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Your Airplane Models

Sat Aug 14, 2004 6:03 am

How many airplane models do you have and of which brand. Also what's your favorite model? My favorite is a A380 in airbus colors and a 717 midwest that i just bought yesterday at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Aug 29, 2004 9:18 am

I personally like Herpa the best. I collected Schabak for a while, but decided that Herpa was a better quality. I like the 1:500 in Herpa. I only have two in my possestion. They are a Qatar Airways A320 and A330. I have about 20 on order though including the Christmas 2004 model of the A380.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Aug 29, 2004 11:14 am

I have some herpa 1:500. I collect the aircraft that i have flown on. I dont have them all but im working on it, so far my collection is...

LH A340-313X
LH 737-530
LH 747-230
EI 737-500
AF 777-200
NW Orient DC10 (ive never been on one though!)

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Aug 29, 2004 12:28 pm

I have over 70 1/100th (or larger) scale models in several rooms of my house. They are from Atlantic, PacMin, Bader, etc.

1/100th scale A380 (AMI/Phelps Models)

1/64th scale DC-8

1/100th scale 747-100 (Bader)

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Aug 29, 2004 7:45 pm

140 1/400 scale models. They are on my own airport which me and my dad built using the herpa 1/500 scale buildings. We have 40 gates, 9 remotes, 1 maintainance facility and a cargo centre and a runway to accompany it. The whole thing is lighted using LED's and fibreoptic cable. I will get some pictures soon.

My 5 favourite planes:
1= Continental 777-200 N77014 'Peter Max' Dream jets
2= JAL Cargo n/c 747-200 JA8913 Big Bird
3= Sky Europe 737-500 OM-SEA 'Pretty lady on the side' Phoenix Models
4= ANA 747-400 JA8098 Big Bird
5= Cathay Pacific Cargo (hybrid colourscheme) 747-200 VR-HVZ Big Bird

I'm hoping to get some more very soon (when the funds become avaliable), this will include UA 777 n/c, PIA 777 n/c and Delta 757. I only collect aircraft and airlines that fly into the London airports and Manchester. This is my way of stopping myself buying every model realeased!!!  Big grin

Thanks Dave Big grin
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 12:18 am

Fraspotter wrote. I personally like Herpa the best. I collected Schabak for a while, but decided that Herpa was a better quality. I like the 1:500 in Herpa.

Exactly like me. I used to collect Shabak until I was about 14, but when i found Herpa I only stuck with them.I have about 30 Herpa plane models. My Shabak Models I would like to sell, does anyone know where you can place free ads to sell plane models ?

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:09 am

Good Lord Concorde, that's quite a big collection (Hopefully when I move out I'll have a whole house full).

I mainly have the plastic varierty however I have now started on Die Cast (Personally I prefer Herpa but only have Gemini for now)

United 777-200 New Colours
American 777-200
Laker Sky Train DC-10-10
KLM DC-10-30

(I'm hopefully ordering the Monarch, BCAL and JMC DC-10s)

I have of plastic

Monarch (oc): 732,733,757,A321,A320,A300,DC-10 (Just need the A330)
Flying Colours: 757
Air 2000: 757+A320 (Very old Red & Gold), 767+A320 (Old Colours), 757 (New colours with AMM Titles)
JMC: 757
British Asia Airways 744
British Airways: 757 (UJ),777 (Landor), 777 World Tails
My Travel: 757
Airtours: A320, A321, B757, A330, MD-80 (Origional Colours)
Dan Air London: 737-200
Inter European: 757
United: 744 (Old Colours)
United World Cargo: DC-10F
Caledonian: 757, DC-10, L1011
Britannia (oc): 757 (x2), 767
Britannia (Blue tui): 757
BA Go: 737 (x2)
Onur Air: A320
Emirates: A330
Sabre: 737-200
and of course PANAM : 747-200 (Billboard) - My First Model Plane

I also have a British Midland Fokker 70 (Larger Plastic) and also a KLM UK Bae 146 (Larger Plastic).

I know I'm forgetting some but most have been put away so I can refurbish my room.

I'm off to MAN tomorrow so chance is I'll come back with more!

