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Your Turbulent Flights Log

Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:11 pm

Just curious who had the worst turbulent flights among A.netters. I need the name of airline, type of aircraft, routing, approximate location of the turbulence, year or decade of your flight.

For our discussions, we will classify turbulence into 4 types: MILD----every flyer experiences this as this are mild bumps felt when we pass through thick clouds or if there are weather inclements. MODERATE-----when your drinks start to spill or people start to vomit, aircraft dropping suddenly like a roller coaster. SEVERE-----people will hit the ceiling if no seatbelts on, people will be screaming. EXTREME----aircraft with damage requiring an emergency landing.

I've had moderate turbulences and the worst one:

IranAir IR 707-320C Peking-Tehran in 1982 over the Himalayas, aircraft just kept on dropping like a roller coaster with the wings swaying violently. Scared me to death beacuse the Himalayan peaks seem to be so close to us. The funny thing is that the seatbelts sign just kept on blinking but no pilot announcements whatever.
I will post the others next time.

Thaks for posting.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:38 pm

I quite like turbulence, unless it goes on for hours and hours. No way could I classify all of my flight, so I'll just list the ones I remember the most;


LGW-HKG(-LGW); 8th June 2006 on an Oasis Hong Kong B747-400

Constant bumps, seat belt signs on and off throughout the entire flight. At first the sudden drops were good fun, but after six or seven hours of pretty much constant buffeting it just got incredibly annoying. The return on the 25th of June was probably worse in fact.


PLH-BRS; 28th February 2006 on an Air Southwest Dash 8-300

I'd been at home laid up on medical orders for a month after damaging my ribs, so decided to fly back to college as it would be quicker and avoid sitting being bounced around on a train for hours. Flew straight into a large storm after take off, which broke just minutes after we became airborne, at 8000ft cruise the plane was tossed around pretty well in the large thunderheads.

BRS-PLH; various occasions on Air Southwest Dash 8-300s

Once you hear the announcement in the cabin that the weather is bad at PLH and that a divert to NQY may be required then you know the flight is going to be fun and the descent rough to say the least. A couple of times during 2005/6 in particular some large storms had swung in off the Atlantic and were making conditions interesting in the South West, but on all occasions the guys up front got the plane down safely first time around. Very rough approaches where you are tossed all over the place and thrown about, with one landing coming uncomfortably close to the edge of the runway.

SEVERE - Luckily the worst I have experienced, I don't really fancy getting to the stage when bits are breaking off the aircraft!

BCN-MAH; Sometime in Winter 2004/2005 on an Air Nostrum Dash 8-Q315

Got to BCN from LHR to be told that Mahon was closed due to bad weather and that all flights had been cancelled. Indeed, there were 300 annoyed passengers wanting to get on a couple of MD87s and a Spanair B717, so I was surprised when I eventually found someone to ask that my flight was actually flying, in a Dash 8. Right after take off you began to feel like a jelly, although things momentarily got better in cruise, before the roughest descent and approach I have ever had. Captain announced that he would do his best, but that winds were reaching 100mph (I did wonder if he meant kmph - but from weather reports the next day it would appear he was right!). Ducked and dived all the way in, at such a skew one moment that passengers on the left could clearly see the runway, then the next all you could see was dark sky or the rough sea pounding below, before dropping onto the tarmac about half way down and stopping in just a few hundred feet. The island was really battered for several days by high winds (a Traumontana), it was even snowing as I got off the plane!

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:53 pm

Worst turbulence ever (I think it was severe turbulence): it was on a AF A343, from MIA to CDG, in 1995, I was 11; I think I will remember this flight all my life; we left MIA 2 hours ago, we went through "light" turbulence, and suddenly, the a/c dived twice, and I fainted (!); a lot of people in the a/c thought the a/c was going to crash.

Also, on a AF A320 from CDG to VCE, in April 2005: during descent to VCE, we hit some moderate turbulence due to a heavy thunderstorm (the clouds were so dark!); but nothing to compare with the MIA-CDG flight.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:50 am

According to your classification I seem to have experienced severe turbulence.

It was one night in November 2001 (I think), Jeddah-Abha on a Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A300-600. We were delayed over an hour boarding due to weather, then sat on the tarmac near the runway for over an hour as a colossal storm thundered and flashed overhead. Finally we took off and the plane didn't seem able to climb rapidly or maintain altitude. It was the proverbial rollercoaster ride and it just got worse.

