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NY to LA on Qantas 787 *Video Only*

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 3:18 pm
by cframe
I recently flew aboard QF 12 - Qantas' daily flight between New York and Los Angeles. It used to be operated by a 747-400 but now is flown using a Boeing 787-9.

The journey started in New York City, having just departed the Queen Mary 2 a few days earlier.

I was flying to Australia on Qantas (rewards seats) and this was the first leg - a “domestic” sector aboard on the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

My flight was in Business Class. After checking out the American Airlines (One World) lounges I boarded my flight which was in Business Class.

The business class cabin is epic, with a 1-2-1 layout and plenty of legroom. Each seat has direct aisle access. Checking out the seat I noticed it had plenty of functions including lay flat bed mode, take off recline mode and a massage function.

The flight included a dinner service with entree, main course and a delicious dessert.

The flight was pretty smooth with only a bit of turbulence - but it was a long journey with a 5 hour 35 minute fight time due to strong winds. There were a few bumps mid-flight but otherwise smooth flying.

The video above shows you take off, the friendly Qantas onboard service, drinks service & dinner. Later it checks out the in flight entertainment and takes a look at the bathroom and seat in bed mode. Enjoy!

Re: NY to LA on Qantas 787 *Video Only*

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:53 am
by smi0006
Cabin looks great, as does the food!

How did you find the ratio of bathrooms? I know a lot of people voiced concern when the 789. Seat map was released 3 wouldn’t be enough