EDIT: I forgot the Sabre 737


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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 12:12 pm

Thanks all for letting me know about your models, especially Concord977! Great collection! I have mostly plastic models most are from Skymarks and Flightminiatures.
Here's my complete list:

NWA:747 cargo
NWA:747-400 World plane
NWA: diecast Boeing Stratocruiser


AA: MD-11
AAeagle- ERJ-145


Republic: 727 and 757

HP: A319

Airtan Jetconnect: crj-200

midwest- 717

Exact express:757

A380 in airbus colors

Usair express: crj-200

AN-124-100 RUSLAN

Thats all I have as of now. I have mostly NW due to the fact my uncle is a ground worker for NW at MEM.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:19 pm

I collect Dragon Wings in 1:400 scale. Hopefully my collection will grow. I try to pick one up everytime I'm in Toronto, which is usually once a month.

A300-600 Emirates

B777-300ER Emirates

A330-200 Emirates

A380-800 Emirates

B767-300ER Gulf Air

B777-200 American Airlines

A340-300 Lufthansa

A340-500 Qatar Airways

Next I plan to buy a 747, probably in EK colors. Sorry about the quality. I'm obviously not a good photographer and the conditions didn't help my situation.


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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 2:25 pm

so far, only 3. 1:250 BA 744 'china' colors, 1:600 cargoluz 744F and 1:600 fedex 727F. looking for schabak 1:600s from eastern, twa, evergreen, panam, usair/usairways.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 6:11 pm

I have over 50 1:250 aircraft plus some 1:100... Photos can be seen at my homepage

There is also a listing of my trips and my safety cards collection im the aviation section....
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 7:59 pm

I have 11 Gemini Jets and 8 Herpas. I've also got 4 Gemini Jets on order, and 2 Herpas.


Althoguh you said you collect DW 400, you should try and get a Herpa EK A345 to match your name. I've got one, and I must say it is superb!!

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:35 pm

Thanks, Concorde977, for shaing your fabulous collection. Thanks, too, for proving I am not alone (I just called wifey in to see your collection - she now has additional proof others share my 'disease').

I just packed up my collection for a household move (what a chore); about fifty Constellation variants, not including little guys such as the 1:600 die casts, that range from (approx) 1:144 scale to 1:50 scale. I built about half, others are cast aluminum travel agency-style pieces, display models and even a few old vintage Japanese tin toys, vintage Dinkey toys, Siku, etc. I still have about a dozen or so 1:120, 1:144 and 1:72 scale Connie kits I haven't even started. Hope my eyesight lasts.

I really like propliners and triple tails, so there are a few Breguet Dux Ponts, original DC-4Es, Airspeed Ambassadors, etc. mixed into the bunch. I'll try to post a couple of pics from a neighbor's computer (my scanner is shot). It's great you have display space; that 1:100 A380 must be a monster! Regards..Jack
all best; jack
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Sep 05, 2004 8:24 am

Despite having been interested in airliners for nearly 30 years now, I have only recently started buying aircraft models. Consequently I only have two (sorry, couldn't tell you the make) - both 737's - one of Estonian Air and the other Norwegian. They were both bought on board the airlines concerned, and have pride of place on my desk at work (gets me some strange looks from my colleagues, but what the hey). I have a strange feeling that the collection could start growing rapidly...!
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:31 pm

I have all kinds of scales, ranging from 1/600 Schabak to 1/100 Wooster. I have about 30 Schabaks, just started with Herpa Wings 1/500, I bought some Dragon Wings and Gemini Jets 1/400 recently, and I have 15 plastic models in 1/250 till 1/100 scale. I have recently made an apron and am looking for Herpa airport terminals and accessories to go with it. When buying models, I stick to the airlines and types I´ve flown on myself.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Sep 06, 2004 5:33 am

Heres my small collection:
Boeing 747-451 Northwest Airlines DW
Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines DW
Boeing 737-83N American Airlines GJ
Boeing 737-83N American Trans Air GJ
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Delta Airlines GJ
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Delta Airlines GJ
Boeing 737-2H4(A) Southwest Airlines GJ
Boeing 747-131 Trans World Airlines GJ
Boeing 727-222(A) United Airlines GJ
Boeing 727-022C United States Postal Service SMA
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Wed Sep 08, 2004 12:45 pm

heres my complete collection, most of these, i am holding for someone.

