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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:43 am

Monarch - on the A300, DUB HER DUB, free meals, scary crew

Futura - B737s, DUB FUE TFS & DUB FAO. On the first flight they were still giving out meals, by 2007 they had stopped. Nice flights.

Skyservice - my first time on the A330, DUB SNN YYZ DUB subbed for an Air Transat A310. Nice crew, meals, hot towels etc, amazing views of Greenland.

Air Berlin - very short, my first 737-700, CGN - TXL, the crew weren't really giving a shit as we disembarked but I enjoyed the free tea and snack.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:23 pm

MartijnNL wrote:
PatrickZ80 wrote:
Of course this was the late 80's or early 90's, so a whole different era when it came to aviation. We were going on holiday to Portugal, a flight of only a few hours. Yet the service level was out of this world, I doubt any airline nowadays could match it. Even for such a short flight they did everything to make you feel comfortable. There was a meal included with the flight and I remember me and my sister got a color plate and pencils which was part of their "children package".

Maybe you should give KLM a try. Their service level is on par with what you describe. On my recent flight to Ibiza they served a hot meal and multiple drinks free of charge in economy. There were also "children packages" for all the young passengers. After landing the first officer personally greeted all the passengers, wishing them a nice holiday and thanking them for choosing KLM. The great flying experience of "a whole different era" can still be enjoyed in 2019.

Definitely different from my KLM experience. I flew them when I was 17 years old from JFK to AMS. Surly crew. Actually the worst crew I have ever experienced in all my years of travel.

I was a very young-looking 17 year old and went to the galley to ask for some wings for my collection. The surly flight attendant tried to shame me and said, “They are for little children.” She handed me the wings and walked away. I asked another flight attendant for a soft drink and, as an av geek even then, asked innocently if she enjoyed being a flight attendant and she simply shrugged her shoulders at me. I remember thinking it appeared to be a very senior crew but at 17 years of age, everyone looks old to you.

They only served coffee/tea with breakfast, aside from the cup of OJ that was on the breakfast tray. I went to the galley to ask for some water, and the flight attendant (the same one who tried to refuse me the wings) snapped at me, “The service is over!”

Horrible crew and honestly the worst I have ever experienced in millions of miles of travel. I know there are bad crews at all airlines but...for God’s sake...I was a 17-year old KID who always respected his elders. Did they have to be that nasty to me, or anybody?

I always regretted not writing them up.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:40 pm

Champion Air: nothing special. A 727 charter from SJU-MCO.
Continental: back when they were the last airline serving a hot meal in coach at a time many airlines had switched to BoB. Flew SJU-EWR-FRA and LGW-EWR-SJU and had nothing but a pleasant experience.
US Airways: I was initially hesitant due to bad reviews, but US ended up being my airline of choice to go places right up until they merged with AA. It had definitely come a long way since I first flew with them in 2010.
AirTran: Just a one way trip (STL-ATL-SJU) and flew the 717 and 737. Nothing special. A LOT like WN in what they offered (except for the "first class" seat up front).
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:06 pm

I had a quite memorable trip to and from Hungary flying Malev in 2006, time flies. I remember sitting next to the engine and 15 year old me was quite fascinated by the sheer size (it looked pretty big) of the CFM-56 engine.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:36 pm

Braniff - warm, fond childhood memories of flying 727s between DAL-MKC and DFW-MCI (there was a hot in-flight sandwich I still recall)
Eastern - first 757 flight (CLT-ATL); thing was a rocket; otherwise; had other experiences - EA was okay - nothing special; nothing horrible for me
Piedmont - 727 GSO-CLT; 737-200 CLT-DCA; I recall a great cold fried chicken meal
TWA - quite a few flights; I actually enjoyed flying TWA (727s; DC-9s; L1011s)
Texas International - I was really young, but I recall I enjoyed the loud Convair DAL-ABI
Northwestern - was okay; nothing special
Midway - mixed bag; had a horrible misrouted luggage experience and then a good round of flights
Vanguard - great MCI-LAS flight
Ozark - always enjoyed flying them; I recall their in-flight main cabin wine choices
US Airways - actually, a set of good flights XNA-CLT-GCM and the return almost at the end of their run pre-AA merger
AirTran - several nice 717 runs; also liked being able to upgrade on the spot to business class at the gate
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:46 pm

