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Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:49 pm

Video report of the below trip:

FlyBE - BE6160 - London Southend to Budapest - ERJ195/LR

British Airways - Club Europe - BA867 - Budapest to London


Hello A'netters. Hope you're all well.

We had an upgrade voucher via Avios that I wanted to make use of. Hunting through the BA website I was able to bag 2 return upgrade tickets from Budapest, on Club Europe.

It was then time to look into how we get to Budapest. There were quite a few reasonable options. But we wanted either something late on a Friday or first thing Saturday morning.

I really liked the look of the FlyBe option from Southend. Timing and pricing ticked the right boxes. And it would also enable me to try out Southend airport.

New airport. New route. New aircraft (would be my first on an ERJ195 LR). I was sold.

Booking via the website was simple enough and easy to navigate.

Since we had a 0720 departure we needed to stay near the airport.

Premier inn seemed to be the best bet. A total of £30 for the room plus another £30 for the train to Southend plus a tenner for the 2 way taxi from the airport. Net of 70 quid on top of the air ticket was still cheaper than taking the night Ryanair flight from Stansted. Result.

FlyBe started this new route in May of 2017. It operates a thrice weekly flight from London's 6th airport. Was looking forward to this flight.

Thanks for GCMap for the illustration of our route, below:



FlyBe (Air Stobart) - BE6160
Route: SEN - BUD
Flight Reg:G-FBEL; Delivered to FlyBe on June 2008.
Aircraft Type: EMBRAER ERJ-195 LR
Seat: 6A
Flight time: 07:20 - 10:45 (07:37 - 10:37)
Actual flight time: 2Hr
Distance: 881 Miles
Load: Around 50%
4 Nov 2017
My Log book: 3rd Flight on FlyBe/ 1st flight on EMBRAER ERJ-195 LR / 147th Total overall flight

Southend Train station - The night before our trip

Checked in online (OCI) the previous day. OCI begins 36 hours prior to departure. Upon OCI, seat selection was charged for, or else free automatic section. I chose the free automatic selection and was lucky to get 6A and B. the website wasn’t able to add our Avios number during checking in. Apart from that a seamless process. (it has been over a month now, and still have not received any points for my account, but my wife has received it! Not worth the hassle to follow up)

On the day it was a quick 5 minute drive to the airport. Check in was super quick. Security took around 10 minutes.

SEN on a Saturday morning 6:00 AM

FlyBe Check in desks

Heading towards security

There are 6 boarding gates at the airside. Few restaurants and a duty free shop. Decent for a small regional airport. Bear in mind that the food at the restaurant is very expensive. A coffee and croissant costs you £6.60!

Airside at SEN

The most expensive Croissant and coffee here; friendly service though:

Early morning departures at SEN

Boarding began 30 minutes before departure. But was held in A queue due to engineering checks. We were held for around 20 minutes and only boarded by 7:20 which meant a slightly delayed departure.

Flight time of 2 hours announced which meant that we would still land before scheduled arrival.
Time to board, on EasyJet???

There is our ride to BUD - A 9 year old ERJ195LR

20 minutes in the line, finally get to board

First impressions.

Warm welcome by the cabin crew. Aircraft smelt and looked fresh. I'm sure it helped that this was the first flight for the day on this aircraft.

Disembarked from the gate 10 minutes behind schedule. With the usual safety demonstration and indication of the route from the flight deck, out of the way, we roared down the runway in what probably felt like the quickest take off I've experienced.

I like the 2X2 seating on the ERJ195

Leg space shot

Neighbours at SEN -> EasyJet heading to Amsterdam

Reading material on board

There were quite a few empty seats on this flight today. Around 50% load. I did question the route While Booking The Flight. Essex to Budapest? Even though it's only thrice weekly.? Who would go? And my question was answered today. Not many.


My breakfast on board - Tasted quite good, actually

Cabin view

Nearing Budapest

I'm not sure what's the arrangement between FlyBe and Stobart too. As all the cabin crew, the livery, uniforms and all ancillary branding were all FlyBe. It was mentioned that this is a flight operated by Stobart but that's about it.

The rest of the flight was very comfortable. The temperature was towards the colder side and I prefer it this way.
Upon approaching Budapest, we got a beautiful view of The Danube and airport before landing.

Landed 5 min ahead of schedule. Remote stand parking. Unfortunately there was a bus waiting to bus us but no stairs. Lol!

Over the Danube

Landing at BUD on a cold and sunny winters day

From here on it was a quick exit out of the airport. Rental car collected and was looking forward to our 3 days in Budapest.

Tailfins at BUD

Can i choose the one on the right, please. Thank you.

Bussed to the terminal

Thank you FlyBE


Baggage collection

Exiting the airport


For us, this service worked really well. We had no issues and all things considered it was a very good option for us. Would we use it again, given the price and timing, perhaps yes.

Not sure how long this route would continue, though, as it looked like a very light load and for the price paid, not sure if it would be sustainable.
That being said, thanks for FlyBe for a great ride into Budapest.

