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Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 6:58 am

whats the longest flight delay you have ever had?

About 3 years ago i went to paris.We were checking in for our flight back to IAD and the ticket agent said its been delayed 17 hours. Our 777 was still in san fransisco. it acutally turned out to be a good thing-we got 1 free night at the Sheraton at De gaulle,and i missed a day of school(not much work to make up,either Big grin )
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:03 am

My longest delay is about 1 hour, so I have been really lucky (touch wood). usually on PMI flights when I was younger but cant remember exactly when though.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:06 am

last year I had a delay of 3 hrs. The longest to date. It was a Flyjet flight MAN-HER.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:07 am

Longest delay was from 15:00 Dec 16 until 17:45 Dec 17 and totalled 26.5 hours at YYZ back in 2001 on AC. Wasn't put up in hotel until 23:30 that night and had to be back at airport at 05:15 the next morning, and still waited another 12hrs to leave.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:07 am

Mine wasn't that bad. It was back in 1992 I think. DAM-FRA on LH A310. Delayed 12 hours. LH gave us a hotel room (in a beautiful 5 star hotel... no complaints) for the day, as our initial departure time was around 7am. We didn't miss our connecting flight to YMX (Montreal-Mirabel) since we were supposed to stay overnight in FRA anyways.

Personally, I don't mind delays, as long as you get treated well...
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:07 am

I am not sure if this counts as a true delay, but I was booked on CLE-DTW-ORF back on July 4, 2002. CLE-DTW was okay, but our 1:00PM (or so) DTW-ORF flight was delayed, delayed, delayed, and eventually went tech and cancelled. We were put on the evening (7:00PM or so) departure to ORF. So, we were delayed around 6 hours. Although this was a cancellation and rebooking, not a true delay I suppose.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:10 am

I guess I have been lucky. My longest was last month on USAirways PGL-YYZ ( a one hour flight). They finally admitted a pilot was never even assigned the flight. We were delayed about 6 1/2 hours when they got us on a AC flight. I missed a business dinner.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:19 am

When I was returning to DEN from the Steamboat Springs airport in CO, my United CRJ arrived 30 minutes late in DEN. I was going on to STL. I barely made it to my plane, a UA 733, when all of a sudden the pilot announced there was an unfixable oil leak in the plane, so everyone had to deplane and wait for another aircraft, which would be another UA733. 2 hours later, we were off the DEN runways headed for STL. I arrived 5 hours late in STL that family almost gave up waiting for me.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:23 am

With AA in 1996 at JFK, was heading to DFW which a snow storm, we had 20 hours delay, we were given hotel accomodation and flew next day from LaGuardia to be delayed again in DFW for another 10 hours till the passenger back log was cleared.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:24 am

In the year 2000, I spent approximately 9 hours in CDG because the ADP (airport) employees were on strike. I arrived from LAX in the morning and departed on my connecting flight to DUS in the evening, at least I got a voucher for drinks and food from AF.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:34 am

The worst, though not the longest, was 4 hours in Vegas back in 2000. America West A320 to either PHL or EWR, can't remember which trip it was. What made it so bad was it was a red-eye scheduled to leave just prior to midnite and it didn't go until 4 am. Plus it was overbooked. They were offering $1000 in travel vouchers and hotel to take the next flight. Looking back, I should have just taken the vouchers, but at 3 or 4 in the morning, I just wanted to go home!!!

Another bad one was last March, an America West Express/Air Midwest B1900D from PHX to PRC, a 35 minute flight. Delayed about 3 hours before the flight crew exceeded their duty time and they cancelled the flight. The next morning's flight was delayed another hour. Keep in mind it's only a 90 minute drive to Prescott from Phoenix. We got in about 18 hours late and missed a full day of class.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:39 am

About a day. I missed a connection at 10:00PM and I arrived in ATL at 12:30AM due to t-storms and the flights to DFW were sold out until 5PM the next day. Delta employees were extra surely on this night. I got a voucher where I would have to pay $45 for a hotel room at the Quality Inn... no thanks, I spent the night and the next day at the Renaissance Concourse!  Big thumbs up
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:41 am

August 2003. I was supposed to leave MCO to catch my connecting flight from IAD to LHR! After waiting at the gate for around 2hours, we finally got onto the plane, only to wait on the tarmac for around another 3hours we finally left! (Lightning storm) Arriving in Washington we found out our 772 had left around half full and we would have to wait until the next evening for a flight! So all in all, we were delayed by........34-36hours or so!!!!! I was not a happy bunny!!!! lol Got a nice stay at the hilton tho!!! Had to bloody pay for it myself tho!!!!

