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Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBG Sydney to Bandar Seri Begawan| 2004 Photos

Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:21 am

Trip Report: Sydney to Bandar Seri Begawan on Royal BruneI Airlines

This trip report is of flight in 2004, travelling from Sydney to Bandar Seri Begawan on Royal Brunei Airlines. I have covered multiple destination as I travelled to Singapore, Thailand, India and back.

Itinerary :
Sydney - Bandar Seri Begawan: Royal Brunei Airlines
Bandar Seri Begawan - Singapore: Royal Brunei Airlines
Singapore - Bangkok: Thai Airways
Bangkok - Mumbai : Thai Airways
Mumbai-Bangkok: Thai Airways
Bangkok- Singapore : Thai Airways
Singapore- Bandar Seri Begawan: Royal Brunei Airlines
Bandar Seri Begawan - Sydney: Royal Brunei Airlines

I had booked the ticket through travel agent. As Royal Brunei was offering good price. As I was interested to see multiple countries for the first time. I booked the flight. Before the flight I had researched about Brunei airport and visa requirements.

As I was able to get visa on arrival on paying Singapore or Brunei $2. I exchanged some cash in smaller denominations for the visa.

Flight Details
Airlines: Royal Brunei Airlines
Flight : BI194 SYD-BWN
Reg : V8-RBG
Aircraft: Boeing 767-33A/ER
Dep - SYD: 7:30 am AEDST
Arr - BWN: 12:35 pm
Flight time : 07 hrs 00 minutes


Royal Brunei flight departed early in the morning.

I was dropped at the airport by a friend.

Check-in counter queue was short, passport and ticket was checked. No questions asked got boarding card and immigration form.
I was asked If I would be heading out at Brunei.

Being early for the flight, met a workmate of mine who was also travelling on same flight to Hong Kong. I took a snap of my workmate.

As you may have noticed from photos quality, camera used was Ricoh automatic film camera.


Never thought I would be writing a trip report. below is the aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER


Immigration and security

Sydney immigration had two sections in those days: one for Qantas and oneworld partners and other for star alliance and others.

Security check was conducted as normal, there was no LAG restrictions in those days.


Boarding call started on time, boarding pass and passport was checked. In those days, everything was casual unlike what we experience today.

Crew was at door welcoming passengers, Interior of aircraft was showing age. Seats were worn and faded.

Pushback and Taxi

Upon boarding, noticed flight was full. I had window seat. pushback commenced shortly after doors were closed. