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Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:44 am


All of us that have been travelling surely have one of those moments that you think you can get your flight but then...woops, I missed my flight!!!
I had one of those almost hilarious moments back to 1981. I was in BRU trying to change my next day flight and during those days airlines were very kind to help you on that, so suddenly I had AF and IB trying to get the best connection to LIS. IB guy soon said that he didn't have any chance, but AF gave me a chance to fly "Stand-by" from BRU to CDG, then connect by bus from CDG to ORY and pick TP flight. I agreed - it looked pretty wild and intense, and I was looking forward to that!!! - and after two flights that I didn't get a place I finnally boarded an SN flight that would take me to CDG. When we were taking-off I started to make my account, I had around 50 minutes flight to CDG, then I had around 1:15 minutes to transit by bus to ORY and get my TP flight.
The flight went well, we arrived on time, I picked right away the bus and we actually did great over the Periferic, our bus driver was pretty wild...and fast too!!! So I get to ORY with 15 minutes, I went all way to TP counter saying that I was supposed to be in that TP flight, the lady there just said to run through the passport check ( it was amazing that I passed some dozens of people, no one complaint, the passport police controller gave me the stamp really fast too ) and get to my gate...well the problem was that my gate was so far away that when I got there my TP 727-200 was already doing pushback and I simply looked to the plane that I was missing and had to say "bye-bye"!!!
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:27 pm

I missed a flight once in ORD. I was on the early AM flight to ELP. They changed gates and I never heard the change. It was only a few gates difference, but when I realized boarding never started (and it was STD), I looked at the monitor. The new flight was not ELP but somewhere else. I missed the flight, cooped to the error, and AA just re booked me no hassle.

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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 9:06 pm

I missed my LGA-CLT flight on the second week of my classes with the carrier I am now with. I missed checkin by like 2 minutes because they closed the flight early. I would not have been late except for the fact that I did not turn the volume on my phones alarm up before bed. No biggie, I grabbed the very next flight and made it only 10 minutes late to indoctrine.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:22 pm

I actually only have one missed flight story, but it was QUITE an experience!!

In August, 2002, I was flying EWR-ORD-SAN, with a scheduled 3½ hour layover at ORD. What the heck - it saved a lot of money, AND would give me time just in case there was a delay at EWR...

Which there was...

Upon checking in and hearing the almost comical argument between two female African-American AAgents:

"I TOLD you I needed those Santo Domingo passengers right away - now they're all late and it's your fault!!"

which gave the response:

"Well, then, you should have TOLD me you needed them so I could SEND them to you!!"

Gotta love the New York area.

My flight to Chicago was scheduled as "on time"...yet five minutes before scheduled departure time, no plane at the gate, no agent at the gate, and no word.

Finally, it was announced there would be a one hour mechanical delay...which turned into an hour and a half. Finally, it was announced that there would be a gate change, as the outgoing flight would be departing from the incoming flight.

With this being less than a year post-9/11, there were still "additional security screeners" at every gate. Except ours. When it came time to board, the poor agent kept politely paging throughout the airport, "security screeners needed at gate XX immediately, PLEASE!!"

The crowd quietly laughed. I mean, what else are you going to do?

FINALLY, we boarded the plane!! We got ourselves on in record time, seated, stowed, ready...

And nothing. The Captain announced, "well, folks, we'd sure like to get underway, but it seems the tug operators have decided to move the disabled plane first, and so we'll have to wait until they're finished".

Groans from the cabin.

After moving one F100, ours finally got pushed back from the gate. Now we joined the line of about 30 aircraft to take-off. After take-off, we took a northerly route over Canada and arrived in Chicago almost exactly 3½ hours late.

Only one passenger had the chance to make his connection, and that was me. I was allowed to be the first person off the plane, and I ran as fast as I could to my connecting gate...

Only to see the MD80 pushing away. "Oh well" I thought. "My luggage wouldn't have made it anyway!!"

I checked the monitor for the next flight to San Diego and discovered there was a flight leaving in less than two hours. I made my way over to that gate and was second in line, behind a man arguing with the agent. When they were done, she looked tired and annoyed but asked politely, "may I help you sir?"

I smiled and said, "I certainly hope so! I've missed my connection due to being delayed at Newark - can you help me get home?"