Long time ago for my early flights. Northeast airlines (UK) beautiful yellow and black livery Viscounts. British European Airways (BEA) Tridents, BAC1-11s and Viscounts. BMA (British Midland) and BMI A330s, DC9s, B737s and G70s and F100s, and F27s: great airline. Air UK Bae146s. Northwest B727s. Air Florida B737...unmemorable. uSAir B737s. Spanair MD82s....fantastic airline and food. If I remember more I will edit.

Oh yes Pacific Western B737...awful. Canadian Airlines International...awesome. British Caledonian BAC1-11 ... terrific with the tartan uniform.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:59 pm

Lacsa: Can't remember a thing, I was way too little
LTU: They always treated us well in all flights.
Mexicana: It was good, the service was decent though I felt misled about having to go through customs and trying to find the transfer desk as they told me (then again, MEX T1 is a confusing mess) and I could not get a window seat and thus could not enjoy the exciting approach to the 05s of MEX. I need to fix that if I ever get the chance of visiting MEX ever again.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:23 pm

727tiger wrote:
Braniff - warm, fond childhood memories of flying 727s between DAL-MKC and DFW-MCI (there was a hot in-flight sandwich I still recall)

TWA - quite a few flights; I actually enjoyed flying TWA (727s; DC-9s; L1011s)

Lucky you were on both o those carriers! Too bad my Papa thought they were average, probably flew them near the end of their life.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:28 am

seat1a wrote:
Anyone with experiences on Braniff or North Central? Never had the pleasure.

Braniff was definitely one of my favorites; I flew them regularly between Dallas and Chicago in the late 60's and 70's; they were trying hard to be a real "world class" airline (with accelerated expansion to match those attempts). All that premium service and unbridled expansion didn't come cheap; that - and AA's "dirty tricks", particularly in the DFW market later in the 70's - did them in.

I forgot to mention America West previously - probably because they were very forgettable, although I think my first flight on an Airbus was with them.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:49 am

Shuttle America (Original) - GSO-TTN - Little to no service. Flight was fine but very forgettable.
Skybus - Flights were a lot like Allegiant flights. Fine as long as you knew what you were buying.
Continental - My go-to airline on Star Alliance at the time. Service was always better than United, worse than Delta.
US Airways - Many flights. They always felt like they wanted to be bigger than they were. Service was always meh. Flights were always meh.
Northwest - Many domestic USA flights. They were my go to airline at the time. Flights were always cheaper. Service was better than US Airways and United.
Air Berlin - Many flights between London Stansted and Paderborn between our facilities. This was when they were trying to go from LCC to Major-type airline. It always amazed me how you could get a full snack/drink service on a flight that was 1 hour on a 737/A320
Kingfisher - Again, lots of flights domestic in India. This was when Kingfisher was trying to be a force. Service was fantastic.
Continental Micronesia - A lot of flights in Pacific area. My gosh these flights sucked. Service sucked. Planes were dirty. A big ugh.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:01 pm

alfa164 wrote:
I forgot to mention America West previously - probably because they were very forgettable, although I think my first flight on an Airbus was with them.
Speaking of which, MX was the first airline where I flew on an Airbus. Otherwise, with the odd exception of a domestic Airbus flight on LH, an Embraer on PTY-SJO last year, flying on a Lockheed L-1011 and two roundtrips and a one-way on Douglas aircraft (DC-10 and MD-11), fate wants me to fly Boeing most of the time, because: If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going (or so fate dictates me). :expressionless:
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:51 pm

Air Berlin: Flew one leg with them from TXL-ORD as part of an AAdvantage award ticket, A330-200. Service was fantastic, the flight attendants were very attentive and were up and down the aisles for beverage refills at least every 30-45 mins. Prob the best inflight service I have ever experienced. Seats were incredibly cramped though.