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Thu Sep 09, 2004 1:27 am

SAS MD-80 New painting

US Airways A-330,
American B-777,
Delta B-777,
Thai B-747-400,
SAS MD-80, New painting
SAS B-767-300 (Janne Carlzon painting)
Herpa SAS A-340-300,
Herpa SAS A-321,
BA Concorde
UA B-747-400
Garuda DC-10

Premiair DC-10
BA B-747-400, Union flag and Waves and Cranes
Virgin B-747-400 (G-VFAB)
Britannia B-767-300, B-757-200, B-737-800 in new and old colors

All models are Snap together except the two SAS Herpa models

My favorite is the Thai 747, I think its looks absolutely stunning, and it has the reg HS-TGR which I hunted for 2 years at ARN.

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Thu Sep 09, 2004 8:29 am

Here's my collection:

Boeing 744 JAL
Boeing 738 Delta
Boeing 738 AA
Boeing 777 AA
Boeing 744 British Airways -Colum
Boeing 744 Singapore Airlines
Md-11 Northwest Airlines
Boeing 762 UsAirways
Boeing 752 Aeromexico
Boeing 742 PanAm
Boeing 777 Delta
Md-88 Iberia
Md-80 Alitalia
A340 Lan
Boeing 752 AA
Boeing 727 UsAir
Boeing 744 Northwest Airlines
Boeing 744 Air Canada
Boeing 744 Virgin Atlantic
Boeing 752 TWA
Md-11 AA

E145, E170, E190, A310, A300, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380, 717 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 77W, 787
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:17 am

My colelction is very small right now but is growing all the time.

Currently i have 2 herpa 1:400's and the rest are Gemini 1:400's.

Singapore Airlines 747-400
Singapore Airlines A340-500

BA concorde
Virgin Atlantic Concorde - Tinned
Virgin Atlantic 747-400 - Tinned
Virgin Atlantic A340-600 - Tinned
United 777-200 New Colors
National 747-100

I am currently looking for a shop to buy these models from in the Uk but i cant find anywhere, if you know anywhere contact me please at [email protected]! Ideally shops around London or uk based websites! No ebay tho!

5D2/7D/1D2(soon to be a 1Dx) 17-40L/24-105L/70-200F2.8L/100-400L/24F1.4LII/50F1.2L/85F1.2LII
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 11, 2004 2:37 am

I have...

A319 Alitalia I-BIMA
A343 Scandinavian SE-REA
A345 Air Canada F-WWTJ
B752 British Airways 'Union Jack' G-CPEN
B772 American Airlines x2 N785AN & N787AL
B772 British Airways x2 'Benyhone Tartan G-VIIJ' & 'Union Flag' (No Registration)
B772 Continental Airlines x2 N78001 & N77014 'Peter Max'
B773 Emirates A6-EMM
B772 United Airlines x3 'New Colours N775AN', N777AN (twice)
SSC British Airways x2 (No Registrations)

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:09 pm


You're not alone with this disease...

I have over 500 1/500 Herpas, a still growing over 150 1/400 GeminiJets, and 10 1/200 Herpas... when I started collecting these buggers 3 years ago...

I've moved like 14 times in the last 8 years so it's hassle packing them up and unpacking them all the time. I've gotten six 24quart Rubbermaid ActionPacker cases to carry the individual airplane boxes. and the movers don't get a chance to touch the cases.

Wifey didn't understand it either. Now that we've bought a house, I'm hoping that I'll live in one place for more than a year, and that I get the two-car garage to build an airport. (Hey it's like model railroading)

For one of the recent moves, my wife had to pack all of the planes for me becuase I was out of the country, After packing the 50 or so 747's and 80 737's "Honey, I think I learned the difference between a 747 and 737. a 737 has 4 engines and that hump right?"  Smile

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sun Sep 12, 2004 11:54 am

I have a small collection - mostly Schabak propliners. I also have a few oldies, small single-engine jobs from the 1940s. My favorite, however, is an old Dinky BOAC Comet 1 I picked up on eBay. I also like my small clay model from Colombia, complete with people and livestock hanging out the windows and sitting on the wing. (The model does not resemble any particular airliner.)