She smiled and asked why I missed the connection. I told her the whole affair and how we couldn't do anything but giggle after a certain point.

"So, is there a seat on the next flight to San Diego?" I asked. She looked it up in her computer.

"Well" she said a bit discouragingly, "it's a crowded flight, but I think I can squeeze you in".

My mind immediately pictured being the back row of the MD80 on the right side, in a non-reclining middle seat. But hey, for what I paid? I can't complain! I was just glad not to be stuck in Chicago!!

Then I saw the boarding pass printed out - seat 6E. "Dang, that's awfully far forward...OMG!! I'm being upgraded to first class!!" I thought.

"You're flying first class" the agent replied very officially. My head was spinning!! Then she printed out one more thing - it was a $15 voucher for food. "Go have dinner on us". She smiled. I was in heaven!!

"Thank you SO much!!" I enthusiastically replied.

The flight to San Diego was terrific, and I was home safe and sound.

The moral of this story is: always get behind an arguing customer and be the COMPLETE opposite of that person!! You never know what might await you...
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:30 pm

Perhaps I'm lucky, but so far *touch wood* I have never actually missed a flight that I didn't plan to. There have been a few that I've not taken; plans changed and the like, but nothing actually missed. Had a few close ones though;

Flying out of ZRH to BHX with a change in AMS; the KL F100 went tits up on arrival at ZRH, (as had the previous two or three KL F100s I'd been scheduled to fly on) so I was re-booked on a Swiss RJ100... which was then late. From touchdown to wheels up I did the connection at AMS in about 45 minutes - which included me legging it through the terminal, my bags though didn't and arrived a few days later by courier.

The most recent time was last summer; the day after the UK had virtually shut down it's air operations after the terror alert. I'd just come from LYR, I had been in a tent for the previous five days and had absolutely no idea what was going on, except that every flight from OSL to the UK was cancelled and there were several texts from family waiting asking me where I was an if I was coming home as planned? Well, first flight to AMS no problem, then the KL F100 I was due to fly on to BRS went tech (notice a pattern here...) so I was put on the CWL flight instead... upgraded to biz which was nice, but once disembarked at CWL it left me with just over an hour to get from Cardiff to Bristol. Several times I asked if it was possible to get a taxi arranged... no luck, (there's me in worn jeans and a T shirt, typical scruffy student attire) so I digged around for that C class boarding stub, my FF card and tried again, asking them to phone KLM and ask! Well, the lady said it wouldn't get me anywhere, but I had to try, and sure enough after a conversation with someone from KLM she rather sheepishly said, 'taxi will be at the front of the terminal in 2 minutes sir'. Excellent! I explained to the driver and he said he'd do his best, sure enough he blasted it all the way; airport to airport in 55 minutes... arriving at 20:00 for my next flight to PLH which closed at 20:05. Gave him a good tip for that, but yet again the luggage hadn't make it though, but I was happy to be home!

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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:47 pm

I have an absolutely pathological fear of missing planes - I have no idea why though. The only plane I've actually missed was a military charter flight from Ondangwa, a SAAF base northern Namibia to Waterkloof, near Pretoria in S.A.. I was due to return to "the States" just before Christmas after 6 months at Ondangwa (which I'd hated) - this was during my national service, in 1986, while the Namibian independence thing was still going on. Anyway, had a VERY good farewell party the night before, and overslept - the flight was due out at 07:00, I missed it by 10 minutes, got to the movements hangar as the L100 was pulling out onto the runway. FUCK FUCK FUCK !

It was 23rd December, two days to Christmas, how was I supposed to get home ? The corporal at movements was actually a really nice guy, he asks me "have you got any civvies you could put on?"
- Yes, I have some shorts and a t-shirt somewhere, why ?
- There a civvie flight going to Jan Smuts this afternoon, but you can't go in uniform, you have to go in civvies.
- Fine, no sweat.

