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Photography At EWR

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2002 12:21 pm
by Mark2102
I was at EWR around 7:00 P.M. to pick my dad up because he was coming home from ATL. I was at Terminal A. I knew I was not allowed beyond the metal detectors so I waited by the sign "Gates 20-28." Then there was a national guard man there and I went over and asked him if I could take one picutre out of the window of an AA MD-83. He told me no! I was very upset and I could not understand what the bad thing was of taking pictures outside on the tarmac. I could understand it not being allowed in the airport but why not through the glass? Could somebody explain?


RE: Photography At EWR

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2002 12:35 pm
by H. Simpson
of course you can not understand, they never graduate from High School

RE: Photography At EWR

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2002 12:47 pm
by airplanenut

That is normal. I emailed the PA because I was hoping to go mid-February (flop). Here is what I was told:

In the entire terminal you won't be allowed to take pictures... maybe the gate area for A and C (DEFINITELY not in Terminal B) you can take some shots. I was told the monorail is fair game... the train or a station. If it wasn't for some @#[email protected]#$ reflections, I got some nice shots of some international heavies from the Terminal B station. Just be aware of the trains that want to come at the WRONG time.


RE: Photography At EWR

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2002 5:21 pm
by aps
They dont really have to power or knowledge to deny you from taking pictures.... do what i did ask a cop or security guard ! (basically someone who understands airports and what they are doing there)

i had no problem at all...

RE: Photography At EWR

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2002 12:53 am
by tpk
My experience at Newark is you'll get as many answers to that question as people you ask. No one has a clue what the official policy is although everyone tries to police their own version of the "law". Keep on taking photos!