINK about trying to fly Delta between 3 PM and 7 PM. 45+ minute waits for security, 30-45 minute waits for the ticket counter, and even long lines for the kiosks! Trying to fly AA in the morning (particularly Saturday) is equally "pleasurable."

Frustration Level: 2
> See above about waiting times, employee service, poor layout, interterminal BUS (nasty!) service, not to mention frequent poor weather, barely adequate airfield in good weather, extremely expensive parking/taxi fares/rental car fees. Mitigated only by the direct subway link to downtown (which is little help if you depart at or before 7 AM or arrive after midnight).

Services: 4
> Decent selection of stores in Terminal C, less in Terminal B, but VERY little beyond security. The choice in Terminal D comes down to Dunkin Donuts or Dunkin Donuts. Or the Fleet Bank branch if you can eat money.

Parking/Terminal Roadways/Transit System: 2.5
> Garage parking is conveniently located but EXTREMELY expensive; Satellite parking is inconvenient and still expensive. Terminal roadways are improving but often terribly congested and confusing. The bus system is simply embarassing and uses normal (i.e. high-floor) buses which are terribly inconvenient for passengers with heavy luggage (and not accessible to the handicapped).

Overall Rating: 3
> It is shameful that Providence and Manchester have facilities which make BOS look like a dump. Especially since the airport is the first and last impression people have of Boston.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 2:03 pm

phoenix sky harbor international PHX

service by airlines
domestically 9
internationaly 4

layout 8
employee service 6
waiting times 4
frustration level i doint know if this is 1o being good or 10 being bad
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) 9
parking/termanal roadways/transit system 2

what do the other phx'ers think?
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 4:22 pm

service by airlines
(service by all majors, and most minors to all significant cities in the southeast and most major cities in the USA; lacking nonstops to a few major destinations such as SEA/BOS/SLC/PDX)
(for a market of nearly 2M... scheduled service to only YYZ and SAP is wholely unacceptable!)

layout - 3
(simple layout, but not designed to encourage hubbing/connections at all)

employee service - 9
(one of the good things about N'awlins is that you can always get a smile  Smile)

waiting times - 6
(can get rather troublesome at WN's concourse B at times, but usually quite smooth)

frustration level - 1
(...well, if you're talking about intercontinental service... Sad)

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - perfect 10!
(um, this is New Orleans people  Laugh out loud)

parking/terminal roadways/transit system - 6
(lackluster... but with a new garage opening this year, as well as impending light rail and consolidated auto center... it's due to get better)

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 5:03 pm

ZRH / Zurich - Unique Airport

service by airlines - 7
layout - 6
employee service - 4 (depending on airline)
waiting times - x (depending on airline)
frustration level - x
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 6 (will even improve in the future)
parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 5

In my opinion this doesn't say much about the airport it self ...
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Fri May 09, 2003 5:49 pm

Swissgabe... was "Kloten" ever part of ZRH's official name? When did "Unique" come into play?
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 12:28 am

Liverpool John Lennon Airport UK (LPL)

Service of airlines - 2 (I'd like to see bigger carriers than Ryanair and Easyjet!)

Layout - 9 (The airport has recently finished a big regeneration, it's laid out much better than the old version of LPL)

Employee Service - 6

Waiting Times - 7 (depends on airline, usually good)

Frustation - 8 (very easy to get from A to B without having any problems)

Services - 7 (considering it is quite a small airport, the services are good, again much better than the old airport)

Parking - 3 (not a lot of spaces, plus very expensive!)

Transport - 6 (good, frequent bus service to the city centre, but the airport is not located near a railway line)

Overall - 6
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 12:42 am

Frankfurt Rhein-Main International (FRA)

service by airlines - 10
layout - 8 (it's big, but I like it better than others biggies like LHR or CDG)
employee service - 5-6, it works, maybe not friendly, but it works
waiting times - 8 except US flights, that would be a 2 or so
frustration level - 8, easy to understand, good transportation!
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 8 pretty good but extremely expensive!
parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 9, there's railways, autobahns, whatever you like, you'll get there or away from there quite easily
OVERALL 8, in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness one of the best really big airports I know, and I know quite a few.

Berlin Tegel (TXL)

service by airlines - 4, pretty sad for a capital
layout - 8, quite nice, makes for short ways
employee service - 3, not friendly and it sometimes doesn't work
waiting times - as above
frustration level - as above
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 3, sub-standard, definitely!
parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 6, no subway connection, which is pretty stupid given its fantastic location in the middle of Berlin. Otherwise well connected to all destinations in the city of Berlin
OVERALL 4-5 I don't really like my hometown airport but the location is unbeatable...15 minutes after touchdown, I open up my door at home! Big grin
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 1:00 am

CYUL - Montreal Dorval

service by airlines - 6
There are direct flights to most major US hubs, except KDEN
Access to Canadian airports is limited - you have to go through YYZ a lot
There are direct flights to major European hubs, but no direct flight to Italy, which does not make sense considering the importance of the Montreal's Italian community
Only one flight to Mexico and two to Africa (Casablanca and Cairo)
No direct flight to Asia, South America and Australasia

layout - 4
It is improving, but the potential for expansion is very limited. International arrivals and departures area is a real shame.