(The flights were operated by Safair, a civilian carrier, transporting troops, cargo, mail and civilians between South Africa and military bases in Namibia - to avoid being put under sanctions, officially the flights were only ever cargo and civilian passenger flights, and so Safair couldn't have military personnel in uniform seen arriving off one of their aircraft at Jan Smuts. The airbases were SA Czech Airlines">OK, no chance of being seen, but Jan Smuts is a civilian airport)

So I board another L100 full of civilians going back to SA - the flight routes Ondangwa-Rundu-Mpacha-Jan Smuts (Johannesburg) - it took over 6 hours, stopping off at each base to pick up more pax, I'm in shorts and t-shirt, the back of the flossie is FREEEZING cold, but we get there eventually around 19:00, and my dad was there to pick me up.

I've not missed a flight since then, but the very idea gives me the complete heebies - I come over all "Rain Man"  Smile
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Sat Nov 17, 2007 3:25 am

I have only missed a flight because I was never told that I was booked on it in the first place! True!
Just a few years ago I travelled to CMH for a very important event and my return to LAX was booked as America West express flights from CMH-DFW-PHX-LAX. As I love RJs I had planned this, the aircraft were to have been a ERJ145, CR7 and CR9 in that order. Unfortunately I was not informed that America West was closing its CMH hub and the ERJ's were leaving the fleet.
I arrived at CMH in plenty of time to catch my booked flight but it no longer existed. Seems I had been rebooked on an American Eagle flight that was due to depart in just 20 minutes or 2 and a half hours earlier than what I had booked. I was taken to AA to see what they could do and tried to get me to DFW to catch my connection. With no chance of that happening, they tried to connect in PHX but that also was not going to work. I then said that I had to catch an Air New Zealand flight out of LAX that night and I had to get that one. American then booked me to STL and LAX on an MD-83 and 757. As it turned out I was a bit lucky with those as they were TWA flights that were soon merged into AA. The MD83 was already unpainted into the AA livery but the 757 was still in full TWA colours. I even pinched a safety card that said TWA by American Airlines. I don't know if it was rare but none the less I have that.
In the end I had about 3 hours to connect in LAX and flew home on the 744 and then a 733 from AKL to SYD, my first overseas flight on a 737!
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:04 pm

I missed one flight at KIN.

A bit of background, I was working at an alumina plant in up-country Jamaica and was travelling back to KIN through a heavy rainstorm. Bombed down the toll road no problems then hit Marcus Garvey Drive. Apparently since the toll road was built this road has had problems as the toll road drains onto it. we were up to our axles in water, only got through because the driver drove with his ofside wheels on the central reservation to keep the tail pipe out of the water.

I got to the airport and had to go to the ticket desk as I'd rebooked, that took about 20 minutes do get the sticker and say goodbye to US$50. Then I run into the check in hall. Two massive queues, one for JFK (my flight) and one for FLL. No signs saying which. I wait for about 20 minutes then I finally snag a JM agent and ask him if I was in the right queue for JFK. Sods law strikes as i was in the FLL queue.

I wait in the JFK queue and get to the front. I was getting worried as this American couple had got into a shouting match with the supervisor who was telling them that they were behind the cut off point - which was me. Apparently the check in closes 1 hour before due to Thousands Standing Aimlessly regulations. There are about three people in front of me when they call the FLL pax onto the JFK counters while the supervisor started rebooking people.

I told her what happened, asking if they had overbooked, and was told "no the plane has gone with 8 spaces left" (it was still showing on the monitors as checking in). She did let me off the $50 rebooking fee and recommended a hotel and told me "Ok you're checked in, you don't need to show up early" (good job I did, she was wrong) I ended up on the flight the following morning.

I was already badly delayed due to problems in Jamaica and the folks back at base decided to join the Jamaica trip and my next trip and get me to deal with a few other issues in the States so a simple ZRH- JFK - KIN and back trip ended up as:

ZRH - JFK (LX, A330)
JFK -KIN (JM, A340)
KIN- JFK (JM, A340)
KFK - ALB (Amtrak)
ALB - DCA (US, first trip on E170)
MOB - ATL - JFK (DL MD80, CRJ and of course SSSS - DL hate me)
JFK - ANC - TPE (CI, 744 in C)
HUN- TPE (EF - MD82)
TPE - HKG (CX - A330 - wonder if Zeke was driving)
HKG - ZRH (LX, A340)

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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:18 pm

I missed my flight once. My first flight as a non-revenue passenger. Flight from CMH to DCA flight on America West. I was at the gate on time but I didn't really pay attention to time. I wandered around the concourse for few minutes. When I returned to the gate, I noticed my plane had already pushed back from the gate. I was to fly back on the same plane from DCA to CMH later that day. of the Future
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:30 am

I missed two flights:

VIE-FRA the 7am departure. Only got in from SVO the night before, too many beers in Vienna, and I simply slept through it.

