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Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 2:13 pm

I am not sure if there are airlines and airports where you lose your luggage more often than others - but lets make a survey...

In recent times I have arrived without my luggage:

1. Sydney - Copenhagen with SIA (24 hour luggage delay)
2. Zurich - Copenhagen with LH (8 hour luggage delay)
3. Sydney - Brisbane with DJ (4 hour delay)

I all cases the airline was kind enough to deliver the luggage to my hotel and in the first case give me some money for a bit of new clothes....  Big grin

Anyone else??

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 4:16 pm

A few years back, LHR used to lose my baggage at all my connections thru there.
Lately, FCO and MXP seem to be doing it consistently.
Also CDG and ATL...
I have never been economically compensated even though sometimes my luggage was delivered to me more than 24 hours later (even 48 or 72 hours later!)
Airlines seem to always get away with that  Angry
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 4:18 pm

In the USA...

PHL. By far.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 4:24 pm

luggage gone:

in AMS after a flight from CLT to AMS via Washington Dulles (US-UA)
the flight from Charlotte to Washington was delayed and so the connection very tight, we barely made it to our flight to AMS. Our luggage didn't.

Luggage was deliverd at my home 2 days later.

2 weeks after that, again in AMS after a flight from ATH to AMS via FCO.
I still dont't know what the problem was there, connection time in Rome was plenty. again luggage was deliverd at home. Again it wasn't AMS apt's fault.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 4:37 pm

Back in Feb 2001 I did


(Thanks to Kilroy Travels for their student fares and random routings)

Arrived in AKL - no bags on the carousel.

Checked the CX baggage service counter - they directed me to Air New Zealand's - and there my bags were with SAS RUSH tags. Waiting for me.

Turned out the bags never got on BGO-OSL, and then got routed BGO-CPH-SIN-AKL on SK and SQ - where they arrived 6 hours BEFORE me.

I guess I never lost my bags after all...
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 6:08 pm

I've done SYD - SIN - HKG on SQ numerous times and I think of all the flights I've taken, there were 5 occasions where my bags did not arrive.

And again, I flew SYD - SIN - HKG on SQ and the last 2 times I did this route, the bags did not appear at HKG.

1st: December 03 - The agent at Singapore forgot to upload my luggage (I was on a sub-load basis so I had to confirm my seat at Singapore), so while I was flying in F that time, got off the plane first, very quickly passed the immigrations due to the fact I'm a H.K citizen, and probably one of the 1st to arrive at the luggage claim area, I was also one of the last passengers waiting for my luggage, when I realised that "No way my luggage still haven't came out yet after all the passengers are gone". TWwalked to the service counter and the staff told me that it was on the SIN - HKG - LAS flight instead. And so my friends who came to the airport and was expecting to help me get the luggage saw me walking out of the arrival area with nothing except my laptop and another small trolley.

2nd: July 03 - This time I also had a bad feeling that my luggage will not make it, and while I just got out of immigration the P.A announcement was trying to page a passenger on SQ2 to the service counter, which was me! Got there and the agents told me that none of the luggage heading for HKG from SYD got onto the plane, which means another 13 passengers could not get their luggage!

They delivered the luggage 24 hours later.

Now I'm wondering if I'm such an unlucky passenger, losing my luggage 2 flights out of 4. Just hope it wouldn't be 3 out of 6 later!


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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 8:01 pm

Once at Sofia, with BA. I foolishly packed some quite valuable things in it.

After a couple of days, the person on the BA information desk candidly said that one of the staff had probably found it and taken it home. End of story.

Yes, I complained; but the complaints process did nothing to soothe my ego, so now I try to boycott BA wherever possible.  Wink/being sarcastic
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 8:05 pm

Within the last two years:

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 9:18 pm

Flew HAM-FRA-LAX-AKL-WLG in June 1999 on LH and NZ and after flying for about 30 hours I was waiting at the carousel, but my bags never showed up. Turns out they were taking an even more interesting routing: HAM-FRA-LAX-NAN-AKL-WLG, as they just stayed on the plane that flew FRA-LAX and then onwards LAX-NAN-AKL while I was on the direct flight NZ1 that originated in LHR!
Bags were delivered to me about 6 hours after I got to Wellington. Not a nice feeling not knowing where your bags are. But I got a nice toilet bag of Air NZ with toileteries, even a tshirt!

