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How reliable are PW's geared turbofans by now?

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 7:21 am
by Sokes
CFRPwingALbody wrote:
The E190E2 and E195E2 are good succesors for the E190 and E195. I expect more airlines will order them, once engine reliability is higher.

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It's the E195-E2. source:

Somebody recently mentioned that the old E190 has too much maintenance trouble caused by too high power demand from the engines.
A new engine is available, there is not much 4 abreast competition and at least from aspect ratio the wing looks neat.

How are the geared engines doing by now?
Are any troubles known of engines used on E2 aircraft?
Is PW giving enough attention to Embraer's engine or do they focus on Airbus's engines? I remember Airbus got in one month as many engines as Bombardier in one year even though Bombardier was the much earlier customer.

source: ... deliveries

source: ... deliveries