employee service - 7

waiting times - 8
You don't get to wait a lot because this airport does not get the traffic it should...

frustration level - 1
The frustration is caused by poor access (when getting there, you're always caught in traffic jams and there are no train service), difficulty to find a parking spot, parking price that is way to expensive and very high "improvement" fees

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 3
No real restaurant, only junk food. Very few stores. Restrooms are okay though.

parking/terminal roadways/transit system - 1
See frustration level

Bad airport, badly located, with limited expansion potential.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 2:53 am

Port Columbus International Airport

Airline Service: 6
It was definitely better when America West provided low-fare competition on nearly every route offered from CMH, as well as provided nonstop service to LAX and BDL. Delta, American, USAirways and Northwest have picked up some of the slack, but more is definitely needed. One or two more low fare carriers as well as nonstop service to LAX and several other destinations is sorely needed.

Terminal Layout: 6
The 3 concourses at CMH are easy to navigate, clean, and all relatively new or recently renovated. However, it can be a pain if one is interlining and the connecting airline is in a different concourse, since each concourse has its own security checkpoint. It would also be nice if USAirways and Delta Connection had jetways for their regional jets, which might happen depending on what might happen with America West's gates.

Employee Service: 9
The airport staff is extremely cordial, and the airport takes great measures in making sure passengers know how to get where they're going in the quickest way possible. The Airport Ambassadors program as well as the information desk staff are very helpful. The only thing they could improve upon is having a customer service rep at the information desk that speaks Spanish, as many times they ask for a Spanish speaker over the public address system.

Wait Times: 8
The lines at the ticket counters generally aren't too bad, especially since almost every airline has the self-check in kiosks available at CMH. Security lines are also usually a breeze, except for during peak times. However the longest I've ever waited in line for security has been about 15 minutes, the rest of the time it's been around 5-10 minutes.

Frustration Level: 8
It's somewhat hard to get frustrated at an airport the size of CMH. It's pretty easy to get around, and everything is clearly marked, especially now that the airport completely re-did all the signage in the terminal building. The drive to the airport and parking are both pretty hassle-free. Though I-670 can get backed up during rush hour, the drive from downtown is only about 10 minutes in medium traffic, so it's not a big deal.

Food and Retail Services: 9
For an airport the size of Port Columbus, the restaurant and shopping options are quite good. Restaurants such as Damon's, Max&Erma's, and Charlie's Steakery as well as a food court and other sit down restaurants are all available at CMH. Probably the best thing though it that the prices are EXTREMELY reasonable, unlike at other major airports. There are also pleanty of shops such as Bath&Body Works, Brooks Brothers, and the CNBC Store, in addition the Paradise Gift shops.

Parking: 8
The airport completed an extensive roadway/garage enhacement and expansion a few years ago. The garage is very nice, comparably priced to other major airports, and is very convenient. The airport also offers vallet parking. The only downside is parking in the long term lots. While shuttle service from the lots to the terminal is farely constant, it takes a while for the bus to pick up/drop off all the passengers on its route. But if you're taking a long trip, the price is definitely worth it.

Overall Rating: 7.7

RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 3:06 am

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)

Service by Airlines: 10
Non-stops to the following cities in no order: ATL, TPA, FLL, MIA, ORF, BNA, MEM, MSY, BHM, IND, PHL, BWI, CLT, LGA, DCA, CVG, STL, DFW, IAH, EWR, MSP, DTW, IAD, ORD. Plenty of non-stops and easy connections if you aren't picky about the airline. Service by American, American Eagle, Chautauqua (AA), US Airways, US Airways Express, United Express (ACA), Delta, Delta Connection (Comair), AirTran, AirTran JetConnect, Northwest, Northwest Airlink (Pinnacle), Continental, Continental Express (and soon CO Connection), Southwest.

Layout: 8
Three concourses connected to a center atrium. Difficult to get lost. Layout is better now that security checkpoints have been expanded. With three checkpoints rather than a single common checkpoint (before 9/11 it was immediately after ticketing instead of at each concourse) lines are rarely very long.

Employee Service: 8
I have in the two years only flown on Southwest, TWA, American, Delta, and AirTran out of JAX. American's employees are excellent (as were TWA's). Southwest's are the same. AirTran and Delta are the only reason this isn't a 10. Airport authority personnel are all great, including those over in the administration building.

Waiting Times: 8
No delays related to the airport. With the expanded checkpoints, security waits are more manageable. Most airlines have e-ticket machines so waiting time is cut down. The airlines I fly the most (DL and AA) I am elite with and rarely a line at the premium check-in.

Frustration Level: 10
Relatively easy to use airport. Sometimes baggage takes awhile. Newly remodeled baggage claim and new signs/flight monitors only add to the ease of use.

Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): 7
I don't eat in the airport anyway, but have found the food adequate. The stores are adequate as well. Restrooms are plentiful.

Parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 5
Airport's convenience to the city is not that great. Frustration is all in getting to the airport and the airport entry road.

Not a hub, but who cares? My other home airport, rated below, is a hub and is a nightmare. JAX is easy to use, just wish it was a little more convenient. I don't care about spotting planes, I just care about good airfares (which I can normally find) and good schedules (which you can find if you are willing to fly a different airline occasionally).

RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 3:13 am

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL)

Service by Airlines: 9
The best factor of this airport.... great service to many destinations non-stop or through easy connections. Airline variety is not huge: American, American Connection (Waterski, CorpEx, Chicken Taco), Northwest and Airlink, Continental Express, US Airways Express, United, United Express, Air Canada, Southwest, Delta, Delta Connection. I'm not sure if Skyway still flies here. Service is being downgraded from mainline to Connection by American on many routes, but they still exist with non-stop service.

Layout: 4
East terminal is nice, A concourse is easy, American is bizarre. A D40 to C36 connection isn't much fun. Narrow concourses yield small gate areas.

Employee Service: 6
Helpful, but with a little bit of attitude.

Waiting times: 6
The checked luggage system is ridiculous now with TSA screening. Regular security line can be least they have an Elite security line with a short wait. Waiting for a gate when the aircraft is early or late can add up time. Baggage wait can be long as well.

Frustration Level: 5
I hate the baggage claim, long walks, and parking garage/roadways.

Services (stores/food/restrooms/etc): 4
Southwest end is great, the rest..... miserable. Better like the single Burger King/Manchu Wok/Cinnabon. At least AA Connection has a Pasta House take-out.

Parking/terminal roadways/transit system: 3
Parking is a mess. Roadways are a mess. At least Metrolink runs to downtown St. Louis. The parking garage looks like it's in danger of collapsing.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 3:51 am

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport SEA/KSEA, SeaTac, Washington, USA

Hub: Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air (Northwest & United quasi-hubs)

Passenger Service: Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Air Mobility Command, Alaska Airlines (hub), America West Airlines, American Airlines, ATA, Asiana Airlines, Big Sky Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, EVA Air, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Horizon Air (hub), Northwest Airlines (quasi-hub), Scandinavian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines/United Express (quasi-hub), US Airways

Service By Airlines -- 8
I'm fairly pleased with our current service, although I wish we could get Lufthansa in here, but they seem content to let SAS have Seattle. Hopefully we will see some expanded US Airways service, they are down to serving only PHL and PIT right now, they used to have BWI, BOS, CLT, PIT & PHL within the last 3 years. Qantas would be fun, as would Singapore, but the demand just isn't here.

Layout -- 4
The layout here is horrible, although it should improve when Concourse A and the Central Terminal are completed. The decor is disgusting, and the security is hell, as you need to rescreen in order to connect between most concourses.

Employee Service -- 7
Overall, security, airport staff, and airline staff all consistently perform at a high level of speed, friendliness, and courtesy.

Waiting Times -- 5
The security line waiting times vary greatly, sometimes, they are very short, and other times they are upwards of 2.5 hours. It also varies between terminals.

Frustration Level -- 8
The only thing that frustrates me is the crappy terminal, everything else is fine.

Services -- 6
The services are decent. There have good stores, restaurants, etc, but they are located too sparsely.

Parking/Terminal Roadways -- 5
The parking garage is okay, it's pretty old, the roadways are as confusing as snot if you haven't been there before.

Overall -- 6

I'll get around to rating my other home airport, Charlotte/Douglas International sometime soon.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 4:03 am

Point Salines International - Grenada

an extremly small airport compared to those mentioned above
but it is in an extremly small country compared to those mentioned

service by airlines-6 (US, AE, BW, JM, BA, VS, ZB, 8B, LI, TS, SSV, DE plus some smaller regional carriers)

layout - 8 (pretty easy to get anywhere, probably becuase it is so small)

employee service - 8 (most guys have great personalities. The girls seems to have issuse to work out at times)

waiting times - 10

frustration level - 8

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 4 (needs some more services)

parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 10 (no need for transit)

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 4:19 am

Lynchburg Regional Airport

1) Service by Airlines: 2 Just Delta Connection ASA and US Airways Express
2) Layout: 9 So small, its impossible to get lost! Big grin
3) Employee Service: 6 There are only a handful of airline employees working there, Sometimes: the same person who checks you in loads the bags and marshalls the aircraft away... But, they are courteous and keep a smile...
4) Waiting Times: 10
5) Frustration level: 9
6) Services: 2 Only Vending machines and microwaves...oh yeah, there are bathrooms, phones, and water fountains...
7) Road/parking layout: 10 VERY convenient....
8) Overall: 9 A small airport for a small town...everything we need...A jetway for the CRJ's would be nice though...

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 4:44 am

T.F. Green Airport- Providence,RI (PVD)

Airline Service: American/American Eagle, Cape Air, Continental/Continental Express, Comair, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, Us Airways, and United/United Express.

service by airlines: 9 (You can get to pretty much anywhere in the US with one stop, many nonstop, very good airline service for an airport it's size)

layout: 9 (Simple and easy to navigate, the only problem is security lines, which can occasionaly clog the check in area)

employee service: 6 (Employee service is average)

waiting times: 7 (Waiting times for security can be up to an hour on busy days, but they move the lines surprisingly fast for their length)

frustration level: 8 (Most people know PVD as a low stress level airport)

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): 10 (PVD has excellant service for it's size, there are multiple coffee shops, gift shops, and even two sit down resteraunts)

parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 9 (Terminal access is easy, only a two minute walk from the parking garages, and there is great shuttle service to the weekly lot, PVD is also easy to get to, you just take Exit 13 off I-95 and it takes you right to the terminal)