The other time was on an LH/EN operated flight flying HAM-MUC-PSA. We only had 30 minutes in MUC and obviously our bags didn't make it. Wasn't too much of a surprise for me and the bags arrived on the next flight about 5 hours later. Had to go to the airport to pick it up.

I suppose stuff like this just happens to any seasoned traveler at some stage!
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 9:35 pm

I had my luggage displaced or damaged by UA in IAD twice. Once I was scheduled to go on DL IAD-ATL-GRU, and because of the cancellation of IAD-ATL, was rebooked on UA IAD-MIA-GRU. There was at least one hour and a half to transfer the luggage from the canceled DL flight to the UA flight, but somehow the luggage didn't get there on time. UA paid some money so we could buy some clothes, and we received it in Sao Paulo two days later. However, the luggage arrived damaged, and the UA office in Sao Paulo refused to pay for a new bag. They offered to repair it, but as we were staying there for only four days, it wouldn't be ready on time for our return. We bought a new bag anyway, and when we returned to IAD, the UA baggage service paid for it.

The other time was flying IAD-JFK-GRU. Luggage arrived damaged in GRU, probably from mishandling in IAD, as I could see that the handler was having trouble to put all the bags in the back of the twin. I saw him press one bag into the compartment, and step back as the bag fell all the way down to the tarmac. Not my bag. I saw my ripped bag being put in the plane in JFK. As I was staying longer in Sao Paulo this time, I took it to the luggage repair shop indicated by UA, and had it ready in about a week.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 10:22 pm


Luggage lost for 30 hrs in mid-December.

Given 50 UK pounds from AA to buy some warm clothes.

Bags delivered by taxi. AA staff very apologetic.

Graham Hitchen, KMIA
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Thu Sep 18, 2003 11:26 pm

My luggage got lost at CDG after a flight from LAX in July 2000. There was a big chaos at CDG that day and my connecting flight to DUS was about 9 hours late, when I finally arrived at DUS I wanted to pick up my suitcase but it didn't appear on the carousel  Angry, it was delivered to my house on the next day.

This is one reason why I try to avoid to travel with checked luggage, mostly I travel with my carry on trolley which is big enough to store clothing for one week in it.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 12:07 am

My SU flight from DEL to SVO arrived late, which meant that I had to run to catch my connecting flight to LHR.

Unfortunately, my luggage did not get onto the connecting service, so I had to wait many hours at LHR for it to arrive.

Having arrived into LHR, I had not had any sleep for over 24 hours, so I was pretty tired. Add to this SU’s seemingly careless manager and my missing bags, and I was not happy! God, I could have hit him!  Innocent

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 1:07 am

Most recent time was traveling from MSP-ORD-FRA-OSL on UA/LH/SK. My bags didn't make it through the connection at ORD (although it was about 1.5 hrs between flights). United just put it on the same flights to OSL, the next day.

I was without luggage for a little over 24 hours but the SAS baggage handlers were pretty nice about it. They gave me some essentials (I got a Star Alliance toiletry bag which I still use) to get me through. SAS tracked the bags and was very helpful to us (on the phone and in person).

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 5:39 am

never lost mine but did once have it delayed. i was flying LOT from JFK to WAW and then connecting to II International (KRK / EPKK), Poland">KRK. my flight from JFK got delayed for a couple hours and i got to WAW only a few minutes before my connecting flight left. so the next morning i was woken up by a rep from LOT. he drove my suitcase from WAW to my cousin's place in Krakow.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 5:57 am

Northwest lost my bags transfering through DTWs World Gateway back in May. We were coming up from JAX and had a stop over in DTW en-route to MKE. When we got to DTW the pilot told us that there was a problem with the presurization and that that aircraft was going out of service. It was the same plane we were supposed to take to MKE. Well, we changed planes and our bags showed up over a day later at my house. The ironic part about this is im a baggage handler for UA and when I miss a bag I dont think twice. At least I didnt until then. Now I try my hardest to make every bag to its flight.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:45 am

