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Covid-19 trip.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 7:54 pm
by tomaheath
Just curious if anyone has taken a flight in the past month or so just to experience the empty airports and flights?

Re: Covid-19 trip.

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 7:52 am
I only took necessary flights, but I can't deny that I was pretty curious about the empty airports and flights when I did. Needless to say, hanging around in completely empty and shut down airports very quickly becomes boring. Airlines quickly cut flights to suit demand, so the few remaining are pretty much full again.

Re: Covid-19 trip.

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 8:42 pm
I flew to Mexico on March 20 with American from Orlando with connection in Dallas, that is with almost a dozen flight changes or cancellations with Delta as my initial carrier. After I realized that Delta was too risky with all their cuts I bought a ticket with American as in return I was going to fly them. American was about 20% occupancy on both legs, was surprised that a snack and drinks were offered and flights were nice even though they were delayed.

On the way back I actually changed cities and American was easy about and flew out April 8. About 20% out of SLP, and I did have issues in Dallas. 45 minutes thru immigration and another 45 minutes thru TSA so I missed my flight to Orlando by 10 minutes, TSA was only one lane open so everyone coming out of immigration could have only used security in Terminal D correct? In Dallas I did see some kind of security detail do temp checks on flights from big hot spots like New York. The flight left with 6 people on A321 as I were the 7th and they didn’t wait for me. Got on the next flight and maybe 10% loaded and both flights no snack or drinks. Also we waited 35 minutes on tarmac in Dallas to depart as the line for just the one departing runway was over 25 aircraft long!

Now comes the gripe with Delta. So after so many changes I tried to cancel and get a credit, but couldn’t online and no way on the phone with the hold times. So I emailed them, I got an email back just 2 weeks ago that they gave me an ecredit for $135. So I tried to use it but it says zero value. I tried calling and either they hung up or 4.5 hour wait time. In the mean time the ticket went from $221 to $341 one way SRQ to ORD. I was hoping to hop on one of the last MD-80 flights! But I can’t blow that kind of money with being unemployed for 5 weeks. Ultimately I bought my second option Frontier flight with a connection in MCO.

Now when I called AA in Mexico I only waited 30 minutes on the phone and easily changed date/city and got a remainder credit, also the website flight changes were easier. So definitely disappointed that Delta still has issues, and I’m guessing more so with having cancelled so many more flights then other carriers. Now from that trip and another cancelled one to Chicago I have 4 airline vouchers lol.