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American DC-10 Fleet

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:24 am
by Transpac787
Hey all,

I'm wondering if anyone has information on the performance & limitations of the AA DC10 fleet. I recently came across a United DC10 manual, and was surprised to see how many different sub-fleets they had, in terms of weight/engine combinations. So, I'd be curious to know if anyone has further information on the AA fleet; either firsthand knowledge, or if you happen to own any manuals, POH's, etc.

The American DC-10-30 fleet, in particular, was entirely second-hand to AA. So, I imagine those had the greatest number of differences.

N136AA (ex Air New Zealand)
N137AA (ex Air New Zealand)
N138AA (ex Air New Zealand)
N139AA (ex PanAm)
N140AA (ex PanAm)
N141AA (ex PanAm)
N142AA (ex PanAm)
N143AA (ex Viasa)
N144AA (ex Western)
N163AA (ex Philippine)
N164AA (ex Air New Zealand)

If anyone happens to be interested in the United DC10 MGTOW numbers:

N1801U-N1848U: 430.0
N1849U only: 410.0

N1852U: 580.0 (ex Laker)
N1853U: 580.0 (ex Laker)
N1854U: 580.0 (ex Laker)
N1855U: 555.0 (ex PanAm)
N1856U: 572.0 (ex World)
N1857U: 572.0 (ex World)
N1858U: 572.0 (ex World)
N1859U: 572.0 (ex World)

Re: American DC-10 Fleet

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:46 am
by LAXintl
Per 1997 document all DC-10-10s were 430.0 with exception of 105/106/108/112/115 which were 410.0

For the DC-10-30s, 140,141 and 142 were 558.0, while 137,143,144,163, 164 were 564.5

The DC-10 fleet was already shrinking in 1997 with many already stored headed to FedEx, while several frames were leased to Hawaiian.

Re: American DC-10 Fleet

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:11 am
by Transpac787
Fascinating, thank you for that post.

I'm legitimately surprised to see that AA had low-weight DC10's. There are a few photos of AA DC-10-10's in Europe.... I would have figured that AA had a few of their Dash-10's as the IGW version, with a max weight of 455.0 instead of the typical 430.0