Northwest: My family lives in northern Minnesota so MSP and DLH are the two go to airports, MSP mainly because DLH was most often too expensive for the short 30 minute hop. Don't remember anything spectacular about the service and those blue seats were hideous. I did enjoy the ease of getting a domestic DC-10 flight. The old DTW terminal sucked. My clearest memory was being part of the Detroit snowpocalypse in 1999 - arrived on a DC-10 from MSP and sat on the tarmac for a solid 4 hours. IIRC NW sent me a ~$800 some odd check as part of that settlement. Funny enough my parents are still butthurt about the Delta merger and have sworn off Delta in favor of Southwest.

Continental: Flew them quite a bit during the Gordon Bethune era through IAH, CLE and EWR. I remember their service being amazing. Got bored of the endless 737 flights though, it was a refreshing change to get on a 757.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:07 pm

Can anyone tell me about any experiences on AirCal?
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:09 am

I've only had a couple of experiences with defunct airlines:
Air Berlin: Flew them from New York to Dusseldorf to Naples. Overall they were alright, above average for me at the time used to flying American economy which was far from good.

Estonian Air: Flew them once from Stockholm to Tallinn. Disappointing and expensive but still an interesting flight especially landing in Tallinn which is such a quaint little city it was lovely.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:05 am

Ansett I had flown them domestically for years ( was a Platinum flyer when they went bust) But the best flight was on one of the leased 743's they had in the fleet from SQ. It was the best international I had flown in a long time. Only draw back was they had the Brady Bunch movie as the main feature, Great airline that I wish was still around.

Fly Globalspan, small airline based out of Glasgow ( i will stand corrected) flew them a couple of times Glasgow -Prague , Great airline and friendly jovial staff.

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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:31 pm

Love this thread! Here are mine:

- PeoplExpress: Their EWR terminal had all of the charm and comfort of a garden shed. Will always remember the pay-on-board system. They were arguably the U.S.' first ULCC. You got what you paid for.

- Northwest: The old DTW terminal was threadbare and worn. Nothing special, but when their ops (especially DTW) got messed up, they really got messed up.

- TWA: They had their issues (especially at the end), but still...I miss this golden-age carrier. Still remember connecting at JFK. What an architectural marvel. Glad they saved it.

- Eastern: They lost my bag forever, and I only received a fraction of the amount needed to replace the items I lost. That experience made me realize that if my bag is ever lost again, I'm going to lie like a rug to get what I'm rightfully owed. It was also the first and only time I've ever seen a cockroach in the cabin. Needless to say, I don't have warm fuzzies about them.

- Swissair: After flying IR to THR & back to FRA, flying them from FRA to JFK (via ZRH) was like pure heaven. Excellent service, & I'll always remember loading up on the little Swiss chocolates they gave everyone.

- Continental: God, how I miss them! Miss the service. Miss the convenient & easy-to-transfer-in CLE hub. It's a shame that Smisek forgot how CO ran & treated its employees when he got the helm at UA. He must have been possessed by Glenn Tilton.

- PSA: Loved the service & those smiles on their planes said it all.

- ProAir: Spunky, little carrier that flew out of DET. Planes & service was good. Sad they didn't make it.

- Independence Air: Another spunky, little carrier flying out of IAD. Took them RT one Thanksgiving. Both flights were nonstops. On the outbound, they somehow managed to put my bag on the wrong flight to a different city, so I didn't get it till the next evening(!). Still, I was rooting for them, if for nothing else than to bring more competition to the skies.

- AirTran: Horribly, horribly late all the time & they canceled flights at the drop of a hat. Still, at least they had assigned seats & were more professional than WN (I know that's a very low bar).

- Piedmont: Solid carrier. The DAY hub was a breeze to connect through. A crying shame they were gobbled up by the horrid U.S. Airways.

- Midway (2nd iteration): Nothing memorable. RDU hub was good.

- America West: Loved the last-minute fares. Was proud they established a hub at my beloved CMH, and tried to support it as much as I could.