Just recently on a flight on NW from Bemidji to Denver with a stopover in Minneapolis. I had a long 4 hour layover. I considered booking on the earlier flight but when that flight had an aircraft change and a line of about 200 people trying to talk to the gate agents I decided against it. Got to Denver and waited for my bag. The bags stopped coming off the carousel and mine hadn't come. I began walking around the carousel and made my way to the baggage claim office. There sitting on the floor was my bag. I guess it had arrived on the flight I chose not to bother to get on. The lady was apologetic and said she was about to page me. At least it arrived.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:47 am

I make a point of not checking luggage when I am going to PHL, especially if I'm on US. It seems that it's just a gigantic luggage black hole there. I remember flying in for a funeral, had my luggage lost, and finally got it after I had already flown back home (3 days later).

The only other time was on NW about a month after they opened the World Gateway. They said it was due to the new set-up of the airport, but I find it hard to believe since everyone else I was traveling with somehow had their bags upon arrival, yet mine weren't there.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:58 am


3 times each a 15 to 14 hour delay

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:03 am

This Is Not Really Losing It- Just Thought It Happened

Arrived at MDW with my grandma- looking for signs that said where our bags were. For 40 minutes, nothing happened. The a sign over claim 2 lit up and said


And then 8 lit up with


So we waited at 8 for about 20 mins, but bags coming out had AirTran Airways baggage tags on them. We went to the ATA baggage room- (this is about 1h 45 minutes after) and there were two bags sitting on carosel 2! Ours! My grandma was really mad at MDW and TZ!
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:11 am

The year 2000 was a bad one for me and my luggage.
I had one trip to the USA and while there I had 22 domestic flights most of those with American Airlines or AM Eagle. American lost my bags 7 times and Delta once. The worst one was when I arrived in MKE from LGA and my bag was on a flight to SEA. This I said was interesting becaise next week I'm going to SEA. In MKE I waited two days, in SEA 5 hours. When I left I departed from LAS with Delta and took Qantas home from LAX but my bag went back to LAS with Delta. I didn't get it back for 4 days!

Many years ago Singapore Airlines tried very hard to send my bag to Zurich while I was going to Amsterdam so lucky I checked my bag tags after check in. I found this a lucky experience because I had to go to the gate early and was taken into the gargo hold to identify my bag. A very cool experience, though probably unthinkable today.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:26 am

Travel questonaire:

When traveling, how do you prefer to go:

A. By train?

B. In your car?

C. Stap yourself into an alluminium tube and let tons of exploding hydrocarbons haul you through the the upper atmosphere at the speed of a pistol bullet knowing that any single mishap can convert the thing into a fireball?

When choosing option "C", where do you want your baggage to be sent?



What a huge progress the jet age has brought to us. In just two hours we can be in London. Eight hours later we can be in New York. And in twenty hours our baggage can be in Tokyo.


Old problem:

Following Wilbur Wright's historic flight in 1903 his baggage could not be located...
A problem from which the airline industry has not yet recovered.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:41 am

Manchester! That place seems to be a black hole for luggage.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 7:47 am

Of all places: Anchorage, Alaska.
Only got it back a week later at Amsterdam

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 9:29 am

Seems like NW is one for luggage mis-placement.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 10:34 am

When flying DL To CDG once I ended up having a cancelled flight CVG - CDG so DL put me SDF - ATL to connect to the AF flight. My luggage was lost in ATL during the transfer somehow and didn't have bags for days in CDG. My travel buddy had his though.... I ended up getting to buy new clothes on DL and ended up getting all of my stuff finally too.

Also BA lost my bags once when I had to layover in BOS because of a late flight in because of storms in CLT. Bags made it the next day after going to DUB and then on to LHR somehow. I think there was an Aer Lingus flight leaving BOS when I was supposed to leave so they put my bags there even though I ended up staying the night in BOS and taking the day flight on BA the next day.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 12:14 pm

The only time I have lost my luggage was in 1994, ABQ-PIT-HPN on USAir. I had a three hour layover at PIT and when I arrived at HPN I received one of three bags. The other two were delivered to the doorstep of my house by noon the next day.
Strangely, the man who ran to catch our flight got all of his luggage.