Despite my lifelong interest in airliners, I prefer to collect model buses and have a collection from some 45 different countries.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Sep 13, 2004 2:18 am

I have just added 2 Gemini Jets Boeing 747Sp's to my collection, in Iran Air and South African Liveries!
5D2/7D/1D2(soon to be a 1Dx) 17-40L/24-105L/70-200F2.8L/100-400L/24F1.4LII/50F1.2L/85F1.2LII
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Wed Sep 15, 2004 6:16 am

My collection, a mix of model producers, mainly companies like wooster etc are:

British Airways Boeing 777-200 "Netherlands"
Debonair BAe 146-200
Embraer ERJ170 House Colours
Britannia Boeing 757-200 Classic Livery
Britannia Boeing 767-300 Classic Livery
Britannia Boeing 767-300 World Of Tui Livery
Go Boeing 737-300 "G-IGOE"
EasyJet Boeing 737-700
Air 2000 Airbus A320-200
Flybe. BAe 146-200
Flybe. Dash 8 Q400
British Airways op British Regional ERJ145 "Poland"
My Travel Airbus A330-200
Lufthansa CRJ200 "Little Europe"
bmi british midland Airbus A321-200
bmi british midland Airbus A330-200
british midland Boeing 737-500
bmibaby Boeing 737-300
Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400
Qantas Boeing 747-400
Ryanair Boeing 737-800
Atlantic Airways DC3
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 (sim to the A380 in prev post its huge!)
British Airways Airbus A319
Airbus A300 Zero G House Livery
Airtours MD83
jmc air Boeing 757-200
jmc air Airbus A330-200
Icelandair Boeing 757-200
bmi regional ERJ135
Air Force One 747-200
Monarch Airlines 737-200

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:17 pm

Build and custom paint and decal in 1/144th scale. Mostly late 70's to early 80's stuff.

Republic one of my fav's.........born and raised at MSP! I have quite a few DC9's..........-10's, -30's and 50's.

Ozark is another one I model heavily.

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I Am Looking To Sell Some...

Fri Sep 17, 2004 2:11 am

I have about 50 models (mostly 1:400 metal models) that I am looking to sell cheaply as I prepare to get married (and need money for the ring.) Some no longer have the boxes, but are all in great shape. I am looking to sell them for about $11 each, which would include shipping. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I am not sure if it is against forum policy to mention stuff like this, so sorry if I violated ther rules.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:18 am

Received my newest models today from Germany:
- GeminiJets 1/400 Lufthansa A320 and KLM DC10
- StarJets 1/500 Lufthansa A340 and KLM 747-400

I especially like the DC10, because it has the registration PH-DTA and it´s the plane I flew on from Buenos Aires via Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon to Amsterdam  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Your Airplane

Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:19 pm

Curretly I only have 3 gemini jets:
BA Boeing 744 1:400
Delta Boeing 767-300 in mid colors 1:400
Unites Boeing 777-200 in new colors 1:400

And I have a Herpa terminal and 5 jetways on order.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 18, 2004 5:37 am

Plane models seem not to be a very popular thing to collect here in Spain, unfortunately. I´m always on the lookout for them when travelling, have bought most of them at Amsterdam Schiphol, and also quite a few via eBay.
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RE: Your Airplane

Sat Sep 18, 2004 5:55 am

Thank you, Levent is shipping alot if you buy it from e-bay?
Because sometimes it costs more than the plane itself.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 18, 2004 7:25 am

That´s true but you can check the prices on the model manufacturer´s web site and compare with the price you´d have to pay including shipping. I won´t write addresses here as I don´t know if that´s allowed... but you can dop me a message through my profile if you want. I did make some great deals through auction sites, so keep an eye on them!
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Sep 18, 2004 7:31 am

58 1:400 (including 26 CO, 8 BA, 4 LH)
3 1:200 (all CO)
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Sep 20, 2004 1:29 am

Right now, I have 13 (though it'll become 14 soon). Most of them are Gemini Jets, although I have a few Dragon Wings as well, and they are all 1:400.