- Allegheny/USAir/U.S. Airways: To borrow someone else's line, a third-world airline for a first-world country. If you lived in the Great Lakes states in the 70s & 80s, they were basically the only option to the east coast. No FF program (at that time, while every other airline had one), junky planes, a PIT terminal that made a gas station men's room look like Shangri-La, and staff that were the absolute essence of the words "surly" and "uncaring." No matter what they called themselves, they'll always be Agony Airlines to me. After taking American Eagle flights from/to DCA this past weekend where the plane was like a flying oven (both ways!), I am sad to see the rotting, fetid ghosts of this horrid carrier are still alive & plaguing AA. They should salt the earth where anything from this carrier remains and hire a voodoo priestess to get rid of their evil spirits and a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:46 am

seat1a wrote:
Anyone with experiences on Braniff or North Central? Never had the pleasure.

My mother was a flight attendant for Braniff from 1961 to 1963. Well before I was born. Just to give you an idea of the service....a full meal was served on flights as short as 30 minutes, all meals...even in coach were served on white linen table cloths, the flight attendants all wore white gloves, and if you were lucky enough to fly in First Class you had a multi-course meal comparable to a five star restaurant. Yes, Braniff was top notch and renowned for their high level service.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:59 am

I'm based in DC and used Independence Air quite a lot out of IAD in the past. IAD-BUF-IAD and IAD-SAV-IAD. Cramped CRJ-200s for the most part (I am tall), I never flew their Airbus A319s (or where they 320s?). They did have slightly funny safety instruction audio recorded by a few political commentators. I also remember them handing out warm wet-wipes in the package on maybe half my flights.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:29 pm

I flew Jet Airways from Delhi (DEL) to Kolkata (CCU) flight 9W903 on the morning of Feb. 16, 2019. It was actually very fortunate that this flight actually flew, because the last several flights from DEL to CCU had been cancelled. I spent the night at the Holiday Inn inside DEL and was concerned that the flight might be cancelled due to the airline's financial woes, but it wasn't. When I came to the check-in desk, the lady kindly offered an upgrade to first class for a reasonable price, which I accepted. They served a very tasty omelet with fruit and other goodies for breakfast and the service was excellent in first class. The flight was on time, the aircraft was clean, and all the crew seemed very competent.

I'm really going to miss Jet Airways and it's a real shame they went under (yes, I know there is talk of them making a comeback, but I'll believe that only when I see it). I have flown them many times in India over the years and always had a good experience. The seats, even in economy class, were quite comfortable on the trips I flew that class and much better than those on Indigo Airlines (which I flew on the return trip from CCU to DEL).

I'm wondering what a good alternative to Jet is nowadays in India? Perhaps Vistara Airlines? Indigo generally gets you places on time in India (which is a big deal in and of itself in India!), but their planes are crowded and not very comfortable. I may give Vistara a try next time, we'll see.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:58 pm

My complete list:

Air Berlin: Friday, June 30, 2017, SZG-TXL, D-ABQD

I was kind of surprised not to get a beverage service onboard, but they did offer a small chocolate upon landing. We sat in the back, away from the vibrations of the engine. A perfectly lovely flight!

Aloha, in 2000 (HNL-ITO) and 2005 (HNL-ITO/ITO-HNL), N802AL, N808AL, N823AL

Honolulu-Hilo is probably the most scenic of all inter-island routes, and all of these were incredible. Small container of juice, and then it's time for landing!

America West: 2003, 2004, 2005, on A320's, A319's, and 757's.

Continental: 2002, 2009

Northwest: 2003, 2009

US Airways: 2002, 2013

All just fine. Nothing wrong with any of them; but also nothing that said, "wow!"

Saving the best for last:

TWA: Flew a TWA 707 MCI-LAX in 1975, and of all the flight we took on that itinerary, TWA felt the most like First Class. Stewardesses with white gloves handing an eight-year old boy a menu? WOW!