VIE-MUC. Arrived from SVO with a Very Important Client in tow. Arrived in VIE, decided to head to Brahms & Liszt, a small, smoky restaurant half-way along the C-Pier. Powered through a superb Wiener Schnitzel, plus some gespritzter Apfelsaft (apple juice & sodawater mix) and got talking to my client. So much so, that we missed our flight. Embarrased, we headed to the transit counter. Client was flying C-Class, so rebooking on next flight was free, but I had to pay EUR130 for the priviledge.

SVO-VIE: Here is an almost-missed flight: Moscow Feb 2002, winter, plenty of snow. Had my driver collect me from home which on a good run would only take 30 min to get to SVO. This being a week-day and traffic being 'bad' according to my driver, we allowed 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport, plus the requisite two hours there. Let's just put it this way: Moscow was a giant carpark that day. Nothing moved. When it looked like I might miss my flight, I rang OS town office, who informed the airport of my predicament. Once we turned onto the airport drive, check-in was already closed. Indeed, the OS desks were now occupied by another airline. I by chance spotted the OS rep, explained my predicament - he turned and took me to Air France check-in, asked them to process me, issue me a boarding pass and then he suggested I hurry. Well, passport control was strangely emply, and the security screening at the gate was also very quiet (since at that stage, the flight should have taken off ). I took my seat, surveyed the nearly full A321, and waited. And waited. Another 15 min passed and three more harried-looking pax took their seats. We made VIE on time, and amazingly, so did my luggage. I've had a few more close shaves like that in SVO, but more like 45 min to spare once I arrived at the airport.

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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:35 pm

My missed flight experience was not funny at the time (but I have a good laugh about it when suitably drunk). It started out as a flight from BHX-FRA carrying an engine part for an aircraft which was was U/S in DUS. There were no flights out to DUS that afternoon so it was decided to get to FRA and the Airline would tranship the part themselves. While one driver collected the part from the manufacturer I made my way to BHX to collect the ticket.
Problem number one came when the case had to be sent through the x-ray machine. 1 x wooden case at about 27 Kgs when the security guys in the terminal are not used to scanning through wood. I then got held up going through security (pre 9-11) and ended up running to the departure gate to be the last passenger to board. As I took my seat you could feel everyone else looking to see who had made the flight depart late. I ended up between your typical granny (about 70 getting ready to read her magazine) and a businessman who was just itching to get his laptop open and carry on working.
The weather was on the borderline for a cross wind for the take off and myself and granny had a great laugh when the businessman started gripping the arm-rests and begining to sweat rather profusely. We had a bumpy journey (which did not bother either of us) but he was getting more flustered by the minute. We arrived in FRA on time and I set off to find the Airline rep to hand the engine part over to. Problem number two came when there was no sign of him. And more importantly no sign of my baggage (being the engine part). By the time I had finished having a call placed for him via the tannoy and completed the missing baggage declaration I was running seriously late for the flight back to BHX. I raced through check in and security to get to the gate and see the flight just having pushed back. Problem number three came because that was the last flight of the night back to BHX. I ended up speaking to the manager on the check in desks and got the ticket changed (without fee) to end up at LHR at about 2300 hrs that night.

I then had to spend another two hours waiting for a coach connection back to BHX to arrive back in my pit at about five in the morning. I still managed to get to the office for nine o'clock to speak to the shipper about what had happened. It turned out the the local agent for the Airline had met my flight on the ramp and taken control of the box and transferred it to a positioning flight to DUS. He got an almighty rocket for that due to security considerations and the messing about which entailed for me. I made sure that a letter went out to the Airline pointing out what had happened and making sure that the correct back slaps were issued to those who had helped me and the rightfull slapped wrists for those who had caused the problem in the first place.