The worst loss of luggage I've heard of within my family has to be what happened to my sister coming home from Brest, France, via CDG-JFK. She flew Air France Brest-CDG (on a CRJ) and was forced to gate check her suitcase, which contained numerous gifts and souvenirs she was bringing home. When they arrived at CDG my sister went to the back of the aircraft and watched as all of the bags were unloaded and picked up by her fellow passengers -- except for hers. The flight attendant who had forced the gate check claimed that my sister had never given her the bag, and my sister had no proof because she wasn't given a receipt.

My sister made her next flight, which was an American Airlines flight (she couldn't book the codeshare with Delta.) When she arrived back in the U.S., the people at American didn't know anything about her missing bag, despite the fact that she had told the people at CDG's American counter about her bag.

She was devastated and thought that she would never get her bag back. Strangely enough, it showed up about two weeks later. Air France had left the bag sitting on the ramp at Brest, and it eventually got to CDG and was routed to JFK because of my sister's name tag. Luckily everything was still intact but my sister swears she'll hold up an entire flight until she gets a receipt, next time she has to gate check.

Oh, and my sister speaks French. She knew exactly what they were saying to her.

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 12:19 pm

JST... Had a 3 hour connection in PIT, UA has problems w/ delivering luggage to US for xfer... i actually lost sleep over it... our 4 bags came 16 hours later....

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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:09 pm

one time after 9/11... My bags were lost somewhere between PHX - FRA - VIE!
got it back about 6 days later!
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:25 pm

Last year I travelled LHR-FRA-JNB-SYD with LH up to JNB and QF the remainder of the way. Luggage was checked throough to JNB from LHR, but could not be checked further. Needles to say, it never arrived in JNB the next morning, so I flew on to SYD without any luggage. To complicate things further I had checked in two bags of which one had to go only as far as JNB and the other to SYD. This was explained to the agents in JNB, with an indication of which bag it was that had to remain in JNB and who to contact for collection. On arrival in SYD I called the local LH office for information. Their attitude was that it was no longer their problem since I had continued my journey with QF and I should contact them. I argued with them and eventually convinced them that since my luggage was in FRA it had to be their problem. After seven days and calling in person at their offices in SYD every day, I eventually managed to get my luggage delivered to my hotel in SYD. On my return to London I wrote to the LH PR department and they sent me a voucher for £250. So a happy ending.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:38 pm

I never lost any luggage. I think I am lucky or because I always takes direct flights
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:39 pm

Dec 02. SYD-KUL-VIE-GVA, OS flight

The staff at VIE forgot to put my bag in the plane. I received my bag, after 4 hours, broken...
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Fri Sep 19, 2003 8:19 pm

A few times...

SA JNB-MXP-AMS - 1 bag offloaded at MXP - arrived a day later.

JNB-FRA-LHR-AMS - last leg LHR-AMS was a T2-T4 transfer, so there was no hope that my bag would ever make it - arrived 8 hours later.

AC LHR-YYT-YHX-SA - Massachusetts">BOS - Bag never turned up at YHX (you have to clear customs into Canada even if in transit to the US, and you have to clear customs again in the US - how bizarre is that ?)

Midway - SA - North Carolina">RDU-SA - Massachusetts">BOS - single leg flight, no connections, checked-in in plenty of time, and they STILL didn't manage to get the bag to SA - Massachusetts">BOS - no wonder they went bankrupt.
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Sat Sep 20, 2003 9:34 am

I have been lucky.
Just once. American Airlines from DFW to SAT !!!!!

RM  Smile
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Sat Sep 20, 2003 9:22 pm

On a KUL-BKI-NRT flight with Malaysia Airlines.

Baggage came 24 hrs later on a JAL flight ...
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RE: Where Did You Lose Your Luggage?

Sun Sep 21, 2003 12:14 am

In July, my family and I flew from:


Our luggage went:


We have NO IDEA how our luggage ended up on those routes but it was horrible.

We finally go it back and they apologized.

Oh well.
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