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Iberia Inaugural Service: Madrid to Basel in Business

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:31 pm
by Knightsofmalta
Here's the link to the photos.

No sooner have I completed my homework for this week it’s already time to head back home to Basel to get ready for my trip to Luxembourg tomorrow. I check out of the hotel and walk the short distance to Atocha station. Part of the road has been closed off for traffic, and there are families with kids running around where usually the cars are stuck in traffic. It’s still quite fresh here in Madrid, nonetheless it certainly feels as though spring is just round the corner.

If you’re flying from Terminal 4 at Madrid Barajas, your best bet by public transport is the Cercania line C1, which runs from Atocha station to Terminal 4. The journey takes just under 30 minutes and will set you back EUR2.60 for a oneway ticket.

I checked in for the flight yesterday evening using the Iberia app, which is quite erratic in its behaviour. But eventually I manage and find myself assigned to 4F, a window seat, which is fortunate seeing as this will be the inaugural flight to Basel and I’m kind of hoping for a water canon salute.

The terminal has a nice airy feel, which is achieved partly by the very high ceiling that is designed to give the impression of waves on the sea, and partly by the fact that the facility is indeed more or less deserted. Where is everyone?

Incidentally, there is a fast track for security if you have status or if you’re in Business Class. Just follow the signs marked Fast Track VIP.

Terminal 4 is dedicated to the Oneworld alliance carriers and a few others. My flight will be leaving from the satellite, which also has a few Schengen gates. However, be warned that there is absolutely nothing at all in the Schengen part of the satellite – no shops and no lounge. So it’s best not to journey across to the facility too early.

The lounge is spacious and offers ample seating opportunities. There is a quiet area with day beds and there are also showers in addition to the toilets, which are very clean.

The food selection is good, but not quite as nice and extensive as in the non-Schengen lounge. Admittedly, the presentation could be improved – all the dishes are served in these rather ugly plastic containers. But the quality of the food is good.

Complimentary wifi is available in the lounge.

The flight to Basel is boarding from gate M28 according to the flight information displays. However, at some point an announcement is made that for some reason there has been a gate change and the flight to Basel will now be leaving from M49. Only thing is, M49 is occupied by the flight to Munich. Eventually though, the whole thing is sorted, and apparently Munich is boarding from M51 right next door.

Boarding is by areas and the first passengers invited to board the aircraft are Business Class and status holders.

Well, well, well! There seems to have been an aircraft change. And what a pleasant surprise it has turned out to be. Instead of an Airbus A 319 with the usual European style Business Class cabin with the middle seat empty, this aircraft has its own dedicated Business Class cabin with amazingly plush seats in a 2 + 2 configuration.

Admittedly, the finish of the seat is not particularly nice but the seat is certainly comfortable. I suspect that this must be one of those aircraft Iberia normally sends on some of its long thin routes.

Storage space is good, but there are no power plugs and there is no inflight entertainment system either.

There are four rows of Business Class and every seat is taken, which is rather surprising given that this is the inaugural flight.

The crew are a nice, friendly bunch, but for some reasons they’re totally stressed out during boarding. But once the flight eventually gets underway on time, they seem to calm down.

The service begins with the distribution of Spanish and English language newspapers.

Iberia may have just restored my faith in European Business Class!

The meal today consists of:
• pear tomatoes, courgette and asparagus salad
• a choice of pasta filled with cheese and nuts
• a veal burger with Pedro Ximenez sauce and potatoes
• Manchego cheese
• Carbayon
• selection from the breadbasket with olive oil
• coffee served with dark Lindt chocolate

The meal is rather nice and the purser working the Business Class cabin does an excellent job of making passengers feel comfortable. The service and food have a rather nice and decidedly Spanish feel.

After a flight time of roughly two hours we start our descent into Basel. The captain informs us that there will be a water canon salute to celebrate the inauguration. And what a grand show it is! It’s a nice sunny day in Basel, and as we glide down onto the runway, I can see spotters lining the perimeter fence to watch us coming in. The water canon salute is simply cool and as we disembark, every passenger is handed a goody bag with souvenirs of both Iberia and the Euroairport to mark the occasion.

All in all, I really enjoyed this flight. I think the standard on Iberia is very good and the crew were all just so nice. Easyjet already operates on the Madrid-Basel route. But I think if they’re not careful, Iberia may end up giving them quite a run for their money, Terminal 4 in Barajas is far superior to the terminal Easyjet uses, add to that the fact that as a Executive Club member flying Iberia gives you access to fast track immigration and security and lounge access, and it seems like a done deal.

Re: Iberia Inaugural Service: Madrid to Basel in Business

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:38 am
by dcajet
Those A319s spend their days flying to Moscow, Tel Aviv and destinations in Africa, such as Malabo. In between those flights, you will catch them doing European or domestic runs.

Re: Iberia Inaugural Service: Madrid to Basel in Business

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:39 am
by Knightsofmalta
Hi dcjet

Thanks for the info. I'm kind of wondering if I was just really lucky that day to hitch a ride on one of those aircraft or if Iberia did that intentionally to celebrate the inauguration of its news route. Which ever is way, it was certainly better than your standard Euro Business Class seating configuration!


Re: Iberia Inaugural Service: Madrid to Basel in Business

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:16 pm
by mdavies06
Thanks for the report and glad you catch an inaugural and a good one too.
BTW- given you write so many trip reports (this month it seems you have more new reports than anyone else on, would you consider starting your own youtube channel? Just grab a GoPro camera and start shooting.

Re: Iberia Inaugural Service: Madrid to Basel in Business

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:12 am
by Knightsofmalta
I've actually never thought about youtube. I suppose I might look into it, although I suspect it would be a lot more work with all the editing.