Twice it felt as if the plane had gone over the edge of a cliff and we fell over 10,000ft (according to the flight monitors still playing). People were screaming and praying out loud.

When we landed some passengers were taken off on stretchers, the co pilot looked as white as a sheet and many of the cabin crew annouced openly that that was the last time they'd fly. It was nearly the same for me except I organised a flight in the cockpit on the way help me overcome my fear of flying.  Wink

Ps: The aircraft was grouned for 4 days in Abha for inspection.
and with that..cabin crew, seats for landing please.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:57 am

Quoting AirAmericaC46 (Thread starter):
MODERATE-----when your drinks start to spill or people start to vomit, aircraft dropping suddenly like a roller coaster.

I did nearly 1800 flights in my life and THANK GOD I "only" got into moderate turbulence max.... Location? well, cant remember all of them, but usually over mountainous terrain or during approach with gusty winds... Or over the northern Atlantic with all the jet-streams up there...

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:15 pm

UA 767 from LAX-JFK in July of 2004.

We were somewhere over the Rockies during beverage service when suddenly the plane just dropped. I remembered seeing every ones drink go up.........and then go down. A couple of the flight attendants were hurt when the carts came loose and took out their legs. I would say about 30% of the bins popped open with a few bags popping out. Almost all of us walked off that flight with drink stains all over us.

I was listening to Channel 9 at that time and I recall the pilot, in a hurried voice telling ATC that we are climbing immediately ...

very scary.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:09 pm

I tend to experience the lower end of MODERATE over Nova Scotia either outbound or inbound from the Atlantic Ocean during Fall and Winter. We rock and roll for a bit, but folks aren't losing their footing and a steady hand usually keeps your drink safe if it's less then half-full.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:18 pm

Only turbulence of any note I've encountered was trans pacific in an A332. During December 07 we had a rough decent into PDX over SW Washington, the plane was dropping and rising frequently. Once we got down into PDX we had a bouncy and "crabby" crosswind landing that made some passengers look really nervous. I had seen film of such landings on many occasions so I knew it was normal. My seatmate said it was the worst landing he'd ever been in so I explained to him that you had to land like that in a crosswind.

On the way back to NRT a week later the pilot announced shortly after ascent out of PDX that there were clear air turbulence warnings north of Japan and that he would leave the seat belt sign on for much of the flight, stay in your seats etc. Sure enough, when we were off the Kamchatka peninsula, the seat belt sign went on and we started hitting pockets of moderate turbulence. Luckily there were no drinks out at that time. At one point, the flight attendants had to stagger for their seats. The plane started dropping and climbing suddenly and also rolling from side to side. I knew I was safe but the plane really felt out of control. The pilots kept speeding up and slowing down. It was the only time I've ever encountered rolling during turbulence. Has anyone else encountered pronounced rolls in addition to altitude changes?
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 8:15 pm

over 400 Flight 3 times moderate turbulence...

January 1982 from HNL to LAX Middle of Pacific the B747 from AA was rocking big time drink were spilling all over... stewardess was saying that on a smaller plane everyone lunch would be on the ceiling  Smile

August 1985 YUL-BOS B757 from Delta Turbulance was so rought that the food cart dislodge itself and went down the allay by itself... sweardess were screeming... the Pilot tooked the plane down on purpose... nose dive to get out of it everyone was scare with on the plane and pretty happy to get off the plane...

Dash 8 AC From YUL-YQB april 2002 so Rocky that if would have coffee... would spill on my white shirt... the 20 yrs old stewardess was dead scared..,.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:24 pm

XJ flight from HIB to MSP back in summer 2001 on a Saab. We initially were on a ground hold because of thunderstorms covering half the state. After that lifted, we took of which the first 10-15 minutes of flight was fine. Captain came on and said there was a huge cell ahead of us, they were going to fly around it as best they could. I had a bottle of pop in my lap and the first bit of turbulence sent it right to the ceiling! Just like that, it went flying right up and us down. We had quite the hairy ride for about 15 minutes or so. There was a guy sitting across the aisle from me, nice suit and tie, had a white knuckle grip on the arm rests and was dripping wet in sweat when we landed. I couldn't help but chuckle as I actually had quite a bit of fun. Even the f/a looked a little pale when we landed. The best flight of my life!!
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:38 pm