I have not done a hand carry since.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:42 pm

So this one was really my mistake. (Well, I could blame it on TK :P ) So I had gone to Turkey for christmas, and my parents live in Bodrum, and its always a hassle during christmas because there are like 2 flights a day from BJV-IST. So on my way home back to the states, I had a flight that left BJV at what I thought was 9:00. So I checked in that morning, got my seats and my boarding pass, and proceeded along with the day. My father kept asking me what time my flight was, and I kept saying 9, 9, 9 and he kept asking if I was sure. I never once looked at my boarding pass. So we start going to the airport around 8:00 and so we get to the airport and notice no plane is there (lol this is so sad) so he's like, are you sure its at 9?? And so I said, I'm pretty sure, and took out my boarding pass and sure enough it was at 8:00!!!! Oh it was so hilarious. So then my dad ended up having to drive me to Izmir (ADB) to catch the 5 am flight to IST!!
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:58 pm

I did miss one back a few years ago. CHA-ATL-TUS for the Christmas holidays and overslept, missing my 0600 flight. DL bounced me around on standby (CHA-CVG-SLC-TUS) but got me here around 2100 local. My Dad also missed his flight once-traveling on business from CHA to TUS, he nodded off in the departure lounge and the flight left without him! He rebooked on a flight the next day as no other flights from CHA that day would be able to connect with a flight to TUS. Rathar than get stranded down line, it was preferrable to lay over an additional night at CHA.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:29 am

Thanks God actually this situation never happened to me. I always try to plan my trip in order to have reasonable connections and avoiding, as much as possible, short transits. Both for the fear of losing conx than losing my baggage.
However I had a couple of last-miute boarding really at the limit!

First was on a flight LIN to FCO with AZ. LIN airport early in the morning is packed with businessmen traveling form Milan to Rome. My flight was at 07.15 and when I went through security the line was soooo long that I thought "OK, I'll never make it" and was ready to get next one.
Luckily my gate was close to the security checks and I was able to get on the plane some 15 Mins before flight STD. I was the last person to board on a terribly crowded A321.

Next time happened coming back from my US travel last summer. The BA flight from DEN to LHR was about 1 hour late due to LAA of our triple 7 from LHR (incidentally also my flight from LHR to DEN 15 days before was late of an hour due to a baggage search...) so I had exactly 1 hour and 10 mins for transfer in LHR. The check-in agent in DEN said to me "You'll probably have to hurry in LHR but you can make it". I was afraid both for me than for my baggage.
When we landed in LHR and Captain came in the PA saying that airport (as always) was congested and we were assigned to a remote stand I thought I'd never make it.
However I was able to get my conx flight to MXP which also was 30 mins late and my baggage arrived with me at MXP.

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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Tue Nov 27, 2007 5:06 pm

About 12 years ago. Our first leisure trip to HNL on NW. We were on UA - MCI - SFO via DEN, of course. Foggy that morning in SFO. Ground delay in DEN. Ran full speed to the NW gate at SFO just to see our NW DC-10-30 on push back from the jet way!!! Crushed. Happy ending. . . thanks to NW. The NW agent must have seen our extreme disappointment. It took her a while on the system. Not sure what she did, but she typed and typed. . . and then smiled as she told us she had booked us on a DL flight - L1011, leaving in a couple of hours. No extra charge. We lucked out and I will always be grateful to that agent and NW!
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:00 pm

I missed a few flights, so far none were my fault though so I don't know if that counts, but oh well....

I flew with DE from FRA - YVR last summer and the flight was delayed so I missed my AC cnx to YLW and had to get rebooked with AC to YYF as the other YLW flights were sold out for that day.

I flew with EW from DUS - AMS about 12 years back. It was just before Christmas and there was a nasty snow storm outside. Anyway, I got to the airport a few hours early to see if EW could put my on an earlier flight to AMS (because of the weather) so I wouldn't miss my cnx to YVR. The EW check-in agent told me not to worry, I won't miss my flight to YVR and there is no need to take an earlier flight. Sure, whatever. About half an hour later, the dislplay board at the board came alive and showed all the flights either delayed or cancelled. Including the earlier flight to AMS which was delayed by one hour (my flight wasn't even on the board yet). I went back to the ticket agent and asked again if he could put me on the earlier flight since that one is already delayed. He told me not to worry, the weather will clear up and everything will be fine. Fair enough, I didn't feel like arguing. Anyway, my flight was delayed by 3 hours, missed my cnx to YVR so KLM had to re book me for the next day through LHR and pay for the hotel of course.