OVERALL: 9 (I really like PVD, it is a really great airport)

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 5:27 am

ALB has come a long way in the past few years. In 1997 we had a single level main terminal with only 5 jetways. Today we have 3 concourses, multilevels and a 5 year old terminal. Now that we have covered a breif history... Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Service by airlines -> 7 decent service, it would be nice to see maybe FL or ATA in ALB or maybe a little more frequency, but wha't we have isnt bad

Layout -> 10 the new terminal is a breze to navigate though

Employee service -> 5 airline and security personalities very greatly

Waiting times -> 8, 5 for US Airways...waits either at the desk or security are not usually longer than 10 minuts unless you fly US betwen 6-9am, then you get to wait about 30+ minutes at checkin

Frustration level -> 9 not too much to be upset about

Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) -> 3, we only have mc donalds, a cafe and a coffe shop...a little more food places in the terminal would be nice

Parking/termanal roadways/transit system -> 9 the county just re-routed all the traffic to the airport on new roads...very nice now

OVERALL -> 9...ALB is a great airport, small, but it has its personality with an art gallery on the observation deck, a new terminal decked out in wood and steel finishes and a very nice layout...come vist sometime  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 6:03 am

Wichita Mid-Continent

Service By Airlines: 4
-Frontier and AirTran are paid by city subsidies which puts their futures here in doubt. Many airlines have cut their schedules here which forces some to fly out of another airport or use inconvenient connections.

Layout: 7
Could be better but not that difficult to use.

Employee Service: 8
-Employees usually do their job well

Waiting Times: 6
-During busy times you can expect to wait forever to check in and get your bags. At other times it's a breeze.

Frustration Level: 8
-Being a smaller airport, there's not much to be frustrated with, just maybe long waits as mentioned

Services: 3
-poor restrooms, in the terminal, there's only a small Pizza Hut and Burger King for food and a snack stand or two in the concoure. There's also one gift shop in the terminal. Lack of seating forces many to sit on the floor and stand around the hallways.

Parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 8
-Very easy and convenient access to the city. Only minutes away from the city center. No covered parking and during busy travel seasons all parking spots may be taken forcing you to use overflow parking which is an unpaved area.

Overall: 5
-Terminal could use some updating and renovations, even replacement with the crowded and drab terminal. This is being considered by the airport and I hope that there will be some plans to go ahead with that soon especially with the other airports in the area doing so such as MCI, TUL, and OKC.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 7:06 am

East Midlands International Airport:

Service by airlines: 5/10
Layout: 4/10
Employee service: 4/10
Waiting times: 6/10
Frustration level: 3/10
Services: 7/10
Parking: 5/10


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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 10:54 am

MEL/YMML Tullamarine International Airport, Melbourne, Australia:

Service By Airlines - 6
Services by a fair number of international airlines, however, missing in a few key areas and could use some more services to Asia. Overall, doing OK for a non-hub airport of it's size.

Layout - 10
Very good layout, all the terminals joined in one central terminal building and transit times between terminals are very short. Efficient design resulting in minimal delays.

Employee Service - 10
Never had a bad experience here.

Waiting Times - 8
Sometimes lines at check-in and immigration get a bit long, but generally it's OK.

Frustration Level - 9
Again, have had very few bad experiences, so hardly any need to get furstrated.

Services (stores/food/restrooms/etc) - 7.5
Stores close too early considering the number of late night international flights, otherwise very good range and variety, and not overly expensive. Restrooms etc are great, always clean.

Parking/Terminal Roadways/Transit System - 7.5
Good parking facilities with the parking garage directly across from the terminal with undercover access to the terminal. Roadways are easy to use, not confusing due to the good efficient layout. Transit leaves a lot to be desired, only a few bus services into the city, no train or good transit to the city.

OVERALL - 8.3/10
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 11:18 am

Port Columbus (CMH), Columbus, Ohio

Service by Airlines: could be better. We need a flight to LAX and/or SFO. We get too many RJs, but I guess this is the trend these days. We need ATA, Frontier or JetBlue.

Terminal Layout: 10. It's not hard to get around at all. Layed out logically & easy to navigate.

Employees: 9

Wait Times: 7. FlyCMH pretty much summed it up.

Frustration Level: 8. An airport that's "easy to get along with".

Service Level: 7. There could be more stores/resturants, although for a small airport, what we have is OK, I guess. What they need to do is move that security checkpoint up at Concourse C so Mulligan's can get more business.

Parking: 8.


A310/319/320/321/333, ARJ, BN2, B717/722/73S/733/734/735/73G/738/739/744/757/753/767/763/764/777, CR1/2/7/9, DH6, 328, EM2/ERJ/E70/E75/E90, F28/100, J31, L10/12/15, DC9/D93/D94/D95/M80/M88/M90/D10, SF3, SST
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 11:21 am

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Service by Airlines (8)

Lots of choices even in this "cartel" hub airport. In fact, it is almost odd if I do fly on NWA.