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:51 am

14 hours here. My family and I were in HNL in 1989. We were scheduled back in the morning but no plane was available. Turned out we were suppose to have the DC-10 that went down in Sioux City,Iowa. Guess there are worse places to get stuck. We were given free dinner and a free limo to downtown. To bad the good old days are gone, now its a voucher for crappy airport food.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:07 am

The longest delay I have ever had was 4 years ago on Lot. We left 1:30 late. My family that was waiting for me wasn't very happy because they had to wake up at 2am just to get to the airport in time to get me. We landed just under an hour late so it wasn't that bad.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:15 am

9 hours Caledonian sick aircraft (DC-10), BUT they flew us in a 747-100 Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Tower Air though LOL but who cares it was a 747-100. My first and only 747 experience to date (VS744 next year though Smile)

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:31 am

Mine was a big disaster with my family. First it was 6 hours on a UA DC-10 from SEA - HNL in 1992. We boarded the plane and had to wait 5 hours at the gate due to low clouds. The pilot didn't let people off of the plane because he didn't want to lose his spot in line. But what was really annoying was that there were AS planes taking off and landing because they had the latest equipment for weather back then and weren't suffering major delays like ever other airline.

Then after 5 hours while we were taxing to the runway when smoke appeared in the rear of cabin, and we had to go back to the gate and lose our place in the queue for takeoff. We spent another hour on the ground before they replaced a smoking lightbulb in the rear galley. Finally we made it off to HNL.

But it got worse because we missed our connection to AKL from HNL. We ended up spending 2 days in Honolulu before we got on the next available flight. It was kind of a mini vacation on the way to a vacation of sorts because we were at a nice hotel on the beach and not at the airport. All in all we were 3 days late when we made it to AKL.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:31 am

14 hours on a DL 727 SLC-PDX We didn't have a plane, it was still in ATL, it hadn't even run its next flights; ATL-DFW-COS-SLC. Free night at the peery hotel. It was a gross hotel. OLD...
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:31 am

longest was when i was studying abroad in Mongolia. We took a morning internal MIAT flight down to the Gobi (DLZ) with a stop in MXW halfway in the flight (both are small towns in Mongolia). We landed in MXW (dirt runway) and ended up being delayed due to a sandstorm - first an hour, then 3, then 6 and then finally the flight was delayed till the morning. we were put up in soviet style poured concrete hotel - only cold running water, steel frame bed & bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. We were able to leave the next morning, arriving in DLZ about 24 hours late. it may sound crazy, but i thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it!
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:33 am

It was a 6 hrs. delay with UA in a flight from LAX to ORD.
My luck, was that I was part of a student group with 110 people.
We would stop in ORD to connect with a flight to GRU, but as we were more than the half of the second aircraft (763), we didn´t loose that flight back to Brazil.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:34 am

I was on a TWA L10-11 going BOS-CDG years back and it blew a circuit on climb out. We sat in the terminal for 3 hours before I got off the ground again.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 10:35 am

Mine was 13 hours at Oslo Gardermoen in August of 1999 when I was flying Icelandair back to Boston. I checked in at 10:00 and the delay that was suppose to be two hours ended up being thirteen! When we finally boarded I learned that the same aircraft to take me home had actually still been somewhere in The States when I had checked in thirteen hours earlier!
As a side note, I recall most of the shops and resturants in the airport were in the area before you went through security and although I dont remember the reason, I remember it was very inconvienent that day to to exit the gate areas and then have to come back through security, so I sat at the gate the whole time under the impression of FI that the inbound flight from KEF would be arriving within the hour!
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 10:56 am

Mine was 1 or 2 hours (I don't remember exactly) It was because of real bad thunderstorms at MCO.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 10:59 am

I think my longest was back in about 1997. I was flying UA from LAX-PDX. I forget why we were delayed....but in the end it totaled about 8 1/2 hours. And to boot the air conditioning in the terminal was shot, so it was really hot in there. We finally landed at PDX a little after midnight.