Working DTW-ROC. The flight from hell. The jetbridge in DTW broke, would only move in on direction, delayed an hour because of that. Comp the liquor and at cruise. Serving the passengers, light load, maybe 17 pax IIRC. I am done with my service and I go back to the lav and wash my hands and DROPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP went the CR2 like a rock being dropped off a tall building. We lost lots of altitude and I was thrown to the ground. scary, but everyone was okay. The cabin was a mess, pop and booze was all over the wall and everyone else too. Thank god for leather seats.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:51 am

Probably the worst experience was on a MXP-LHR flight on AZ. I'd classify it as MODERATE so I can surely say I've been lucky so far...
We were some 30 mins in the flight, just over the stunning scenario of the Swiss Alps. F/A were serving breakfast and flight was going on absolutely uneventfully. I was reading my newspaper when suddenly our A321 DROPPED losing some 2000 feets in less than 10 seconds. I don't know what was happening since we were already at our cruise altitude in very nice weather conditions but it felt like the aircraft was literally sinking. I remember my seatmate, a middle-aged English lady, grabbing to his armrest and start screaming while I wasn't even able to catch my breath... almost everything from glasses to food trays started flying through the cabin and on the ceiling. Several people were throwing up and when the aircraft finally stopped to drop I remember many people being scared by the facts that the mountains all around us seemed so close...10 seconds or less that looked like eternity for me!!

Ironically, later on the same flight we approached LHR in terrible weather conditions, dark low clouds and gusting winds and guess what...we had to GO AROUND!! Apparently an MD-80 failed to vacate the runway (that's what the Captain said) and we had to go around. The manoeuvre was very abrupt and we went on a very steep climb that pushed my back hard against my seat. Again people screaming, throwing up...

I cannot say if the worst thing was the experience of the turbulence itself or the tremendous smell that filled the cabin but when I finally get off that plane I thanked GOD that flight was over...

A very different experience on one of my MXP-EZE flights when the turbulence was nothing more than a few bumps, shaky and bouncing but very light and much more bearable. Except for the fact that it lasted for 10 of the 13 hrs of the entire flight with the usual breakdance when flying over Sao Paulo, Brazil (anyone had the same experience??) . I remember gettin off the plane with a tremendous headache and sense of sickness...
From there I learned that even a light turbulence may be very very annoying...

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Feb 10, 2008 7:47 am

Ok Ill bite.

Jan 14, 2006. AA 49 CDG-DFW. The first 2 hours of the flight were uneventful. All of the sudden we started getting moderate chop. Then the plane dropped violently. I could hear the carts being thrown around in the back. It lasted for about 20 minutes. The pilot classified it as Severe, whether it was or not im not sure. I would think it it were, we would have made an emergency landing. It was the worst turbulence our pilot had in 20 years of flying (so he said). People were moaning, screaming, and praying.

On a related note, what tend to be the most turbulent areas of the world to fly in and during what times of the year?

From what I know: 1) The North Atlantic and Pacific during winter, 2) The Bay of Bengal durring the summer, 3) the rocky mountians.

I never hear much about the Southern Hemisphere. Im flying LAX-SCL Tuesday and it should be a good flight. Ive always heard that this part of the Pacific is pretty smooth.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:08 am

United Airlines 870, last year. One engine was either shut-down, or running at very reduced performance. Climb performance was not very good and we were skimming the top of some very turbulent cloud. It wasn't the most severe turbulence, but occasionally, there were some huge lurches that caused some of the most awful noises I've ever heard. I knew it was safe, but it freaked me out a bit, and I'm not worried about flying.

Although they boldly let us walk about if we needed to - you really paid attention to keeping a firm hold to seat backs, or anything else solid. Otherwise, the accepted protocol was to stay seated with the seat belts securely latched, and any loose items stowed away.

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:59 am

Probably only moderate/mild.

Last year or the year before, ZB A321 BHX-FAO. Flying through a storm in meal service. The FA was just handing me my breakfast when the whole plane dropped. The meal hit the guy in front of me. That wasn't too bad, but they were also doing tea/coffee so the boiling water went over a woman. She had quite severe burns afterwards.

