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Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Sat May 11, 2019 7:55 pm

Video Report

SKY Airline - H2800 - Santiago to Lima - A320-200NEO

Welcome to Part 3 of this report.

1. Part 1: South American escapades - On BA's Longest flight to Santiago
2. Part 2: South American escapades - Over to Torres Del Paine and back
3. Chile to Peru - On SKY Airlines
4. Domestic Peru - Lima to Cuzco, Juliaca and back
5. Part 5: South American escapades - Is there a worse way to get back from Lima to London?

This was the final day of our trip in Chile and now we needed to head towards Lima, Peru.

Quite a few flight options to choose from -> some very early flights and some even cheaper (Sky and Jet Smart). But the Avianca flight ticked all the right boxes -> not too expensive, yet a decent time (Well, kind of, compared to the 4:30 AM flight!)

Avianca (Costa Rica) - AV624
Route: SCL - LIM
Flight Reg:[url][/url]; Delivered to Avianca on
Aircraft Type: Airbus 321-200
Seat: 15A
Flight time: 06:55 - 08:45 ()
Actual flight time: Hr min
Distance: 1524 Miles
Load: % load
19th April 2019
Booking details:The booking page did not work on Google Chrome. So had to use IE. But was easy enough. Rates included free seat selection and 1 check in bag up to 23 Kilos. Total of £320 for 2 tickets.
My Log book: 1st Flight on Avianca/ flight on Airbus 321-200 / th Total overall flight

3 months before the flight, we got an email which stated a change in flight timings. The new flight timings was to leave an hour earlier and then arrive at the same original time! What??!?!? An extra hour of travel for what? A quick google search led me to believe that Avianca (and other airlines too) had not catered for the winter time change in Peru and had only realised it. Hence 6:55 AM today was equal to 5:55 AM after 9th April. Tried calling Avianca to see if they knew the exact reason to validate my research, to which I got some varied answers from "the flights take a longer route during winters" to straight up "I do not know"! Info about time changes in Chile: Punta Arenas area time does not change, whereas the rest of Chile the time changes on the 7th April

Anyways, this was way too early for us and hence requested a cancellation. Cancellation process was a bit messy. A 45 minute call to get these tickets cancelled! After that I had to then do the refund process manually online! Urgh! And the refund process! Mind boggling! 3 months and still no refund. Finally gave up and called AMEX to sort it out. I hope to never have to ever deal with Avianca! Finally got refunded around 100 days after I had first initiated cancellation. Probably the longest I have ever had to wait to get my cash back. I have even got travel insurance amounts quicker than this!

So instead, booked on the afternoon flight on Sky Airlines to Lima. This would mean that we waste a day, but I thought it would be prudent to take a day off in between our trip and this flight timing was good for us.

Thanks to GC Maps, illustration of routes for this trip.


SKY Airlines - H2 800
Route: SCL - LIM
Flight Reg:CC-AZH; Delivered to SKY Airlines on Feb 2019. The newest aircraft in their fleet upon time of flying it.
Aircraft Type: Airbus 320-200 NEO
Seat: 14A
Flight time: 14:05 - 17:00 (14:26 - 17:00)
Actual flight time: 3 Hr 34 min
Distance: 1524 Miles
Load: ~100 % load with a few scattered seats
19th April 2019
Booking details: Booked on Sky airlines website. Easy to use. Total of $244 for 2 tickets including 2 checked in luggage and seat selection.
My Log book: 2nd Flight on SKY Airlines/ 2nd flight on Airbus 320-200 NEO / 205th Total overall flight

2 days before, online check in was swift. Since I had already pre-booked seats, no hassle this time.

Day of the flight, since it was good Friday, hardly any traffic to the airport. Dropped the car off and reached the airport by 12 noon.

This time, check in with SKY airline was a lot more civilised and done in 5 minutes. They also allowed me to check in 3 bags even though I had only paid for 2. Well done SKY!

SCL Departures Terminal

SKY Airline check in desks at SCL


International departures

Immigration and security was done in 25 minutes.

Had a quick bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday before boarding.

It was a 10 minute walk to our gates which felt like it was part of the newer terminal building, C gates.

3 Minutes? more like 10. It was quick, nevertheless

Duty free

Tiny FIDS for a big(ish) airport

A quick lunch before we proceed

Heading towards our gates

A long walk, but we made it to our gates.

