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*Video only* 6 Hour Christmas Delay on Air India to Malé | A320neo

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:43 am
by shashankach
Route: BLR - MLE
Airline: Air India
Flight Number: AI265
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320neo
Registration: VT - CIF
Class: Economy

Video link:

It all started as a normal Christmas morning. We were taking a short 1.5-hour hop over to the Maldives for a relaxing few days on the beach.

We arrived at the modern, convenient Kempegowda airport 3 hours before departure and got through immigration and security in less than 15 minutes. Given that this was not the early morning international rush hour, everything went smoothly (the only other international flight was a WY 737 to Muscat.) Boarding even started on time and we were seated 20 minutes before the scheduled departure of 2:30 pm.

30 minutes later, we were informed of a small technical delay. This delay went on for a mother hour before they gave in and served us the meal (Impressive that they served a full meal on this flight.) After 2 hours of watching neighboring planes come and go, we were finally allowed to disembark and wait in the terminal. I asked the first officer about the problem and he said there was a failure in one of the backup instruments and a new one needed to be shipped in on the next flight from BOM which would arrive at 6:30 pm.

Thankfully, the [art arrived at 6:30 and we finally departed at 7:15 pm. The flight itself was uneventful with a sufficient snack served. However, we missed the beautiful view of the atolls on approach and instead had a pitch-black view out the window.

We missed Christmas dinner at the resort but were glad to finally be at our destination.

Interestingly, 8 years ago, I took the return flight from MLE and the flight got canceled. I had to fly to TRV and we got to BLR 2 days later than planned. Who says beach vacations are uneventful!

The flight itself would've been impressive without the delay but it was mostly out of their control. They could have however let us deplane earlier in BLR.

Thanks for watching and reading this TR.

YT channel link if you're interested in other

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