Alaska 737-290 N730AS
American 727-23 N1972 (limited edition)
TWA 717 hybrid N2417F (limited edition)
American 777-223 N777AN
Eva Air Cargo MD-11F N105EV (another limited edition, #62 out of 1500)
Jal Cargo 747-200F JA8180
Northwest DC8-32 N804US
Northwest 757-251 N548US
Pan American 727-21 N319PA
Republic 722 N721RC
Sabena A320 OO-SNE
USAirways B752 N633AU

I also just ordered an American CV990 Coronado, and that one will definitely become the centerpiece of the collection as soon as it arrives! Big grin I'm also partial toward my NW 752 as well Smile
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Sep 20, 2004 6:31 am

All I have is:

Cathay Pacific 747-200 "Spirit of Hong Kong" from the CXitement series by Dragon Wings..
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Tue Sep 21, 2004 4:55 am

My models are plastic kits since I enjoy building them more than just buying and displaying them. It's in my opinion more enjoyable that way. But here it goes:

Minicraft: 1/144
American MD-82
American B757 (standard Line colors and Retro)

Revell 1/144
American B737 (Standard Line colors and Retro)
American B767-300 (going to cut down to a -200 and tail number 334AA since I was working Sept 11th in LAX I figure this is my way paying respect)
1/135 scale American CV-990 going to back date to it to make it a 990 since the kit is a 990 and a 990A on the molds

MicroScale 1/144
American CV-990

Glenco/Hawk 1/126
TWA CV-880
Northeast CV-880 (delivery colors NOT Yellowbird)
Delta CV-880 (Delta Queen and Last CV-880 Colors)

Now if I can get the time to work these I will be happy. But for now It's real airplanes at night and baby diapers during the day.

American Airlines Aircraft Maint.
Team Convair 880
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Tue Sep 21, 2004 6:20 am

I enjoy making kits also, but the problem is lack of time. I try to make nice displays, for example I made a PanAm Boeing Stratocruiser that goes with an original Boeing Stratocruiser ad from 1946, and a Junkers Ju-52 floatplane which I fixed on a glass plate with silicone kit and looks as if it´s floating on water. I still have four kits waiting for me: a Lufthansa A340 and KLM 747, A310 and DC10.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Tue Sep 21, 2004 7:52 am

just updated my collection somewhat. i now have:

cargolux B744F in 1:500
fedex 722F in 1:500
boeing BBJ in 1:400
USAir 733 in 1:600
LOT IL-18 in 1:600

i've now finally decided to start collecting mainly in the 1:400 scale. anyone have any eastern or USAir models they want to get rid of drop me a line.
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Fri Oct 08, 2004 8:41 pm

I also enjoy collecting airliner models, although I don't buy that many any more, not as much as I used to years ago. I've been building airliner models for 16 years.
The ones I have at home include:

At 1/144 scale:
Lufthansa A340 (Revell)
British Airways B747-400 (Revell)
Aer Lingus A330 (Revell)
United B767-300 (Revell)
Sabena A310 (Revell)
Sabena A330 (Revell)
Air France Caravelle (Airfix)
Air France A300 (Airfix)
American B757 (Minicraft)
American A300 (Airfix, same kit as my other A300, I bought the AA decals separately and converted that one to a 600 by making small winglets)
American B727-200 (MPC, same kit as Airfix)
American DC-6 (Minicraft)
TWA L-1011 (Airfix)
BOAC VC-10 (Airfix)

At 1/200 scale:
Delta B727-200
Northwest B727-200
Alaska B727-200
Virgin Express B737-400
American DC-10
American MD-80 and MD-87 (the two kits were in the same box)
American MD-11
Japan Airlines MD-11
American B777
Delta B767-200
Flying Tigers B747-200F
Aeroflot TU-154 (can't remember the company)
South African Airways B747-300
All, except the Aeroflot TU-154, are Hasegawa.

Only one at 1/100: Aeroflot IL-62 (can't remember the company, something from Eastern Europe)

At 1/125:
Air France A320 (Heller)
Air France B727-200 (Heller, not finished yet)

I still have to finish up the Air France 727. After I finish this one, the one I'm planning to buy next is the A380 from Revell at 1/144, it's a very hard model, the most difficult model I have ever made, it'll take me about a year to built it and paint it!
Others I would be interested in are the Aeroflot IL-96, either at 1/144 or 1/200, which ever I find first, and the Air France Constellation at 1/144.