Lindbergh Terminal
Air Canada
Air Tran Airways
America West
American Airlines
ATA Airlines
Comair Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Frontier Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Mesaba Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Midwest Connect(Midwest Airlines)
United Airlines
Great Lakes Aviation
US Airways

Humphrey Terminal
Casino Express
Champion Air
Miami Air International
Omni Air International
Ryan International
Sun Country Airlines
Transmeridian Airlines

Airborne Express
Bax Global
DHL Airways Inc.
Emery Worldwide
Fed Ex
Kitty Hawk Cargo
Northwest Cargo
United Parcel Service

Layout (8)
Lindbergh Terminal is in a huge H pattern, now with moving sidewalks on two of the concourses, not bad for the most part. Although I can imagine you really need to move to make those NWA connections from time to time.

Employee Service (5)
Not great, not bad either

Waiting Times (7)
Just don't count the snowy winters, and they do a pretty good job during those time. Of course, this IS Minnesnowta

Frustration Level (8... Unless you are talking baggage then a 3)

Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) (9)

Parking/terminal Roadways/Transit System (8)
This is just going to get better as they finish the light rail system with its tunnel to both terminals. Parking has been greatly increased as well. They are always working on the terminal roads however.


Now, don't even get me started on Milwaukee... ICK Ha ha
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 12:10 pm

"layout - 4
It is improving, but the potential for expansion is very limited. International arrivals and departures area is a real shame."

-Wait 11 months and see.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 2:19 pm

San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airpportv

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here is what you are rating on:
service by airlines-8- The necessary service. we have service to the major cities in the Caribbean and the Eastern seaboard
layout-8(well laid out, walking distance in between terminals is not much- one major flaw Terminal C dosent have it's own baggage claim, terminal B's baggage claim has to be used and at times can be extreemly overcrowded
employee service-5-most of the staff at the airport is extremely rude, they have problems knowing were the airlines are located at the airport and they need to smile more often.
waiting times-6-at the ticket counters normal waiting time is over 20 mins. restaurants and airport kiosks over 10 mins.
frustration level-5- long lines everywere, no signs telling you were airlines are located and evry the staff is not helpful at all.+
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect)-7- Dirty restrooms are the norm , landside there are no more than 5 stores and they are mainly souvenir stores-airside there are over 5 (duty free shops) scattered over the three terminals. Food outlets -4- its a joke= not more than 4 fast food restaurants - and they are usually packed
parking/termanal roadways/transit system- 3- Not enough signs leading you into the airport making it kind of confusing for people not familiar with the area.There is no transit system- not even the metrobus system of San Juan gets to the airport.
OVERALL- Luis Munoz Marin International Airport=46 out of a possible 70
Percentage- 65% D
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 3:20 pm

Sacramento International:

Service: Other than Southwest and select flights, about all you'll see are flights that take you to the respective airline's hub(s). 5

Layout: Convenient fo an airport of its size, small enough that connecting between terminal A and B is easy. 8

Employee Service: Not outstanding, not bad by any means. 5

Waiting Times: Not bad at all, it's a pretty small airport, but that's not to say that delays don't happen. 8

Frusteration level: Nothing to really get frusterated over at SMF. The only thing now is that Parking's a bit of a maze due to construction, and that the small choice of flights can be a pisser when trying to go somewhere. 9

Services: Terminal A has got plenty, it's a good terminal with everything you need. Terminal B is outdated, ugly as hell, dirty, reminiscent of the 60's, and has very few stores/shops inside security. Small food court and a burger king, and some magazine shops outside of security in Tb. Terminal A: 10 ; B: 4

Transportation: You're gonna pretty much need to take a shuttle or your car here, RT doesn't really help. The Parking's fine, there's a new garage being built. The shuttle system is good and consists of parking shuttles, Terminal-Terminal Shuttles (this can be walked easily) and Shuttles to the Rental Car Facilities that are out in the front of the airport. works great. 8-if taking a car isn't a problem.

SMF is a good airport, and with new service being added all the time, is getting better.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 4:01 pm

Well there must bee a reason why Copenhagen CPH has been wotet to be the best airport in the world by IATA, yes IATA not som magazine or online survey

service by airlines: depends but 8-10
layout: 10, why cant i give it more  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
employee service: depends but 8-10
waiting times: 10
frustration level: 10
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): 10:
parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 10
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sat May 10, 2003 4:09 pm

Its been a few years since I have been to CPH...I'm guessing they have finished the large construction project I remember going on there? What I had seen that had already been completed was incredibly nice. I really....need to go back to Danmark sometime soon  Smile
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sun May 11, 2003 8:06 am

Melbourne YMML

service by airlines---QF/DJ/O'Connor domestic give em a Intl about ........7

layout simple easy not to much of a walk anywhere................................ 9

employee service DJ are great QF lack a bit and check in at INTL is ordinary..6

waiting times terrific cant complain at all................................................10

frustration level only at peak hour when your stuck on the top level car park 9

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) good selection.. nothing orginal .......5

parking/termanal roadways/transit system needs a railway.......7

so its a total of 53 out of a possible 70.. 75% ... probly a B- in terms of marking as a report not bad at all just missins some minor things to make the good things better
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sun May 11, 2003 8:33 am

Never really thought of it as good or bad but here we go...

