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Airline Jobs

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2001 8:21 am
by tpk
Reading the posts on this site, I have noticed that many members are either employed by airlines or work in some aspect of the airline industry.

My question for those of you who do work in the industry, is how did you first get started? I have a degree in economics and currently work as a banking and insurance consultant, but want to begin a career in the business management of an airline or airport. The areas that interest me the most are strategic planning, market research, and profitability analysis, but would be willing to do just about anything to gain experience.

I check employment pages of the major airlines' websites just about every week, but most of the job postings seem to be for technical and Internet-related positions.

If anyone has any advice for me about the best route to take (additional education, ways to gain contacts, etc.) I would appreciate your input.


RE: Airline Jobs

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2001 8:56 am
by doug_or
I'm just ramp service for now, non the less, my 2 cents- contacts are of course, always good, espeicaly if they're in a position to know when stuff is opening up. beyond that, I know Purdue University has an aviation administration program. even if you didn't go there, you could probably talk to one of the department counselers as a prospective to student to get a general of idea of how to get in.

RE: Airline Jobs

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2001 10:00 am
by mikeymike
The two biggest reasons why I feel I got my two jobs in Aviation was 1) I knew someone 2) I did more than just have a degree (i.e. played sports and participated in non-work related activities).

I have had several interviews with airlines, both in person, and over the phone, for various management and professional jobs, but while I did send probably upwards of 50 resumes to various airlines and aviation related companies, looking for jobs, only 1 resulted in an interview, however, I had 6 interviews and three offers from companies where I knew someone. IMHO, it makes all the difference.

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