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Wed Feb 13, 2008 3:03 am

My favorite turbulent flight was US3448 ORD-PIT. That was my first flight I experienced turbulence and I was one of the few who put their hands up and enjoyed the ride lol  Smile
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:37 pm

Both of my encounters with moderate turbulence wree on A320s!!

IC flight from MAA to BOM on an A320 in 2004. One of the worst approaches I've been in...sudden rolls and dives..real scary!!

HP flight from EWR to PHX in 2005. Again, heavy turbulence during descent, final approach and landing. Everyone clapped when the aircraft turned away from the runway.  Smile

Mild turbulence:

On an AA MD80 from DFW to ORD in 2006, mild rolling and some undramatic dives  Smile
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:13 am

Quoting StarAlliance38 (Reply 15):
My favorite turbulent flight was US3448 ORD-PIT. That was my first flight I experienced turbulence and I was one of the few who put their hands up and enjoyed the ride lol

Believe me, when you experience something more than mild turbulence, you ain't gonna be having a grand old time on that flight.

EDIT: Did anyone fly into RIC on Sunday? I was out of town but apparently there were 60 MPH surface winds. Most flights diverted. But an almost-out-of-control MD88 apparently touched down and then went back up, a CRJ arrived with vomit all over the walls, and half of the flights diverted to Norfolk. Would like to get some insight on that.

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:19 am

I experienced "moderate" turbulence from RDU-LGW on an AA 777 in November 2003. It probably lasted a good two thirds of the flight, even cabin service was suspended and the F/A's asked to take their seats. Luckily it's the worst I've experienced to date. However, as we had had a good couple of hours to kill at RDU before our flight, I had had a few drinks at the airport...and I actually found that the violent movement of that Boeing, along with the effects of the alcohol, sent me straight off to sleep! I woke occasionally to see my Mum and sister clinging for dear life to their armrests...but being the caring son/brother that I am, I just went straight off to sleep again!!

That said, I really do find it hard to believe that there are people out there who actually ENJOY turbulence!! Had I been stone cold sober during my AA flight, I would have been joining my family in clinging to the armrests and praying for a speedy landing at LGW! You people really are, as we say in London..."Radio Rental"!!!  Wink
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:06 am

Have experienced moderate turbulence twice.
The first time was on a Lufthansa A319 coming back from Dusseldorf to LHR in 1999.The whole flight had been uneventful until we were approaching London.The night was clear and we were descending past Canary Wharf at Docklands.The plane suddenly dropped like a stone.The carts at the rear were toppled and the cabin crew were screaming.I remember seeing people reaching for the vomit bags(didn't watch much more) and the usual mayhem ensued.The whole escapade only lasted for about 5 mins,but I always think when the cabin crew are should be too!Cue relentless smoking!!
The second time was more sustained.Coming back from Dalaman in Turkey to Glasgow on an MYT B767 in 2002.We were probably somewhere over Germany.The first 90mins of the flight we had seat belts on/off/on etc and wasn't too pleasant.After around two hours,we hit an almighty pocket of clear air turb and everyone was screaming,bins opening etc,but the worst part of it was,it lasted for a full 45 mins!I can take a bit of chop,but for that length of time,well,it does get to you.Especially when all around are terrified(and so are you)and you're trying to reassure them!And no beer service!!!!!
Had loads of mild turb 100's of times.Every time you approach into GLA on Runway 23,because of the surrounding hills.This tends to be fun tho'.It's good to see how the pilots handle it!
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:06 am

My worst was probably moderate or maybe severe.

December 3, 1996
Alaska Airlines - 737-400

We were warned before departure in SEA that weather was marginal and that it was going to be a rough ride in Southeast Alaska. All was well until our approach to Ketchikan (KTN), Alaska which is notorious for its foul weather and bumpy approaches/departures. Below 10,000ft is where all the nasty stuff was, the airplane was shuttering, dropping, and being thrown around by the wind. The cabin was silent except for the increasing and decreasing of the throttles. It was already dark outside so there was nothing to see except rain running across the windows and clouds being illuminated by the strobes.