I decided I would not buy that many models anymore otherwise my collection will become too big and I won't know what to do with all those models filling up my appartment. I don't buy one unless I'm sure I really want it, I think twice before I take the decision to buy!

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 4:10 am

Hi flying colours!

Do you know how many Go 737's were made and how many utopia British airways were made?

Come on Ryanair! Come on BOH! BASE BASE BASE! Flying high in the skies...........
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 4:13 am

Hi all,

I collect 1:200 plastic scale aircraft. I have over 100 models. My favorite are proberly the GO 737's, i also love the British airways utopia colours. I have over 21 British Airways models in varouis liverys, chelsea, cheltic, usa, landor, china............................. and more!


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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 5:32 am

Too many!! Mostly 1/200 plastic models from Hasegawa - most with aftermarket decals
Here goes:
1/200 Airbus A300 - American, Air Afrique, Garuda, Iberia, JAS, Korean, TDA, Saudi(o/c) - Converted to A310 - Air Jamaica, Canadian Forces
A320 - Air Canada, ANA, Ansett, Canada 3000, Canadian, Croatia, jetBlue X 2, Northwest, Skyservice, United, US Airways, Vietnam - "shrunk" to 319 - Air Canada
A321 - Airtours, ANA, Transasia, US Airways, Virgin Sun
Boeing 727 - Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Alaska(Seahawk 1), Allegheny, American, Braniff(red/gold), Continental(n/c), Delta(o/c), DHL, Emery, FedEx, Hughes Airwest, Iberia, Kiwi, Lufthansa(o/c), Northwest, National, Ozark, PSA(o/c), Piedmont, Republic, TWA(n/c), United, UPS, Western("W"), Western(Indian head)
Boeing 737-200 - Air California, Aloha, Canadian, Canadian (Goose), Canadian North(n/c), Canjet, CP Air, Delta Express(Power Puff), Eastwind, Eastern Provincial, EPA, Hooters, Japan Transocean, Ladeco, Metrojet X 2, Nordair, Pacific Western, Ryanair "Kilkenny", Ryanair "Christmas", United, USAF, Westjet, Zip green, Zip pink
737-300(cut down -400) - Air Europa, Ansett, British Airways X 3(Rendevous, Bahaus, Waves and Cranes), Delta, Easyjet, Garuda, Polynesian, Southwest(o/c), United, US Airways, Western Pacific X 9(Split, Broadmoor, Security Credit, Simpsons, Col. Springs, Col. Tech, Sam's Town 1 & 2, Thrifty)
737-400 - Aer Lingus, Aloha, Alaska, JAL, Japan Transocean X 2, JEX, LOT, Malaysia, Myannmar, Olympic, Pegasus, Piedmont, Skynet Asia, Turkish
737-500 - Air Nippon, Asiana, Braathens, British Airways, China Southern, Continental, Lufthansa, Rio Sul, SAS, Southwest
Boeing 747(100/200) - Braniff, Cathay Pacific, Continental(n/c), JAL(SRE) x 2, JAL(Disney), Iberia, National, Olympic, United, USAF(E-4B), USAF(VC-25), UPS, Wardair
747-300 - Ansett, Corsair, JAL(SRE), KLM, Pakistan, Sabena, South African
747-400 - Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Air New Zealand(o/c), ANA, ANA(-D - Pokemon), Asiana, British Airways X 2(Dove, Whale Rider), Canadian, Cargolux(converted to -400F), Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EL AL, Eva Air, Garuda, JAL, JASDF, KLM, Korean, Kuwait, Lufthansa, Malaysia, Mandarin, Northwest, Phillipines, Qantas X 2(reg. and "Formula 1"), Sigapore X 3(reg., "50th" & -400F), South African (o/c), Thai X 2(reg. & "Barge"), United, Virgin X 2(old & new)
Boeing 757(HOGAN) - America West " Battle Born"
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 6:00 am


In 1:200 scale plastics, where Ryanair 737-200 made? Where BA 737's made with Rendevous, Bahaus, Waves and Cranes on the tails made?Ba 747's dove and candadian tails made?

