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Yuma Airshow 2019

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:49 pm
by AlmaShell
Hello to all!

Soon it is going to come the Yuma Airshow 2019 and a lot of different and very interesting airshows during all spring. But on all pages (e.g. I see info that all normal backpacks are prohibited!

So I have for example 2 camera bodies (EOS R and EOS M), 4 lenses (100-400, 35, 15-45, 55-200), tripod, folding chair or blanket, documents, purse and some small unrestricted things! 

And another sad thing! For being on the most of airshows I have to travel by air! So I have to have normal bag or backpack!

Before exploring all of this restrictions I was planning to take compact travel backpack (with 48liters volume). Yes it is large, but it is the best option to carefully take everything that probably I will use on the each airshow! But right now I am confused. I am not planning to take any prohibited things on the shows and I am fully ready for deep control in the checking area.

What can you advice in all this story? What to do? I am just beginner photograph and the newbie to all of these restrictions. I will happy, if you give me any advices. :)

Many thanks for your attention!


Re: Yuma Airshow 2019

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:35 pm
by dutchspotter1
I'd recommend writing an email to the airshow organizers.
Had a similar situation at Aviation Nation (Nellis), turned out it was no problem at all to take my photo backpack.