The airplane shook on the ground in KTN and everyone onboard sat in silence waiting for the next leg to Sitka (SIT). We took off and the climb out was slightly smoother, naturally. Cruise was fine, but the approach to SIT was worse than KTN. But we made it down safely. We (my grandmother, mother, and I) got off the plane in Sitka (our home). The plane was scheduled to go on to Juneau (JNU) and then ANC. But the flight didn't even try for Juneau and went direct to Anchorage from Sitka. I heard on the scanner the pilot report on departure from SIT that they experienced shifts in the wind as great as 60knots from one direction to another.

There have been a handful of flights on approach to Sitka in recent years that have had to abort the approach all together because of turbulence and one AS 734 (the Tinkerbell jet) even sustained damage when the engine contacted the runway upon a heavy landing.

AS pilots are the best in the world, imho.

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:03 am


April 2007 flying PVG-LAX China Eastern Airlines A340-600. Persistent bumps from about one hour into the flight until we reached the California coast. At first it was fine, but after 7 hours of it, I felt like I just stepped out of a dryer. Albeit, a fun ride.

December 2007- Southwest Airlines 73G SJC-ONT. Flying home during the nasty storms that were slamming California. To the pilots credit we were diving in and out of cloud formations trying to get the best possible ride but it was no use. Seemed like everything from 1000ft-41,000ft was just a mess. Looking out at the longer wing of the -700 vs. -300 was a sight to see. That thing was swaying violently up and down.


December 2005- Southwest Airlines 733 LAS-ONT. I guess I have a way of picking a date that's sure to be a fund ride. While we were still at the gate, the captain informed us that the FA's would have t remain seated for the short hop as their inbound from RNO was very bad. Seeing passengers disembark, white as a ghost or sick to their stomach wasn't the most reassuring feeling in the world. Nevertheless, having been warned did nothing to supress how violent the flight was. Brutal. I hope I never experience EXTREME.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:16 am


1 or 2 February 2007
US Airways
Boeing 767 LGW-PHL.

About 20 minutes outside of LGW, just as the FAs were starting the drink service, I felt a slight shudder. No big deal I thought, just normal stuff. Not 2 seconds later, the airplane shook violently and snapped to the left. Right away the seat belt sign came on, and the FAs scrambled for their seats. It was quick, and over in less than 3 seconds. Although I already knew the cause, the pilot came on and said we had flown through someone else's wake turbulance. Other than once in a C180 when the pilot overflew a powerplant, causing me to almost fracture my hand on the yoke, the worst feeling I've ever had on an airplane.

Also severe:
Early August 2007
Great Lakes Aviation
Beech 1900D DEN-GCC

Over the CO-WY border, we punched through a nasty building CB cloud. People screaming, airplane being tossed like a rag doll, it was not pleasant, and in fact, is the only time I've ever actually grabbed a sick sack (luckily I didn't actually vomit). Just before we broke out I could see the ice sticking to the leading edge of the wings.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:19 am

Mild to Moderate

Late 1990s flying a C414A from CHA to MEM and return. Continuous light to occasional moderate turbulence for about 100 miles. We just tightened the belts and tried to keep from spilling Coke on the flight instruments.


Mid 1990s flying from CHA to BNA. About halfway through the hop, we encountered a nasty roll cloud in the early evening. Nothing showing on the radar or stormscope but it was boiling and dark. Experienced mild buffeting but a really violent yawing action-probably a full deflection of the rudder as it kicked the yaw damper off.

Never had an encounter with anything other than moderate turbulence on an airliner. On the last flight from CHA to TUS via LIT and BGR, we had little turbulence at our cruising altitude (12,0000) but the jets were getting hammered. Just north of ABQ, received a PIREP from a 737 of extreme turbulence above FL300. That was about a month ago.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:31 pm

Just yesterday on FL282 from PHF-MCO. It was a B717 and my second flight with turbulence. It was fairly moderate.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:33 pm


Being a CSD (cabin service director) for BA on long haul I, like all crew am totally used to turbulence but sometimes it does catch you out and get you worried, difficult thing is to look honestly calm, which takes years of practice trust me (I’m not talking about the fake smile, the facial expression of calmness, they are two very different things)

It sounds odd but sometimes the worst or most heavy turbulence does not worry you the most, because you know that if it happens in flight it can’t do that much harm.