Sights around Budapest

St. Stephen's Basilica

Budapest Eye

Danube against the setting sun

Hungarian Parliament building all lit up

On a misty road in Duna-Ipoly National Park

Basilica of Esztergom

Esztergom view

Buda Castle


British Airways - BA867
Route: BUD - LHR
Flight Reg:G-EUUD; Delivered to BA on April 2002.
Aircraft Type: Airbus 320-200
Seat: 3F
Flight time: 17:40 - 19:25 (17:51 - 19:01 )
Actual flight time: 2Hr 10 min
Distance: 928 Miles
Load: 100%
6 Nov 2017
My Log book: 25th Flight on BA/ 33rd flight on Airbus 320-200/ 148th Total overall flight

3 days later, it was time to leave Budapest


Day before flight online check in via mobile was a usual BA affair. Simple and seamless. Quite a few seats available on club Europe.

Day of the flight quick drive to the airport and car hire drop. Check in desks opened at 1540. it took us 12 minutes to check in.

Departures at BUD


Whenever i see this, it reminds me of the Movie 'Terminal' starring Tom Hanks

Check in desks at BUD

Heading towards Security

BA do not provide fast track at Budapest. Most, if not all the other airlines, do provide fast-track on premium class travel. Really do not see the point of club Europe on BA when such perks are also not provided. I wouldn't be surprised if BA completely follow the LCC route in Europe in the near future. Don't think anyone would ever buy a full fare club Europe ticket with their own money. A small perk like this would go a long way especially when other carriers provide them.

Anyways it took around 20 minutes to clear security.

Duty free at BUD


Airside at BUD


We then made our way to the lounge near gate B7.

Lounge was quite cosy or in other words quite tiny. Very few food and drinks options. Just about alright but nowhere sufficient for an airport like the Budapest. I'm not sure if there any other lounges at the airport. Probably near gates A.

Heading to the Lounge



Pre-departure snacks

Lounge view


Boarding began at 1710 and priority boarding worked well.

First impressions was usual BA. clean and crisp. Nice Philharmonic music being played upon boarding.

Seats as we all know, Leg space is a bit cramped but the centre seat locked for personal items is quite handy.

Time to board

There is our ride - A 15 year old A320 (G-EUUD)

Smart but cramped interiors

Where are all the aircrafts?

Middle seat - Handy when you have more than one drink :)

Leg space

Reading material

Full flight on this route back to Heathrow. On all classes and there were 5 rows of club Europe on this flight.

Boarding complete at 1730.

What do you guys think about the new BA safety video for comic relief? I think it's alright. They tried their take on British humour. Perhaps they tried a bit too hard?

Nevertheless we had a short taxi and away we went.

What BA lacked on the ground, lounge and cramped Seats, they made up for it with flawless and pampered service. It was a full load today and the flight attendants Worked tirelessly for the duration of the flight.

Started off with a spicy bloody Mary. Then has a Spanish red for the dinner service.

Dinner was fabulous. The chicken tikka was a perfect way to end our trip with.

Decisions, decisions..!

Bloody Mary it is! Love the Ciroc!

A very tasty meal


The trays were plastic but it didn't bother me too much.

Slightly turbulent ride back but nothing catastrophic.

We landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

It was a very quiet time at Heathrow T3. We were out of the airport with baggage by 1930! Btw bags marked with 'priority' didn't arrive first nevertheless we got our bags fairly quickly.

London Skyline at night

Good to be home!

Baggage Collection

And with that, our trip ended. We had a fabulous time in Hungary and would definitely like to go back.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. My next one would be to our trip to Vietnam for the Chinese New Year in February 2018. We have a few road trips across Europe in the interim, but no flight related trips unfortunately.

Until then, happy and safe flying.

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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:50 pm

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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:56 pm

Flybe has a habit of starting routes and then dropping them soon after. As you know this airline is loss-making and at the present time it is changing routes/schedules in a bid to become profitable. This winter saw the axing of LCY-CWL and from next month it is axing Shetlands. ... land-route

Yet only in July Flybe said it had a "long-term commitment" to the Shetlands ! ... to-islands
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:59 pm

LondonCity wrote:
Flybe has a habit of starting routes and then dropping them soon after. As you know this airline is loss-making and at the present time it is changing routes/schedules in a bid to become profitable. This winter saw the axing of LCY-CWL

LCY-CWL was only temporary to begin with, they started that flights due to closure of the Severn Tunnel between Wales and England which would have delayed trains to London Paddington by a few hours, so they took advantage of it, plus the flights were only initially scheduled to run for around 6 weeks.

Nice TR, Budapest is one of my favourite cities to visit, I'd love to explore the rest of Hungary too, I'm sure there are some hidden gems there.
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:50 am

Thanks for the info LondonCity

Thanks travelnstuff. Budapest was amazing and would've liked to spend more time in Hungary.
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:11 pm

Great trip report thank you! The hot meal on Club Europe looks very good.
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:44 pm

Thanks for the comments AirCbp. It was very good indeed. Credit where credit is due.
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:08 pm

Nice report, thanks for sharing!
That is a very expensive coffee and croissant indeed.
The return flight on BA looked more than decent, top job to them.
I love BA's small alcohol bottles :)
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Re: Weekend trip to Budapest on FlyBe (SEN) and BA (LHR)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:08 pm

Thanks for the comments CollegeAviator
Indeed it was! Even the person behind the counter admitted to it :)
Yes, BA were good. Credit where credit is due!
Especially when they're ciroc!

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