Glasgow Prestwick PIK/EGPK

Service by airlines - 5 A bit generous perhaps considering we only have the one scheduled airline, Ryanair, plus a handful of charters. However, they keep increasing the number of destinations and had someone said that we would have daily services to Stockholm and Barcelona (yes, I know it's not the real Stockholm and Barcelona) a few years back they would have been thought of as a bit mad. Well served by freight airlines as well.

Layout - 7 Big terminal built in the sixties for transatlantic traffic but it gets the job done. No air bridges or any of that fancy stuff of course but it only tends to be a short walk to the aircraft in the pissing rain.

Employee service - 7 Nothing special but nothing to complain about either. Reasonably friendly natives...

Waiting times - 8 One of the benefits of 'uncrowded' airports that Ryanair tend to use is that check-in is fairly quick and there isn't much of a queue at the security check.

Frustration level - 9 Any frustrations are not really the fault of the airport.

Services - 4 A pretty basic cafe landside and a snack bar airside. OK duty-free shop and a small W H Smiths. They used to have the grandly named Graceland Bar landside (Prestwick was the only place in the UK where a certain Hamburger addict and CV 880 owner by the name of Elvis Presley ever set foot) but it has closed whilst some rennovations are taking place.

Parking etc. - 3 for parking. Handy for the terminal but a rip-off. Access is easy, however.

(Extra category) Location - 1 or 10, depending on your viewpoint. The airport is extremely handy if you want to go to Prestwick, Ayr or Troon but apart from a few locals and the odd golfer, no one does. However, a dedicated rail station makes access to the Glasgow metropolis fairly straight forward and Ryanair passengers get it for half price or something.

Overall - 6
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LGA, Simply Disgusting

Sun May 11, 2003 8:45 am

LGA-the world's vomitory, in the shadows of Shea Stadium, another place filled with as much distress. Over expanded, over used, miserable and crowded, serviced by the Van Wyck Distressway. Horrible parking, miserable amenities, filthy toilets and terminals. Should be converted into additional parking for Green Bus Lines and expansion of Rikers. LGA a complete, utter mess that should be replaced, but we can't we need it.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Sun May 11, 2003 7:27 pm

Rate of Munich Airport (MUC)

service by airlines: 7
MUC passenger long-haul/intercont service is mainly served by LH and his partners: (without charter service like LT, DE...)
Non Star Aliance intercont service from MUC:
ATL / DL, PHL / US, DXB / EK, MRU / MK, PVG+EK / ZBAA), China">PEK / MU, SEZ / HM, MRV / KV, SVX / U6, SID / VR, DYU / 7J, TBS / A9, URA+UKK / 9Y

layout: 7

employee service: now 5, end of June with opening terminal 2 I hope it will be better like 8-10

waiting times: now 5, end of June I hope 8-10

frustration level: 5

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): 6-7, the necessary things are available, but expensive

parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 4

Regards! Robert alias munich
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 1:53 am

Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport- ATL

SERVICE BY AIRLINES: 6- Most of the US majors serve the airport, but none have a lot of flights per day here. There is an utter lack of foreign carriers for an airport this size (Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Aero Mexico, Korean Air, Air Jamaica, Air Canada, South African Airways). In general, getting to many places in the country and world is easy from ATL. The southeastern US is amazingly well served, as is much of the country by Delta. Europe is very well served as well (LGW, MAN, SNN, DUB, MAD, BCN sometimes, FCO, MXP, ZRH, CDG, BRU, AMS, FRA, MUC, STR). Latin America could use some work, but it has enough routes. Asia is lacking severely, with just NRT and ICN being served and ICN is served only 3x per week. NRT is served daily. Understandably there is no Australian or Oceanian service. For a US airport, African service is good because a route is served to Africa. This is the ATL-JNB/CPT-CPT/JNB flights.

LAYOUT: 10- The layout of ATL is wonderful! All terminals are past security, so security does not need to be cleared to go between terminals. Each terminal is very easy to navigate because they are essentially just long staight terminals. The international terminal is T shape, but still easy to navigate. Changing terminals is very easy because of the easy navigability of terminals and a fast train that runs between terminals and comes every 2 minutes I believe. It is very easy to get to baggage claim.

EMPLOYEE SERVICE: 5- Sometimes it's good, sometimes you wonder if it exists.

WAITING TIMES: 7- There can be massive and daunting lines for security in ATL, but the workers are very good about moving people through them very quickly (maybe sacrificing security though). In the mornings for most flights and in the evenings for international flights, waits to check baggage can be pretty long. For domestic tickets though, there are curbside check in areas for people with e-tickets, and those usually only take a few minutes.

FRUSTRATION LEVEL: 8- Usually, everything goes well in ATL. There is not generally huge waiting and connections are easy.

SERVICES (stores/food/restrooms/etc): 7- There are plenty of stores and restaurants, but a lot of times they are at the very center part of the terminal where everyone enters from, which makes sense from a business point of view, but because the terminals are long, if you are at the end waiting for a flight, it can be a long way to get food. There are plenty of newsstands. One complaint I have is that most of the places are all the same thing, so there isn't much variety. The international terminal has a very nice food court though.

