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Hubs of airlines past

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 1999 1:24 pm
by Guest
What were the hubs of Eastern, PanAm, Braniff and the other unfortunate airlines, if I left any out? Also, I know TWA had other hubs than STL?


RE: Hubs of airlines past

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 1999 1:42 am
by jr
I know Eastern had a big hub in Atlanta
Braniff was based out of Dallas (Lovefield initially)
and Panam had a big one in JFK (Panam had a lot
of other hubs too - both in and outside the US - if i am
right they had hubs in LHR and Frankfurt).

RE: Hubs of airlines past

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 1999 1:52 am
by Cody
Eastern hubs were Atlanta, New York, Miami, Kansas City, and briefly Charlotte, NC until Frank Lorenzo sold their gates to Piedmont. The original Braniff had hubs in Dallas and Miami. The second Braniff had hubs in Dallas, Orlando, and Kansas City, and the third Braniff really didn't have hubs they just scattered everywhere.
Pan Am had hubs in Miami, JFK, Frankfurt, London, briefly Wasnhington and I think sort of San Francisco and Los Angelas until UAL took over the Pacific routes. Pan Am had a very uneconomical route system in the US. Had they fed the international routes better they'd still be here.

RE: Hubs of airlines past

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 1999 2:19 am
by Cody
I'm sorry I forgot about TWA. They were stronger in Kansas City than ST Louis throughout the early and mid 80's. After the Ozark takeover they concentrated on STL more. Also they had hubs at Laguardia, JFK, Atlanta, London and Paris. I remember seeing about twenty TWA planes on the ramp at Pittsburgh in the early 80's but I don't know if it was a hub.