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AF NEV On 744 And A343 - Which Ones Have It?

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 4:47 am
by LX23
Hello everyone! I did a search of this, and most of the threads asking this question seem to be a few months old, so just wanted to ask the question again: Which AF 744s and 343s have the NEV seats installed? Do all of the 744s have PTVs for economy pax in the maindeck? (I think they dont, but am not sure which ones have it only on the upper deck)

I'm taking a little trip down to CCS during March or April, and these are going to be doing AF460/461. Also, any tips on which seats are the better ones for these flights? (Does AF allow you to prebook a specific seat?). Looking forward to your replies.

Best Regards, and a Happy New Year!