The worst case of turbulence I have ever had was last year on a flight from Newark (KEWR/EWR to London Heathrow (EGLL/LHR). Most flights from North America to Europe suffer turbulence due to the heavy tail winds caused by the jet stream – however this turbulence came out of no where, causing the aircraft to drop over 3000ft in seconds. Lucky for everyone in the cabin cabin service had finished and there was very little to throw around, but still we had passengers who were injured (some people had hurt there neck, others there head from banging it on the over head locker or even on the floor). As we were over half the way across our NATrack the commander continued onto Heathrow asking for medical assistance on landing.

I guess the most scary case of turbulence was when I was on a flight from London Gatwick (EGKK/LGW) to Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW/DFW) and all was okay until our final approach where the aircraft was thrown around until the very second we touched down. We had a medical emergency and the PAX had suffered a serious heart attach, which meant the Captain needed to land as soon as possible. You could hear the engines increasing and decreasing power to try and keep us on the glide slop and the aircraft was ‘bouncing’ around with lighting flashing ever five seconds or so. What seemed odd was here seemed very little ‘flare’ the aircraft just punched down onto the runway and the commander used maximum reverse thrust (his words not mine)…

I guess what made the landing more scary is that there is very little room for error, I mean when you’re at FL360 a few thousand feet does not matter so much, however on final approach, a sudden drop and you could land in someone’s back garden.

On a final note, I must admit, I like turbulence, its fun! Being thrown around a little…

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:58 pm

Scared only two times. So my only "severe" I guess:

December - 92' - Colorado Springs to DEN. Early morning. Snowing. UA - 737-2. The second off the runway immediately horrible. Never stopped. A couple bins popped. Bags fell out. A few yells and screams. The young woman next to me was sobbing. I was never so glad to be on the ground in my life.

Summer - probably 89' - Booked a point to point on WN and DL from MCI-DFW via OKC, because it was so incredibly cheap to do so then. (The airlines didn't like it, but lots of people were doing it then and they ignored it.) Thunderstorms hit once in OKC. DL flight delayed but we finally got going. A 737-2. Again, a nightmare. Like a tumble dryer. During approach -- constant power surges to keep us flying. Again, at touch down - the whole cabin cheered!!! And we started breathing again.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:27 am

My second scariest was summer of 2007: NW A319 MSP-PHL> Landing at PHL was around 11 PM and there was a thunderstorm. About 5 miles from landing above those fiery oil refineries of Marcus Hook, the plane just suddenly dropped
but immediately followed by angry engines and we climbed through turbulences and lightning and after we were cleared to land again, the pilot attempted a second approach with still moderate turbulences, engines roaring to periods of accelerations but thankfully became calm seconds before touchdown. My seatmate looked at me with relief and I encouraged her that driving the I-95 northeast corridor is a lot more dangerous than flying!!. That interstate highway is called "Die-95" over here!! At one time, a family on SUV travelling to Newark airport rolled over several times along I-95 killing all occupants.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:36 am

I flew jetstar from ADL to SYD by A320. It was a very strong tubulence I've ever encountered and I saw the cabin crew couldnt walk probably and had to duck in the aisle and waiting for the over.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 23, 2008 3:43 pm

On approach for 05L at MAN on saturday morning (flight BD722, 22nd March 08) was probably the most turbulent approach I've ever experienced. The flight from Antigua to Manchester was pretty smooth, just an odd patch of CAT, nothing serious. From our descent over North Wales and Liverpool in to Manchester, the winds were 21kt from the north gusting 42kt. The Bmi A332 we were on was getting thrown around all over the place. I was in 39G so 2nd from last row. You could feel the aircraft moving around all over the place and it was very bumpy. I've never seen as many full sick bags when disembarking! The flight crew did a great job, the actual landing was smooth apart from a couple of big gusts while braking.

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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:35 pm

Here are a few of mine:
The plane encountered a thunderstorm on the way to Atlanta, so it was shaking crazily, made even worse by the fact that I had to go to the bathroom badly.
Midwest Express, DCA-OMA
Another t'storm. Fortunately we got out of it fairly shortly.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:43 am

Had a flight on AA back in summer of 2002 from DFW-SJD. I was flying down to meet my parents for vacation as I had been sick when they left so I had to catch a later flight when I was better.