About 5 years later, I had a similar experience happen but this time with LH. I got to DUS extra early and went to check in, the agent told me that there was quite a snowstorm in FRA and they would appreciate it if I would take an earlier flight so I wouldn't miss my cnx to YVR. I was OK with that, so they rushed me to the gate since it was only 15 minutes before departure time. I just sat down when a group of LH employees came into the area and the captain came down the jetway. He got to the gate and informed us that the flight was delayed for 4 hours at least. Thats when the LH staff came around and asked everyone where it is they were going to, gave us a piece of paper and gift certificate, sent us off to the counter and were rebooked in under 15 minutes.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:12 pm

I missed only two flights in my whole life.

First, an Iberia flight from BCN-MAD when I was 20 years old. I didn't heard the alarm of my clock and when I woke up, my flight were ready for boarding all the passengers... and my house were, at least, at one hour driving from the airport...

Second, due problems at the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anullare) at Rome. I can say that I departed from my hotel 3 hours before the departure of my flight but an accident with dead people had collapsed all the road, in any direction.


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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:40 am

Last time I missed a fligth was due to my thinking I was leaving out of SLC instead of LAS, since Im so used to taking the SLC-EWR redeye on CO. This was in 2005 a day or two after the massive sold-out Judas Priest/Queensryche show. My party had just finished dinner at Il Fornaio in the NYNY Hotel/Casino and we made our way to the airport. We walked in and to our shock, saw the EWR fredeye listed as "Departed". Oh LORDY, thank heavens the CO staff rerouted us through IAH on the flight that was leaving an hour later.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:49 am

I never missed a flight, but almost did about 14 years ago. My mother was held up by Costa Rican immigration because she apparently didn't pay for the departure tax (which IMO should be charged with the ticket, not separately at some counter). The bastards made her cry, and made her feel like a criminal because of this. I've never seen my mother this upset. Fortunately, my grandfather, who was head of the National Police back then, helped sort things out through his connections, and we arrived at the gate just 20 seconds before they closed the doors. We had to run like crazy once my mother was released by immigration just to get there in time, and SJO isn't even a big airport, but nonetheless, we had to run because time was running out, yet we still made it.

Back then I was just 10 years old, but the memory of that is still so vivid, that to this day I still want to know who the people responsible were to chew them out for it.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:06 am

I booked my dad on a flight, it happened to be for the previous day! That would have got him to the next tier status too.. Apparently he arrived at the airport and was told it was for the day before haha lucky it was a short-ish flight so he drove the 5 hrs instead.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:20 am

Haven't missed a flight since yesterday Big grin

Took 1:45 to get from home to the airport in YYC (I live about 4 km from the airport, maybe 8km from the terminal), as the roads were just jammed all morning due to snow overnight. This was for an 11:00 am flight as well!
With the growth in YYC, the roads just can't be built fast enough, and rush hour barely works on nice days.

No big deal - WS was not charging change fees due to the weather I guess (I know I was not the only one in line in the same situation), so I went on a later flight.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:37 am

Quoting BE77 (Reply 20):
Haven't missed a flight since yesterday Big grin

LOL......... that was a good one........
I have never missed a flight but have mis-conned a few gadzillion times.
Get to the airport early and you will be ok.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:40 pm

Quoting N710PS (Reply 2):
made it only 10 minutes late to indoctrine.

Only 10 minutes is enought to be sent home and not invited back at every airline I've been to training with.

I've never missed an originating flight. I've missed plenty of connections due to WX, MX , and ATC delays. I also missed a connection in IST when my company did not schedule enough time to clear immigration, customs, reclaim bags, change to the domestic terminal (yuck) pick up and pay for paper tickets, and recheck in on the new flight. They sometimes use this shady consolidator and I have had so many problems on flights he's "booked" resulting in missed flights on several occasions.
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RE: Woops, I Missed My Flight, Your Experiences!

Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:14 pm

I had a really early flight a few years back DUB-BRS. I set the alarm for 4am and when it went off I just said im too tired and went back to bed . Sometimes things are not worth it . I lost my ticket but it only cost around $85 so I needed my sleep more .  Big grin

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