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New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2001 4:09 am
by A380-700R
I heard that the cockpit-design of the new Airbus A340-500/600 will include several technological improvements over the current A340-200/300 flightdeck, like LC-displays instead of the old CRTs or a taxi-camera similar to the system of the Boeing 777. Will the displays be larger? Does anybody know if there will also be features like the digital backup-displays or cursor-control of the Triple-Seven?

Apart from the ancient yoke (sorry Boeing-Fans) the Triple-Seven-cockpit seems to be more modern than that of the Airbus-Family. The different fly-by-wire-philosophies have been discussed earlier in the forum, but as far as the pure technological level is concerned which airliner is the most advanced?

Thank you in advance

RE: New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2001 10:30 am
by Mac

I can't answer your question. I'm sorry. But I certainly would like to see a photo or two of the new airbus cockpit and the new instrumention.

I am eagerly waiting for additional information on the A-380. I have been over to the Airbus Corportion page but I very seldom see any new information on the aircraft.

I am sure they have a mockup of the flight deck on its way to being completed. It would be of great interest for me to see the interior of it....and I can hardly wait until they introduce the A-380 in 2006. I hope I last that long.

Best regards,


RE: New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2001 6:32 am
by Guest
The A340-500/600 flight decks have LCD, taxicams like on the B777-300s. The displays aren't larger though and the same information is displayed on them as is on the A340-200/300. There aren't any CCD. I'm not sure about the digital backups. I *think* they are digital in the A340-500/600, but i'm not sure.

It's difficult to say which FBW system is the most advanced, based purely on technology. The Airbus FBW lets the computer have final authority, which some could argue makes it more advanced. However, Boeing let the pilot have final authority on purpose. The Boeing system certainly has more redundancies than the Airbus counterpart, even though so many backups seem unnessecary.The 777 also has the Electrical Load Management System (ELMS) which, not directly related to FBW, makes the general electrical system more advanced than the Airbus. Also, despite the fact that the 777 is FBW, signals from the controls can go directly to the Actuator Control Electronics (the stuff the moves the control surfaces) without the need to go through Flight Computers. This also gives the system a slight technological advantage over the Airbus. The three operating modes of the FBW system all have similar flying characteristics, ie. system funtionality is reduced less on the 777 as you move through the different operating modes than on the Airbus.

RE: New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2001 11:12 am
by DeltaAir
One of the main reasons you don't see more Airbus planes in the United States is because of concerns by the airline unions. Pilot representatives have a fairly large voice over hear in most cases and I know that their main fear about the Airbus' was that the computer ran the plane not the pilot and in the US that is a bad thing. The majority of pilots in this country are old school and still enjoy the good ol' way of flying by the seat of your pants and the 777 still lets you even thought it is advanced.

RE: New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2001 8:25 pm
by WorldTraveller
Here is the answer to your question:

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Michael Kefaifi

Larger LCD displays, partly digital backup instruments, different camera views etc.

BTW, welcome to, A380-700R! Where are you from, I'm from DUS?

Best regards
the WorldTraveller

Thank You WorldTraveller!

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2001 11:29 am
by A380-700R
Thank you very much WorldTraveller! This was exactly the information I was looking for. What a modern and well-designed flight deck. It must be an excellent place to work.

To answer your question, I live near Wiesbaden.

RE: New Cockpit-Design In Airbus A340-500/600?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2001 9:44 am
by ILOVEA340
they still share simmilar cockpits. I think that very little cross training is required.