It sounds to me that your talking about small metal planes!

Don't know, post a message please telling me, thanks

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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 9:39 am

As I stated at begining of post, these are 1/200 plastic models that I assemble out of the box, from Japanese model company Hasegawa. Decals are from numerous companies, for example Ryanair are from Jetdecal, the British Airways Utopia markings are from Draw Decal.
Now back to the list:
Boeing 767-200 - Air Canada, Air Gabon, American, Ansett, Delta, JASDF(E-767), LAM, Malev, Piedmont, South African, TWA(o/c), TWA(n/c), United, US Air, US Airways
767-300 - Aeroflot, AeroMexico(Hogan Model), Air Canada(Canadian hybrid), Air China, Air DO, Air Holland, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, ANA X 4(reg., Whale, jr., Pokemon '98, Pokemon'99), Australian, Avianca, British Airways X 2(Chelsea Rose, Waves of the City), Canadian, China Yunnan, Delta, Iberia, JAL, KLM, Lauda, Leisure International, LOT, LTU Sud, Martinair, Qantas, Royal Brunei, SAS(o/c), Skymark, Sobelair, Spanair, Transbrasil(o/c), United, Varig, Vietnam
Boeing 777-200 - Air China, Air France, ANA, Alitalia, American, British Airways X 2(Wings, Chatham Dockyard), Cathay Pacific, Continental, Delta, Emirates, Egypt Air, JAL, JAS, Korean, Kuwait, Lauda, Malaysia, Saudi Arabian, Singapore X 2(reg. and 50th Ann.), Thai, United
777-300 - ANA, JAL
Douglas DC-9(-30, unless specified) - Airborne Express(-40F), AirTran, Cebu Pacific, Eastern, Garuda, Hawaiian(-50), JAT, Midwest Express, Northwest X 2(-30 and -50), SAS(-20), Southern(last c/s), Texas Int'l (last c/s), US Air
Boeing 717 - using DC-9 kit and InFormation parts - AirTran, Hawaiian
DC-10 - Canadian, Continental, Garuda, Hawaiian(mod to -10), JAS(Peter Pan Flight), KLu, Laker, Northwest(1/2 KLM), Overseas National), Phillipines, USAF
MD-11 - Aer Lingus, American, Alitalia, China Eastern, Citybird, Delta, Eva Air, FedEx, Finnair, Garuda, JAL, KLM, Korean, Martinair, Mandarin, Swissair, Thai, Varig, VASP, World
MD-80 - Alaska, American, Continental, Crossair(McDonald's), Delta, Edelweiss, Finnair, Frontier, Jetsgo, New York Air, Northwest, PSA, SAS(planes), Spanair, Spirit, TDA, TWA X 2(n/c and "pride")
MD-87 -American, Iberia, JAS, SAS
MD-90 - American, Delta, JAS X 7, Reno Air, Saudi Arabian, SAS
Lockheed L-1011 - Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Delta X 2(also a -500), Eastern, Gulf Air, Hawaiian, Lockheed Demonstrator, RAF(-500), Royal, TWA(delivery)
Finally in 1/200, Hogan Air Canada A330
1/144 is Revell TAP A340-300, American F100 and Air Canada A340-300
and finally Glencoe 1/126 Convair 880 in Northeast "Yellowbird" colours
Whew!! That's the commercial side(only a few military types involved)
The other half is 1/72 military types and few civie types
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Sat Oct 09, 2004 4:07 pm

1 have only faV:

Now you're really flying
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Tue Oct 12, 2004 3:49 pm

Well, I have a ton of models in my collection. I have collected mostly Schabak models since I was a young boy, but I have started to collect other size models over the past few years.

This is actually more or less what I have: (and NO, I'm not exaggerating)

Schabak 1/600- 1,326 models (and counting)
Schabak 1/500- 37 models
Schabak 1/250- 44 models
Herpa 1/500- 459 models
Herpa 1/400- 45 models
Gemini Jets 1/400- 326 models (includes Phoenix/ Black Box/ Aero Classics)
Gemini Jets 1/ 250- 2 models
Dragon Wings 1/400- 288 models (includes Jet-X)
Star Jets 1/500- 41 models
Schuco 1/600- 47 models
Sky Marks - 56 models
Hogan Wings-65 models
Long Prosper-still counting

I also have quite a few large models made by PacMin, Atlantic-Models, and some which I have purchased from ebay. I also have some models by Corgi, really cheesey ones from when I was a kid made by Matchbox, Bachman and quite a few other brands. I also have some models that I have built my self, one of them being a 1/144 Airbus A380 (still not done yet).