PARKING/TERMINAL ROADWAYS/TRANSIT SYSTEM: 7- There is plenty of parking around the airport that in general, is reasonably priced. Access to the city is easy.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 2:16 am

Orlando Int'l Airport (MCO)

Service by Airlines: 8. MCO is a sub-hub for Delta and has a sizable Southwest operation. US Airways serves MCO frequently, United has a stable presence, AA continues to regularly have adequate service, AirTran is based out of Orlando, even though their hub is in Atlanta. ATA has a decent sized operation. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic serve MCO regularly with 747's.

Layout: 9. I really like MCO's layout with having 1 landside terminal with 4 similiar shaped terminals branching out, expecially the newest airside. Connections are easy, however MCO is more of a O&D airport than a connecting hub. The airport is well marked w/ signs and directories.

Employee Service: 6. MCO doesent have the best employee service, but it is a larger airport.

Waiting Times: 7. Just after the 9/11 attacks the security checkpoints were out of control, lines spanded forever it seemed like. Now they have toned them down a lot.

Frustration Level: The biggest frustration I have at MCO is all the damn foreign travelers who come in groups of 30 all wearing the same color to indicate their travelling group, I'm not being racial, but when their speaking their language in your country, you tend to get a little upset. All the cheerleader and jock groups that come through MCO like they own the place.

Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): Plenty of stores, especially in the landside terminal, seems to look more like a mall everyday. Excellent variety of food to choose from. Plenty of clean restrooms. Worst problem. STORE PRICES ARE WAY TO HIGH.

Parking/Terminal Roadways/Transit System: Parking is easy and well marked but overpriced. Getting to and from MCO is a breeze, especially since SR. 417 (Toll) The Central Florida Greenway was built. No rail or subway service, however dozens of taxi's, busses, shuttles, and limos serve MCO.

OVERALL: 8.5. MCO is a great airport to visit, the terminals have skylights that let the Florida sunshine in and provide the "Welcome to Florida" feel that many northerners want. The airport is very clean and has a wide variety of airlines. The airport will continue to grow and more problems will occure just like any major International airport such as construction, and overcrowding, but I know MCO is headed in the right track.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 3:51 am

Calgary, Canada
Hubs: Westjets base, Air Canada Mini hub

Here is what you are rating on:
service by airlines: 8.5 Good, we get every major american airline excpet Us Airways and Southwest, we also get some of the minors like America West (2 dailys to PHX, and Alaska Airlines (1 daily to Los Angles). Then pretty much every airline in Canada except Canjet. We also have 3x weeklys to LUX for cargo and then a major Fedex area.
layout: 7 All of Air Canada's in A Concorse with the regionals so thats good for connecting on Air Canada, all of Westjet and the charters are in Concorse D, then all the transborder flights are out of C. You can only walk from A concoruse to B concoruse without having to go though security and right now B concourse is A's overflow with mabey 5 flights a week out of it. Its pretty useless. It was the Canadian area. All the rest of the corcourse you have to go though security agian to get to
employee service 6 Can be good can be bad but some airlies in general have better service agents (Westjet, Continental, Northwest, America West)
waiting times 9.5 Non exsistant except for weather delays.
frustration level Only having to re go though security.
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) 9 The area between A and B/C concourse is amazing with a food court and lots of stores this is outside of security though. Good food and stores in both A and D with B/C lacking but not by much.
parking/termanal roadways/transit system 9 New parking really close to terminal, easy acess from the Deerfoot (Calgary's main North, South road, no C-Train yet but hopefully one day they will have a c-train station out there.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 4:51 am

CYUL - Dorval (Montreal, International)

Here is what you are rating on:

service by airlines - 7
This is improving slowly. However, YUL could use a little more airlines

layout - 2
One of the worst airport I have seen

employee service - 4
Employees at the information booth do not have enough knowledge on their airport.
Baggage handling very poor and very slow.

waiting times - 5
This is very average for an airport with such little traffic

frustration level - 1
Very high because of: cleanliness, acces to airport, waiting time in the custom area, restaurant, absence of observatory area, waiting area in arrival level too small, etc. etc. etc.

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) 1

parking/termanal roadways/transit system 1


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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 5:26 am

Xewkija Heliport (GZM / LMMG)

service by airlines - 1
With Malta Aircharter (R5/MAC) being the only airline to serve Xewkija, it's every spotter's nightmare.

layout - 8
I'd say it's pretty adequate for what we need.

employee service - 10
All of the people I've met are friendly and competent.

waiting times - 10
Few passengers on a Mi-8 so queues are usually very short, if any.

frustration level - 10

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 5
Three vending machines are the only retail thing there is, so...

parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 6


Malta International (MLA / LMML)

service by airlines - 5
We do get a few exotic birds here and there, but usually it's just Air Malta, Air Malta and Air Malta.

layout - 5
And I'm giving it a 5 for the lack of jetways.

employee service - greatly varies, but I'll go for 7

waiting times - 3
Extremely long queues at check-in are the order of the day at MLA. It happened at security the last time I flew, too.

frustration level - also varies, say 5
Sometimes one gets through check-in and security in fifteen minutes and meets the nicest people around. Sometimes one meets the biggest imbeciles and rudest people around and it takes an hour and half.

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect) - 10
And this is the merit of Dianne from the stationery shop in departures lounge  Laugh out loud

parking/termanal roadways/transit system - 7
Functional but no covered parking areas.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 7:13 am

Manchester Ringway International, EGCC/MAN

I should state that this is a review of Terminals 1 and 2 only. Terminal 3 is the BA terminal and in my opinion is wonderful. The rest of the airport should strive to copy T3. Anyway, I work out of T1 so here's what I think!