Another bad one was also in '97, in May. We were on a school trip in Raleigh, North Carolina. We were supposed to be flying on CO from RDU-IAH-PDX. However, there was a thunderstorm in Houston, so my teacher...not thinking too well decided to ask if they could bump us over to another airline, as our parents would be waiting for us at PDX. They said there was a flight on AA through DFW, then connecting to PDX. Now you can see why my teacher wasn't thinking. If the thunder storm was in Houston....I'd be willing to bet it'd head over twards Dallas...right? If you agreed, you win! We boarded the 757, and taxid out. The captain pulled into a hold box and shut down the engines, and informed us...of course....that our flight was going to be delayed for the thunderstorm, and we had to taxi out so we had a place in line to land at DFW. So the waiting game was on. First he said an hour delay...then after an hour he said at least another hour. Then another 2 hours....then 30 minutes more....Finally 6 hours later we were off. What I found ironic...they showed "Twister" as the in-flight movie as we flew by a thunderstorm.... Laugh out loud When we finally landed in DFW...we had to spring accross two or three terminals to our connection....and when we go there, the gate agent had the nerve to lecture us about getting there faster....and that we were lucky they held the flight for us. Well we got on board....and when we looked around....we WERE the flight. There were about 10 other people on board...and our group was around 20.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:17 am

14 hours at PHL. I stayed overnight at a hotel on USAirways' tab when they cancelled my PHL-CLE flight in 1999.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:34 am

The very longest was of course during the 9/11 shutdown of U.S. airspace. I arrived at DFW very late on 9/10 and was scheduled to return to IAD on the evening of 9/11. I had some connections with AA, and managed to get onto an employee-only charter flight from DFW to IAD (a very surreal experience) at midnight on 9/13. Total delay, 52 hours.

Also had a 16 hour delay on Tower Air from JFK to MIA due to mechanical issues. Their JFK terminal was adjacent to their hangar, and there were 3 or 4 "parts" planes sitting in front of us, in pieces.

Lastly, I had a 14 hour delay on Sun Country from DFW to LAS, taking my mother for her annual casino visit. It was an all-around bad experience.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:47 am

My longest delay was 12 hours on the SVO-SFO route on SU.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:53 am

My longest delay on arriving at a destination was apx 8 hours on a LAN-DTW-STL on NW in June of 98. There was numerous delays on four flights..yep four flights on a two leg trip...sched arr at STL was apx 405pm....arrived at STL at 12:10 am..Heck, I could have drove it in about the same amount of time....But I did get alot of perk miles and 5000 bonus miles for the inconvenience and some FC seats.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:12 pm

Another AEROFLOT Delay.
BusinessBoy? I'm assuming you were up front. How did SU treat you during the delay?
I was on YUL-SVO. No Compensation. Just kept on saying One hour Delay, and I think it came to be 3-4 hours late in the end.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:20 pm

I had a flights cancelled and I had to wait 12 hours or so for the next one. This happened about twice. Once in January of this year (Buenos Aires AEP) and once in the mid 90's (Gov's Harbour, Bhms).
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:28 pm

Mine was in May of 1999... I was to fly Continental from ALB-EWR-PHX. There was weather in Newark.. We got into EWR a few minutes late. Checked the monitors and the flight to PHX, originally for 5pm was now delayed to 550pm. We went through 1 or 2 gate changes, finally at like 750 we boarded. Someone decided to put us right next to an HP flight to PHX so there was some confusion in the boarding area... It was a full 733. We pushed back and taxied for a few minutes then stopped and heard the engines power down. We were in the line for the runway, it was about 830ish.