I flew them again in August, 1987, LAX-JFK, to add a 747 to my flight type. Not quite as service oriented as twelve years prior; however, I still remember breakfast being the best airline food I ever had. That record still holds true.

It was repeated again in August, 1996, when I flew LAX-STL (L1011), STL-TPA (M80), TPA-STL (M80), and STL-LAX (767-200). The L1011 was flying itself apart, but the original magnificence of the Lockheed product showed through. Even at that date, TWA's food was still better than anyone else's.

Breaks my heart thinking about its intentional demise.

Mexicana: In August, 1997, I did a home-study program in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. I flew an A320 on a red-eye, LAX-MLM, and had a lovely flight, complete with a sandwich. The blue and green design of Mexicana at that time was utterly fabulous. I came home on a Saturday, pleasantly surprised to find that my A320 was now XA-MEL, a 727-200. Somehow I knew this would be my last 727 ever - and it was. Great service on both segments!

And finally, my most missed: ExpressJet.

Oh, the joy of flying SAN-BFL, and visiting family without the never-ending traffic that is Los Angeles. The joy of a 42-minute flight versus 4+ hours on the road...

It only existed for one year, but it was SO worth it!! And it wasn't that much more than the cost of gas...

I keep hoping that Horizon will re-start this route, but given Bakersfield's intense desire to hide from the rest of the world like it was a city in northern Saskatchewan, I doubt it will ever return.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:04 pm

Well, in order keep the numbers acceptable I limited my list to defunct airlines that did not merge with other airlines.
I was surprised - even shocked - how many still make the list for me:

Pan Am
Flew them twice on the IGS (Internal German Services serving Berlin) my first flight ever on an A310 and later on their B 727-200.
Until today I still remember the rather grumpy cabin crews wearing really dirty uniforms. Never experienced dirty uniforms with any other airline since ...

Dan Air
Flew them a few times on their single IGS route TXL-SCN on their HS-748. Always cheery/friendly crews and enjoyed the full (cold) meal service.

Nothing particular noteworthy aside from a single flight I had on a FH227B (BRU-AMS). That type was a novelty in Europe.

Average experience. But consistent on all flights.

No service - nothing special but well, they had Dash-7´s which was my target at the time ...

(Sweden) Booked them because they flew Shorts SD3-60 ...

It was for me the only remaining chance to fly on a DC-8."Mission accomplished". No service/very tight seating but hey who cares on a 1h Swedish domestic flight (MMX-ARN) if it´s a DC-8 ...

Swedish domestic SAAB 340

Aero Lloyd
Had a few flights with them. Among those my only SE210 Caravelle flight ...

British Midland
Had one flight on their "Diamond Service" (AMS-LHR) Business Class only. Pretty good. Later flights (e.g. FRA-LHR vv.) in Y only but way above average overall experience.

Air Europe
Well, they had Shorts SD-3-30 ... Nothing noteworthy on a short flight ANR-LGW.

My only flight in a TU-134. Average service with good seat pitch.

Only one round-trip on their IGS FRA-TXL-FRA on a B727-100. Very good memories.
Really great crews on both flights who seemed to enjoy their job - something that´s rare unfortunately. For me a bit awkward experience to have the galley somewhere in the middle of the cabin (actually about 2/3 down the cabin) rather than at the front/rear ...

German Wings
Pretty good and comfortable service.
But that was to be expected from a Business Class only carrier.
MD-83 with full size business class seats in 2-2 config.
PW is not to be confused with the later Germanwings (4U / owned by LH).

Hamburg Airlines
Average regional carrier. Dash8-300.

BSF(Berliner Spezial Flug)
Small regional carrier initially with LET-410 and later Beech 1900D.

Dutch regional airline with Jetstream 31.

Air Exel
Dutch regional carrier (EMB-120)

Flew them only twice. First time on a B 757-200 and later in order to "score" the L1011-500.

Air Liberte
SXB-ORY Nothing to complain. Average.

Grumpy crews / chaotic OPS / not missing that airline on the market.

Cirrus Airlines
Nice regional carrier with diverse fleet. Had a few flights with Dash8-100 and Do 328. Good quality.