Mostly a holiday airport. Very few drect links to London (except Heathrow) that are reasonably priced.

I actally wanted to put a big fat goose egg here but I figured I would be fair and at least rate it. Terrible to say the least. Pre 9/11 inbound and outbound pax were mixed. Post 9/11 they just put a wall down the middle of Terminal 1 and called it a permanent fix.

We try real hard but have no fight left in us. You can only be shat upon so much and still act as though you care. Probably the lowest paid workforce in the industry.

Wintertime OK but in the summer, it's all about delays at MAN!!

Absolutely atrocious. It is like a building site with an airport attatched. Smoking everywhere even though there are designated smoking areas. No seating and there is rubbish everywhere. An embarassment to the City of Manchester.

Boots the Chemist, WH Smith, Burger King and Duty Free. Thats about it. Lots of places to get a beer though.

About adequate I guess.


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Cainan Cornelius
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 8:20 am

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Here is what you are rating on:
service by airlines-4. The vast majority of the US majors are here, albeit with not very many frequencies. The amount of international carriers is a joke, despite the vast international network from DFW. The airport is too dominated by AA.

layout- 2. If you are starting/ending your journey at DFW, it is perfect, if you aren't, you are stuck with a long walk. If you don't know your way around the airport, you would be screwed if it weren't for employee service.

employee service- 8, DFW's ambassador program, made up by volunteers. Their single purpose is to help people find their way around DFW.

waiting times- 6, depending on the time and the runway, it's usually pretty average, or horrendously long

frustration level-6, Taxiing for 25 minutes with no runway in sight. No more comment necessary

services (stores/food/restrooms/ect)-10. Any type of food you can eat or want. The terminals are filled with restaurants and stores, especially Terminal's A and C with B and E still having a nice array.

parking/termanal roadways/transit system- 5. Parking is a nightmare, the new signage makes locating you're desired terminal, airline, or parking lot easy.

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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 10:58 am

service by airlines:10
employee service:6
waiting times:5
frustration level:7
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect):5
parking/termanal roadways/transit system:1

IT is MIA it just a good airport u know. U cant say no to it. to important and different. not FLL

service by airlines:5
employee service:10
waiting times:10
frustration level
services (stores/food/restrooms/ect):10
parking/termanal roadways/transit system:7
But still not as fun or good as MIA if you are an aviation freak.
"It was just four of us on the flight deck, trying to do our job" (Captain Al Haynes)
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 3:01 pm

PDX: Portland International Airport

Domestic - growing, but still hard to get a nonstop back east. Rating: 7
International - getting much better with Lufthansa/Mexicana. Rating: 6

Nice... right now, little need to connect between A/B/C and D/E, but if there ever was a need, you have to re-clear security. International arrivals much improved. Good signage and very nice concourses. Rating: 7

Employee Service:
Haven't yet met someone rude out at PDX. Rating: 9

Waiting Times:
At times horrendous, but they're getting better. Rating: 6

Frustration Level:
Low... especially if you take MAX Red Line to PDX - Train to Plane. Rating: 8

Great little strip of shops, clean restrooms, prompt bag claim, Tri-Met MAX in the airport. Rating: 8

Good garage placement, covered walk the entire way from car to terminal, but why drive when you can take MAX? Rating: 9

OVERALL: 8... superior experience when compared with other airports.
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RE: Rate Your Airport

Mon May 12, 2003 4:09 pm

Jakarta Soekano Hatta International WIII/CGK
Service by airlines: 7
Can't complain much. Can get anywhere in the country within 3hrs apart from a few destinations. Timetabling can be a nightmare with everything leaving between 6am and 8am, and some destinations don't get anymore than 1 or 2 flights per airline.

Layout: 5
French design with Indonesian Maintenance = Potential nightmare. Terminal 1 is big but lots of wasted space. It is suitable for domestic operations for fast efficient pax flow, albeit boring. Terminal 2 is a hell of a lot better. A little short on services (see below) but improved layout of T1, the only complaint I have on T2 is immigration congestion !

Both terminals are a nightmare in terms of arrivals pick up. Parking can be daunting. Transfer between T1 and T2 is a nightmare until recently.

Employee service: 7
Very helpful staff. The only rude staff are Immigration, customs and airline employees! (BA and SQ but BA has gone)

Waiting times: 6
All perfect except for arrivals immigration !!!!!

Frustration level: 3
When things work, it's almost perfect, when it doesn't... I feel like we're 20 years behind for that day !

Services (stores/food/restrooms/ect): 6
Landside provides acceptable food and stores, but all are on the expensive side. Airside is OK on T2D and T2E, T2F and T1 has nothing inside it !
Toilets airside are clean, landside, well, it is a 3rd world country, but it's improving.

Parking/termanal roadways/transit system: 3
Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare ! Especially when it's raining. Single level no roof parking ! T2 roadway is better, but the volume makes it no better than T1.


Average but improving. Still a long way to go for Jakarta to be able to compete with other regional hubs in terms of landside services. Nothing bad on airside fortunately.

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