The Queen, hiding behind.

Time to board

Boarding commenced on time at 1335. As we approached the gate agent she wanted to check the Visa requirements for UK passport holders! It took them 15 minutes to figure out that we didn't need a Visa for short stay! It was 1400 by the time we boarded and we disembarked exactly at 1405. Looks like the pilot was in hurry as certain passengers was still settling in. Let's just say that this wouldn't have happened on flights anywhere else I've been to. I've never seen the aircraft move without passengers strapped in. Anyways, at least hoping for an on time flight.

Sky airlines seem to struggle with basic functionalities. First with charging my USD 9 at Punta arenas, and this time to check UK passport holders Visa eligibility.

How beautiful is she?!

Our ride to Lima - SKY Airlines' latest aircraft

On Board

Different angle, still looks gorgeous!

The aircraft, even though brand new, was a bit filthy and seats not cleaned. These seats, although a bit more spacious, didn't recline.

Sky airline is most certainly the Ryanair of south America. Advertisements and product placements on board, new aircrafts with maximum utilisation, bare essentials and everything charged for, including certain type of hand luggage.

Take off soon after, although no announcements from the flight deck. Everything seemed a bit hurried. However the A320 NEO is a fantastically quiet aircraft. Take off was silky smooth.

A new seat I have not seen before and different from the Recaro seats

Take off time

Bye Bye Chile

Over the Andes

The flight was almost full with a few scattered empty seats. Once airborne, captain announced a flight landing time at 1650 local time with a cruising altitude of 38000 feet.

Once again the crew only started serving us more than an hour into the flight.

Watched some movies on my phone that was pre-loaded.

Space saving toilets -> Jump seat integrated within the toilet door

Toilets with no mirrors!

Cabin View with Econorent advertising

Approaching Lima

Chatted with the crew. They struggled with their English but was willing to give it a try. They were interested in my videos and report writing and engaged very well with me. Good on them.

Rest of the flight was uneventful in a good way. Really like the A320 Neo. A solid and quiet aircraft. We had a turbulent free ride into Lima.

Landed on time. Once landed, rest of the formalities was quick. Out of the airport in 25 minutes.

Finding our gates at LIM

At Lima Airport



Duty free after immigration

Quite a few arrivals from Santiago. Baggage collection



Exiting the airport




Overall Sky airline seem to have a decent hard product. With mostly brand new aircrafts they're good for a LCC. The problem seems to be their ground staff. On both occasions they seem to stumble on simple mandatory airport related tasks. Moreover their payment portal via the website is questionable and hopefully it gets resolved in the future.
On board service is like any other LCC, nothing to write about.

Crew were a mixed bag. Overall decent but could do with a bit more refining.

Overall it was an acceptable way to get around and will be using them in the future, if I ever need to, as long as they can sort out their websites ecommerce portal.

Hope you liked this edition of the report. One more to go in this series, which would include 3 LATAM flights within Peru. Thanks for reading and until next time, happy and safe flying. Adios!

Sights around Santiago and Valparaiso



The beautiful Valparaiso




Our ride in Santiago and Valparaiso

Portillo ski resort
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Re: Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Sat May 11, 2019 7:55 pm

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Re: Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Sun May 12, 2019 4:10 am

Great report, as usual! Still need to snag a NEO myself.
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Re: Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Sun May 12, 2019 8:01 am

Thanks N809FR.
It is a lovely aircraft, albeit, not sure much changes in terms of passenger comforts, except for a quieter aircraft. The toilet sizes are a bordering unusable these days, on these newer aircrafts.
That being said, after riding on the A320NEO, now i get why Boeing were scrambling to get a new 737 asap.
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Re: Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Fri May 17, 2019 6:56 pm

Nice report. You snapped my airplane, VH-OEE from Sydney!
Flown: B717 - B722 - B732 - B737 - B738 - B742 - B744 - B762 - B789 - MD82 - MD83 - MD11 - A306 - A320 - A321 - A319 - A330 - J32 - SF340 - ATR72-600
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Re: Part 3: South American escapades - Bye Bye Chile, Hello Peru!

Fri May 17, 2019 7:56 pm

Thanks MedFlyerArg85.
Your air plane? Wow! :)

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