Good regional carrier with nice crews.

Sky Europe
Flew them STR-BTS on their EMB-120.
Noisy aircraft and destination was kind of obscure for me at the time being behind the iron curtain before ...

Tavrey Airlines
(IST-ODS) That was my successful attempt to fly on a YAK-42. Very tight seating - no service to speak of but hey it´s a YAK-42 ...

Aero Svit
Domestic ODS-KBP on a wet-leased ARP-410 AN-24. No service.

Up until now can´t figure out anything about this carrier. Flight was full (LET-410 with a very nice livery !). Noisy aircraft but i love the LET-410
If there´s anyone out there in the knowing - let me know what this carrier was about (background).
So far I could not find anything in the whole internet about them aside from a couple of photos.

Air Berlin
Pretty good value for money most of the time. Average quality if not better. In particular cabin crews were significantly friendlier that their competitors.

Air One
(Italy) Nothing to write home about. Less than average overall experience ...

My Air
Italian LCC in line with other LCC´s

Air Southwest
Pretty good British regional carrier.

Viva Macau
(CGK-MFM) Cheery crew on an almost empty B767-300 (maybe 30 pax only)...

Oasis Hong Kong
(HKG-LGW) My first flight ever on a 747 (B 747-400 in that case).

Nice little Austrian regional carrier. Average.

Batavia Air
My final flight on a B737-200. Crappy carrier but it was just a short flight on a filthy cabin with grumpy crew and not a single window that was not completely scratched over.

Monarch Airlines
Typical British holiday carrier with tight seat pitch BOB etc. but friendly crew.

Welcome Air
Austrian regional carrier. Average. Too small to survive ...

Average German tourist carrier. Nothing to applaude - nothing to complain.

British LCC. Somewhat worn out B 737-300 and not so cheery crew.

Estonian Air
(SAAB340 and CRJ-900) Serviceless flights. Unfriendly crews. Will not miss them.

Air Onix
Ukrainian carrier. No service but friendly crews. My final B737-500 flight it seems.
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:15 pm

I remember one rather scary flight with Pan Am when I was a kid, way back in the 1970‘s. This flight was from Pittsburgh to JFK in a Boeing 727. As we approached JFK, the pilot came on the PA and said that the light indicating the gear was down and locked did not come on. I‘m assuming this was for one of the 3 gear assemblies. At any rate, the pilot said he was going to fly near the tower so they could look up and make sure the gear was down! The controllers gave the pilot the go ahead to land, and we did so successfully, but I couldn‘t help noticing the emergency vehicles lined up alongside the runway as we landed and taxied to the gate!
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Re: Your experience on now defunct carriers

Sat Jun 15, 2019 12:25 am

I had a few flights with now defunct airlines. Interestingly enough, I had mostly one RT trip with most of them.

Tatra Air: Flew KSC - BTS - KSC with them. YAK40 there, Saab 340 back. The reason for the flight wasn't nice, but the flights were.
Canada 3000: YYZ - YVR - YYZ, first business trip in Canada. Nice experience, first 752 flight
Skyservice Airlines: YYZ - ANU - YYZ, my best business trip ever.
Harmony Airways: YYZ - YVR - YYZ, my only service call in Vancouver area done in one day. Very nice experience.
JetsGo: YYZ - YWG - YYZ, my only MD82 flights
Malev: YYZ - BUD - YYZ, My only 762ER flights.
CanJet: The only defunct airline I have 2 RT trips with. YYZ - POP - YYZ and YYZ - PTY - YYZ
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Helicopters Our large helicopter section. Both military and civil versions

Blimps / Airships Everything from the Goodyear blimp to the Zeppelin

Night Photos Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon

Accidents Accident, incident and crash related photos

Air to Air Photos taken by airborne photographers of airborne aircraft

Special Paint Schemes Aircraft painted in beautiful and original liveries

Airport Overviews Airport overviews from the air or ground

Tails and Winglets Tail and Winglet closeups with beautiful airline logos