Where do I have all of these models? In my basement. My 1/400 models with many of my 1/600 and 1/500 models are on display cases that I purchased at Ikea. The rest is on endless number of shelves attatched to the wall and some are also hanging from the ceiling. I have spent a lot of money on getting all of these models, It's actually related to my addiction to ebay!!!

The Schabak models are of course, in Schabak quality, but it would be hard to just stop collecting it all together since they continue to produce new models. The funny part is that I have a small number of doubles in my collection but when it comes to the 1/600 scale, I'll tolerate it if it means that I have to purchase one in order to get another rare model, (the way it is commonly done on ebay).
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:18 am

Here's my collection list:

1: My custom-painted kit models (I did these myself):
a) Doyusha 1:100 Boeing 747-100 painted in Smith Airways livery (metallic
green w/gold band and gold Celtic lettering; gold Celtic knot design on
green tail--similar to BA Colum; green engines w/gold bands)
b) Heller 1:125 Boeing 747-100 in older Smith Airways livery (metallic green
upper half fuselage, light green & gold cheatline; gold block lettering; gold
tail w/green shamrock; green engines)
c) L-1011 Tristar (unknown scale, Monogram)--formerly in Eastern colors,
now in experimental metallic red, blue, and gold livery, no titles

2: Dragon Wings 1:400: Airbus house colors A380

3: GeminiJets 1:400:
a) Aer Lingus 747-148 St. Patrick/Padraig (My personal favorite)
b) ATA L-1011
c) Virgin Atlantic (NC) 747-400 G-VBIG Tinker Belle in a tin (just got this
one yesterday at Collectors Aircraft Model shop at Heathrow Sheraton
Skyline hotel)
d) Aer Lingus A330-200 (do I still have this one?)

4) SkyMarks 1:200 (on order from Collectors Aircraft at LHR):
Virgin Atlantic (NC) Airbus A380

5): Seeking: A TWA (twin stripes) 747-131 (I'm hoping that Collectors Aircraft
can find one for me, since Starjets 1:500 is no longer making models). Any help would be appreciated in finding a decent TWA 747-100 twin stripes.
That is the one and only 747 I ever got to fly on, and that's my favorite type!

6): I'm also seeking (in 1:400 or 1:500):
Continental (OC) 727-200 (my first ever commercial flight)
US Airways 767-200
Old-airline 747-100/200: Pan Am, NW Orient, Braniff
Eastern L-1011
NW (NC) 747-200
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Thu Nov 04, 2004 3:55 pm

Here is what I have.

DC-9-30's: ValuJet, Continental, Delta OOC, Northwest OC, Airtran

MD-80's: Reno Air, Air Jamaica, American (Hybrid Reno Air white), Crossair

MD-90: Saudi Arabian

MD-11: World Airways, American, Delta OOC

Embraer 145: American Eagle

A330-200: Sabena NC

A321: Air Jamaica

A320: JetBlue, Air Canada

A300: American

A340-300: BWIA

747-200: TWA NC

767-300: United OOC, Aeroflot Russian, American, Gulf Air Anniversary, Gulf Air Traveler, Lan Chile OC, Asiana
757-200: Eastern

737-200: RyanAir (Jaguar scheme), Bahamasair, Delta OOC, COPA Panama OC

717-200: AA-TWA Hybrid

737-300: US Airways

737-700: Southwest, COPA Panama NC

737-800: Delta OC, Sun Country, Varig Brasil

777-200: Delta (Olympics)

777-300: Emirates

727-200: Eastern, Air Jamaica, Continental, American

L1011: Delta
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RE: Your Airplane Models

Thu Nov 04, 2004 4:00 pm

I apologize, I forgot to mention that these models I have are all 1:400 scale. I like Gemini Jets, Dragon Wings, JetX, Phoenix, SMA, Big Bird, etc.
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