Anyhow, the flight started off bad. A man was removed from the flight at the gate at DFW because of remarks he made of an FA. Then his bags had to be removed, but they couldn't find them at first, but finally did! We take off maybe 1.5 hrs late and have a mostly smooth flight until we're over what I assume was central Mexico.

We started experiencing more frequent bumps and such and people were getting nervous and uncomfortable. This was a night flight so the lights main cabin lights were off. The turbulence started getting worse. It was very eerie to watch out of my window as I could see the ground below illuminated with each bolt of lightening.

Then we had a strange turn of even maybe 1hr prior to est. arrival. The cabin lights suddenly came on and the FA's came into the aisles and had life jackets on and asked that we all pay attention. They explained over the PA that when we were in DFW they neglected to explain to us how to use the life jackets and that it was federal law that they do so. They continue to do this as the turbulence is as it's worst and I think most people on the flight were thinking that we were going to ditch or something. It really was strange when you think back on it.

We landed about an hour later uneventfully in SJD.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:38 am

In April of last year, I was on a class trip from SEA to IAD aboard a UA 752. We were in a holding pattern because of airport congestion and our gate was taken. After about 30 minutes, we started to descend towards the airport. During our descent, there was a fair amount of clouds ahead of us, and while descending at a steady rate, there was a sudden drop in altitude of probably 100+ feet. It felt like a short rollercoaster ride and all the pax on the airplane were either clutching their armrests or laughing. Doesn't sound like much compared to the previous stories posted, does it?
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:56 pm

The worst turbulence that I have ever had was everytime I have flown to Australia via KUL. It seems that flying over the Bay of Bengal seems to be a bumpy part of the flight. On one flight back they suspended meal service on the row in front of me, but at least my wine didn't go all over me like those sat in front, lol.

Have also experienced some mild turbulence when on charter flights to the Med, especially over the Alps.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:58 pm

MODERATE (maybe high end of mild):
DL1454, Oct. 11, 2006, ATL-SDF: A big cold front was moving through SDF and KY that day, with temperatures dropping 20-30F and winds gusting 30-40 mph. The flight was fairly smooth and uneventful until our descent into SDF over central KY. The flight got really bumpy just after we started our descent from FL320 and the FA's had to halt cabin service. We were bouncing and rocking around quite a bit, enough that the FA's had trouble walking back to their jumpseats. It calmed down until we were on downwinde into SDF and broke through the overcast ceiling; the turbulence was at its worst here and once again we were really bouncing and rocking around, but there were no big drops. We landed in about a 25-30mph crosswind and were heavily swaying from side-to-side until we were just over the threshold of the runway. This could've been considered moderate, but it also could've been on the high side of mild.
DL9787, March 21, 2008, SDF-BDL: For the most part, flight was pretty uneventful with a few bouts of light-moderate chop and maybe some borderline light turbulence during takeoff. But before we took off and the captain gave us flight info., he said that it was very wind at BDL with gusts to 40mph and to except a rought approach/landing.
He wasn't kidding. We started experiencing light turbulence just after beginning our descent over southern MA, but once we entered the downwinde on the north side of BDL, we really started getting tossed around. The MD-88 was heavily bouncing and rocking from side to side, with at least 6 or 7 roller coaster-like drops. This continued all the way until we landed, and there were sharp thrust fluctuations (up to nearly T/O thrust) throughout the downwind and final approach. Quite a few sick bags were utilized on this NCAA charter flight with the UofL band, cheer, and women's b-ball team.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:08 pm

MODERATE (the most I have experienced) and it was on my last flight:

VIE-BCN on SkyEurope 737

The thing started to shake pretty badly shortly after take-off so the pilot climbed to FL410 but that didn't help much. The plane kept going up and down roller-coaster-style for like half of the flight until we cleared the alps. Then, landing was bad as well but that was not due to the weather because it was sunny and calm.

You could see faces of relief in the passengers as we taxied to the gate in BCN.
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RE: Your Turbulent Flights Log

Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:26 pm

Another scary MODERATE turbulence was CO 767-400 IAH-HNL spring 2007 over Palm Springs with clear cloudless blue sky at 37,000 ft, a/c suddenly dropped hundreds of feet and was rocking up and down and sideways as pilot made the engines angry to climb up to 39,000 ft. The FA made an angry announcement to strap all the children as "we are unstable right now" because some chiuldren were running down the aisle and falling!

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