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Nagoya Komaki Spotting Questions

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:44 am
by hkg82

Might be doing a trip to Nagoya and wanted to clarify a few things about Nagoya Komaki Airport from a photos standpoint:

- Understand the observation deck is good and gives you clear views of the runway and apron traffic, my primary objective is to get some of the JSDF traffic based there. I've been told by many people that on weekdays you are likely to get arrivals and departures. Is this still the case? What would be the best time period to go for the military stuff?

- Are there are still C-130s based at Komaki & do they fly a lot? I am particularly keen on C-130 traffic.

- How is weather typically in Feb from a spotting point of view?

Appreciate military traffic can be hit & miss but would appreciate any advice/guidance.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Nagoya Komaki Spotting Questions

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:48 am
by julianrv
Not sure about traffic patterns but I was able to catch C-130's there doing touch & go's last year and there were a number of them parked on the JSDF side.

Feb IMHO is very good for spotting in central Japan as is usually the driest month of the year and it's still cold so heat haze shouldn't much of an issue.

Beside the airport observation deck another option is the Aichi Aviation Museum observation deck which gives you a more elevated view. Also if you bring a small ladder or stool you can try the shopping mall (former intl terminal) parking lot next to the museum as there you're very close to the taxiway while the fence is quite low..