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Was merging Song back into Delta the right move?

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:43 pm
by sonicruiser
Some folks on here may vividly remember the days of Song, which was notable in introducing many of the products that were later incorporated back into mainline Delta. The thing I still don't understand even today is that if the plan was to experiment with new ideas all long, why didn't they test it on Delta to begin with? They undertook the expense of creating an entirely new airline under Delta only to fold it back in merely a few years later. It seems like a wasted expense to me, and I don't really see what part of bringing ideas from Song required shutting it down. Song was pretty popular and it wasn't losing money so there doesn't appear to be any reason why Delta would want to rubbish it other than the fact that it would allow them to reduce the size of their workforce unless I'm missing something.

Re: Was merging Song back into Delta the right move?

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:17 pm
by stlgph
some light reading enjoyment: ... rline.html

"It was a great learning experience," Mr. Grinstein said in an interview yesterday, "and it gave us the chance to test ideas and to bring them over."

Re: Was merging Song back into Delta the right move?

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:57 am
by AirAfreak
The added expense of those Kate Spade uniforms, a sub-fleet of 757’s, and the Song-related branding across select airports are no longer necessary because Delta offers a range of inflight products and services that cater to a wider passenger demographic. Based on what is on offer today, it would be an unwise/excessive cost for Delta Air Lines to maintain the Song (and Delta Express) brand. The limitations of maintaining a sub-fleet is another factor. You couldn’t send a Florida-based Delta Express 737-200 plane as a last-minute equipment sub for an Atlanta-La Guardia L1011 flight without pissing off some Delta First and Delta Business Class passengers, no? Imagine the feeling of displeasure when a passenger booked himself in the Businesselite Cabin on a 764 but then a Song 757 shows up at his departure gate, because a spare Delta 757 with a First Class Cabin was thousands of miles away; just saying.