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*Video Only* One Of The Final AA MD-80 Flights - DFW-AMA in Main Cabin Extra

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:40 pm
by Ishrion
Full Trip Report with takeoff and a beautiful sunset landing:


I don't think I have to say it, as you probably already know American Airlines retired the last of its 26 MD-80s on September 4th, 2019.

In order to fly the aircraft one last time, I flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Amarillo and back on September 3rd and 4th.

This first part will cover the flight to Amarillo in Main Cabin Extra. This is N9628W's second to final revenue service.

[Flight Information]
✈ Aircraft: McDonnel McDonnell Douglas MD-83
✈ Registration: N9628W
✈ Airline: American Airlines
✈ Date: September 3, 2019
✈ Flight Time: 52 Minutes
✈ From: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
✈ To: Amarillo (AMA)
✈ Seat: 11A

- I went through Terminal D's security, which was a breeze. No one in line around 5:30 p.m.

- I shortly headed to the Skylink train in order to transfer to Terminal C.

- Terminal C seriously needs a renovation, or at least a window clean. The windows were extremely dirty and made it hard to see the aircraft.

- We shortly began boarding and headed onto the memory-filled MD-80.

- The cabin emitted a "yellow" lighting... a rather nostalgic feeling.

- American's MD-80 feature 16 First Class, 35 Main Cabin Extra, and 89 Main Cabin seats.

- These seats were OLD. They still feature the blue cloth, instead of the brown/dark blue leather American uses on its newer aircraft.

- MCE features a great seat pitch of 34 inches. The seat felt very comfortable as well.

- Shortly before departure, the pilot came on the PA (in the video) to announce it was his final MD-80 flight and acknowledged it would be sent to Roswell the next day.

- We departed and had a long taxi and wait before takeoff. There were quite a few departures at the time.

- Our takeoff was honestly very steep. It had a fantastic view of the DFW Airport.

- We shortly leveled off at the cruising altitude. The FA's came by and offered a choice of drink and pretzels.

- Soon after that, we began our descent and landing into AMA. The sun began to set and offered a stunning lighting.

- After a very smooth landing, we taxied into our gate. Amarillo has a very modern but small airport. It's one of the only airports in the U.S. to feature glass jetbridges.

- Upon disembarking, there was a professional photographer taking pictures of the MD-80 at the gate.

I'm definitely going to miss this aircraft... super comfortable compared to American's newer aircraft (Oasis).
The landing was definitely one of the most beautiful I've experienced... the sunset right over the Amarillo skyline was amazing.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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