About 930 they started the engines up again, we all got excited. Then we turned around and went back to the gate. Some of our F/A's were going over their hours. So they gave us some more fuel, new set of flight attendants and we pushed back at 1030, again. We taxied towards the runway and sat again. Finally left at 1145 or so.... almost 7 hours late. We got into Phoenix at about 230am... not easy to get a ride home at that hour...

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:57 pm

In 1992 I flew from YYZ-LGA, JFK-SID-JHB-DUR. The refueling stop at SID should have been 1 hour, but there was some sort of problem and we were there for 8 hours. It actually worked out quite well, SAA took good really care of us. We were able to go to some resort type hotel, go swimming, have a shower, have free drinks. It was also interesting to see a bit of the Cape Verde Islands.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:05 pm

my longest delay was on an aeromexico flight two years ago. We were stuck on a taxiway being that MMMX is very busy for a smaller airport, they didnt have a gate ready for us. so we were waiting for twenty minutes. My group of friends and I were had a connecting flight to Culiacan that was going to leave in 15 minutes, neadless to say after rushing from the plane going through customs and running all the way down to the domesting end of the airport we missed our flight, lol. Which was the last one out to Culiacan. Therefore aeromexico put us all up in a hotel in Mexico city in airport plaza. I forget what the name of the hotel is but it was very nice. Our flight was scheduled for 7am the next day so all of us had to wake up around 5am, which was smart cause as it is sometimes in mexico there was a heavy rainstorm that flooded the streets. we almost didnt make it for this flight but to our look the flight was delayed boarding. anyways that was the longest delay i ever had. but it was a nice delay. for it allowed us to stay in Mexico city and we all enjoyed that.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:16 pm

My longest was in March of 2002. My dad and I where supposed to leave mid morning from GRR to ORD then to ORH (Worcester MA, when ORH had commercial service) on AAeagle. I was out there looking a Michigan State, my dad is an alum so I had to give it a look. We flew to GRR because the prices to LAN were way to high. Well that night and morning it snowed a foot-foot and a half and everything was cancelled. Our only alternative was wait just 9 hours!!!! It would not have been a problem if it was a larger airport, but there is not much going on at GRR. I went up to the observation deck, but only one or two flights came in the hour I was up there. Anyway we got on a COex through CLE to PVD. It was pretty bad, long experience. Especially when everyone was re-screened before boarding in GRR, that made a long day even longer. That trip made my mind up for me for school...The next weekend I went to The University of Georgia where it was 85 degrees in March. Yeah, I'm happy with my decision, GO DAWGS!!!!
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:21 pm

June 30th to July 1st 2003, Air Transat from CDG to YYZ. We were told that it was just gong to be a 12 hr delay. Air Transat got us a Hotel so we could have someplace to Rest and eat. Once we were at the Hotel in Pairs we were then informed that there would be another 6 hr delay ontop of the 12hr one. So fine, we figured we would get a few hours of sleep. I then woke up at 1 Am to find out my flight was now not going to be ready until 8Am. Yikes, my sleep pattern was getting messed up. I then went back to bed after getting all ready to head back to T3 at CDG. Once 8 Am came we got on the bus to the Airport only to find out that our plane was not in. We then had to wait until 2PM to board the old L1011-150. I guess what happened was we were suppose to get an L1011-500 but that plane had some problems in YMX and the landing gear was not retracting. Air Transat thought they had fixed the plane but when they went to take off from YMX the Problem was not solved. So they Rerouted the Only Airbus A330-300 in the fleet, only to find out that it need a C or D check (not sure what one) so that was another Delay. Knowing that that would take forever they brought out a old spare L1011-150 from YYZ. Air Transat then faired it to YMX to pick up the Passengers that were heading to CDG. Once the Plane got into France it then had to be cleaned. The crew briefed on what happened. We finely got airborne and made it to YQB to drop off the Quebec travelers. Oh here comes the good part. The number 2 door would not close and the Captain, First Officer, and engineer had to crank it shut because it has ceased up. Once we got ot YYZ the and taxied to the gate, the door would not open. It was one delay over the next. But all in all I didn't mind. The Flight Crew was great and they were sorry about it, even know it wasn't their fault. But yes that was my longest delay.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:22 pm

