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Imaginary aircraft

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:38 am
by atomicstar
Share your ideas of your own imaginary aircraft here.

  • Lockheed Electro: An electric regional airplane that can run with 1-8 lithium ion batteries (more batteries is longer range but also heavier). BTW, I came up with this idea because “Electra” sounds like “electric”.
  • Boeing 777XL: Similar to 777X, but it is slightly taller and maximizes usage of fuselage space by having an upper deck.
  • Airbus A420: The “Super Duper Jumbo”. It’s a triple decker aircraft. It is shaped like A380, but it has 6 engines.
  • Boeing 737 MINI: Slightly smaller size than 737-200. It is ideal for medium haul flights that are less popular and has less fuel capacity. Similar concept of B720. BTW, I got the idea of this name when thinking of “737 MAX”, but “737 MIN” sounds a bit awkward.
  • Duck Heliplane: A military aircraft that can take off and land pretty much anywhere. It’s a heliplane (airplane and helicopter hybrid, has wings and propellers but also has rotors). It is a “duck” because it can take off and land pretty much on anywhere, whether on a helipad, on a runway, in water, etc. and it can be a flying boat or taxi on land.

Re: Imaginary aircraft

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:27 pm
by T18
I have no idea why one would want to build this but, I had a dream one night about a replica De Havilland Mosquito made from Carbon Fiber with Turbo Prop Power.

Re: Imaginary aircraft

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:03 am
by IQuit
Civilauncher: A short range airliner optimized for takeoff and climbing capable of carrying another (long range or supersonic) airliner to cruise altitude and detach it from there. The mother ship will proceed to sending its passengers and cargo to intended nearby airport after daughter ship is launched. Apart from fuel saving, combined takeoff also easy airport congestion.

Re: Imaginary aircraft

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:59 am
by KentB27
I have always imagined a 737/A320 sized twin jet with engines mounted on the very end of the wings to get the engine noise as far away from the cabin as possible for a very quiet ride. Now, obviously having something like a large jet engine on the very end of a wing would probably be a total engineering headache from a structural, weight, and aerodynamic standpoint. There's a reason why virtually no aircraft has this configuration. It would still be really cool though.

I also think it would be hilarious to see a Bombardier CRJ that's stretched to the length of an A340-600 and has engines that are the same width as the fuselage. I'd call this aircraft the CRJ-3000.

Re: Imaginary aircraft

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:45 pm
by IQuit
KentB27 wrote:
engines mounted on the very end of the wings

I would certainly like to see propfans which take advantage of wingtip vortices, but will it be flyable when one of the engines is down? Perhaps 4 engine tandem wing works better ...