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Post-screening question

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:41 am
by Block40Osan
I just got an email saying my image ( ... df04e83293) is rejected for not specifying the month (+High Contrast), but seriously though it’s a military aircraft and regarding the Korean law I was doing what I was supposed to do; You can’t tell when and where it was flying.

Plus, many of my military aircraft images were accepted although I did NOT specify the month it was taken.

Examples) ... 0S/5142699 ... II/4746413

Frankly I feel this is double standard at work, then what are all those images on (not just the ones from me) that are lacking the ‘very essential’ info your site claim to input.

How do you guys think? Below is what I got.

Here's why your photo was rejected:

- High Contrast
- Info
- Personal Message

The Screener left a comment regarding this photo:
"year not sufficient,Need atleast month"

I’m not really blaming anyone here, but shouldn’t there be minimum requirements stated in order to allow photographers to determine whether this information is required or not? Current standard is rather too vague IMO.

Re: Post-screening question

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:31 am
by jelpee
Hello Block400san:

The Acceptance Guide on the Photo Upload page says the following:
"For modern images, the date must include at least the month. You do not need to include the day, unless the image is from an airshow, display, or museum. In those cases, a full date must be given"

Also Location can be designated as "Withheld".

Re. the date, while there are images in the database with just the year, it is not a double standard, but more likely that the screener missed that attribute when reviewing the image. It would be nice if the "month and "year" field were made "required ' fields where it would post an error during the upload process if they were missing. This would be be helpful to photographers and us screeners. I will check with the tech side if this is on the Squawk Sheet for improvements.

Hope this helps.


Re: Post-screening question

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:04 am
by airkas1
Making the month a mandatory field will cause some issues with oldies uploaders I think. So I'm not a big fan of doing that. As for sensitive locations, a withheld location and not a full date should be sufficient in my opinion. And even then here aer still ways to be more creative to make sure no-one will know when and where you took the photo.