In Summer of 1991, we were traveling from Zurich to JFK by Delta. The departure time was 9.00 AM but because of an accident on one of the runways of JFK, we departed Zurich at 05.00 PM. Not too long, but this is my longest delay!
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:25 pm

While not the marathons some of you had, the worst for me was in May 1994. Flew EWR-ORD-LAX-AUK on UA, all coach on vacation. I have checked my travel notes/diary for this. First delay was about 30 minutes out of EWR (757) due to weather, traffic problems. I had a middle seat in overwing emergency row (some balance there). At ORD one hour, (was allowed to get off a/c), then same a/c and seat to LAX. Arrive close to on time to LAX, so had enought time to change terminals, a/c, onto a 747. Then due to 1) baggage security problems (missed pax?), 2)runway work, 3) need to top off fuel due the 1st 2 delays. Each time had to go back to gate for a total of 3 times, ended up with a total delay of 3 1/2 hours. This after a 5.5 hour flight EWR-ORD-LAX then a 12 hour flight LAX-AUK. So total delays of about 4 hours. So on LAX-AUK section a/c for a total of 15+ hours. Now I can understand what the Singapore EWR-SIN non-stop will be like in terms of being on a plane. The rest of the trip in NZ was one my best ever. The trip back also had a delay of about 45 minutes as waiting for connecting pax in AUK. Had to hustle for connection for EWR at LAX. Arrived in LAX the day after O.J. Simpson's ex-wife and her male friend found dead & didn't find out about it until on the a/c.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:33 pm

My longest delay was on the retun leg of my first flight YVR-AMS-YVR. The flight was delayed 18 hours, so I overnighted in an Amsterdam by myself at the age of 14. I remember calling my parents and waking them up in the morning. My Mother was a little freaked that her son was stuck in AMS by himself. My Dad told my Mom not to worry and rolled back to sleep. Dad was right. I took the hotel shuttle back to Schipol ate some dinner and watched planes on the patio. What more could a 14 year old ask for.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:39 pm

My longest delay was somewhere near 24 hours.

We were scheduled DSM-EWR-SNN on CO.

Flight was delayed from DSM due to weather in EWR, and since it was an ERJ, we weren't allowed to take off.

Arrived in EWR about 1 hr after our flight to SNN was scheduled to depart. However, my sister was to join us in EWR, and her flight from Minneapolis was not delayed. So we had to wait until the next day's departure while my sister sat at our hotel in Killarney.

She was VERY happy to see us.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:56 pm

Three bad ones:

1977: TLV-JFK [El Al] Delayed 9 hrs due to a worker strike. Supposed to fly back on a 747, flew back in 2 B707's instead. Our group was scattered between the two planes.

1989: V.C. Bird/Antigua to SJU [BWIA] 9 hrs, mechanical delay. I was in a W/C stranded with a broken knee. Got to hop up the MD's rear stairwell with crutches, and gimped all the way to the front as 1st Class was the only place I could stretch out my leg. Swelled up like a watermelon on the flight.

2003: MCO-ATL-CAK [AirTran] On my way home after my mother's death. Delayed 5+ hours at MCO, d/t ground stop at ATL(wx). Waited another 7 hours at Hartsfield while they tried to sort it all out. Eventually landed at CAK at 3:30-4:00a, 13hrs late.
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:59 pm

Mine ( do i win?  Smile ) 3 DAYS- about 72 hours or so

Back in December 1989, we had flown down ANC-SEA to meet up with my dad who was coming in from PVD. Short family vacation because dad had been away at graduate school, and then we would be headed back up to ANC for Christmas. Some volcano went off at that time, almost took out a KLM flight, and as a result all flights were cancelled in and out of ANC and backups of course happened. We had to keep going back to SEA-TAC every day to see if there was any chance to get on anything. Airline put us up in hotels and everyone was quite happy and chummy at least, (my brother and I wandered around looking for carts to return!) but in the end my parents sorted it out with Northwest to fly us to MKE so we could 1) get out of Seattle with minimal fuss and 2) spend Christmas at least with the rest of the family somewhere we call home as well. Was an unexpected Christmas gift!

Some people actually rented cars and drove all the way back to ANC from SEA rather that try and stick it out for another 3 days until the backlog was cleared. Very Planes Trains and Automobiles!
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:05 pm

what started out as a 25 minute flight ended up being about a 7 hour delay.

Cyprus Airways flight from Beirut to Larnaca. Supposed to depart at 10:15 pm. For some reason, it was delayed, and we didn't leave beirut until 12:45am.

Upon approach to Larnaca, we suddenly pulled up. Approached again, and again pulled up. Then the pilot comes on the PA and says that there is too much fog at larnaca and that we cannot land. We are going to be diverted to Rhodes or Paphos. Ended up being Paphos. Landed at paphos around 1:30 am or so. Just stayed in the plane, on the tarmac at what was at this point a very primitive Paphos airport until about dawn.

Bloody awful experience. Fortunately we were in business class, but on cyprus airways A320s at that point it was the same thing :-(
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:08 pm

My plane from ORD to YVR on UA was delayed 7 hours because we were hit by lightning. We ended up being the lucky ones becuase the plane next to us was also hit but had already been pushed back 30ft. from the gate. They were stuck on the plane for 4 hours. ORD's policy is that no ramp workers are allowed on the tarmac during a possible lightning strike. On the way back from YVR we were connecting through YYC on AC and AC ramp workers were taking forever to load our baggage due to " many" departures and arrivals. But oddly enough the flights from YVR to domestic dest. were empty. This resulted in a 30min. delay ( hour flight time was 1h). After leaving the gate we incurred a take off delay of 20 min. Leaving us with 8 min to make our connection to ORD ( we still had to pass customs.)
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 5:36 pm

My worst delay was in Dec 1998; it was 14 hours. We were supposed to depart ARN for VIE at 17:00, but due to bad weather in Vienna, our flight was delayed until 09:00 the next day. I sat in the lounge until 11 pm, then we were told that they had made arrangements for us to stay at a hotel overnight.
One stupid thing that the people behind the counter said was that the plane had left Vienna at 20:00, but then at 22:00 they said that it was still on the ground in Vienna...

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 5:47 pm

I had a 12 hour delay in Ben Gurion, Isreal. We were in check in line for 3 and half hours. Then they say the plane left!!. Got a flight back 2 LHR 12 hours later. This was in 1996
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 5:58 pm

It was 1999 in Bangkok while waiting for my most horrible flight ever I experienced. Waiting time for my Thai Airways flight to Paris was about 16 hours.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 5:59 pm

Thanks to Garuda in 1983 I was delayed in Jakarta for two days.. We left AMS 15 hours late and as a result missed our conecting flight to MEL.. Garuda couldn't give us a flight to MEL hence two days in Jakarta living it up in quite a nice hotel. I was 13 at the time and the stop in Jakata was an interesting exprience but my father was not too happy. He just wanted to get me home in time for school returning from summer holidays...

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 6:04 pm

February, 2002. BOS-AMS on NW. About half an hour prior to boarding they informed us that one of the oil pumps on our three holer was broken and a replacement was being sent from DTW aboard the next 757 coming in. Almost 4 hours later we finally got on board and promptly were served our meal as a film was being thrown on and most of the plane was already asleep.

Add to this that BOS was still in a super high state of security and to smoke you had to go outside of the terminal and though the MA State Police SWAT team to get back into the terminal. Oh well, needless to say it was an enjoyable experience and I got to have a lot of good aviation chat with some rather frequent business flyers.

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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 6:06 pm

A few years ago I was on SAA JNB-ZRH-DUS, the plane had come from CPT and when they docked the airbridge they damaged the door. Tried to fix it for a while but eventually we had an aircraft change, delay was about 7 hours. The upside was that we flew over the northern Sahara at dawn and over the Alps in clear sunshine, the downside was that when I arrived in Duesseldorf the hotel had given my room away because I was a "no-show"!! getting another room on the first day of a huge show at the Messe wasn't fun...
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RE: Your Longest Delay

Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:22 pm

24 hours flying BKK-ARN back in 1992

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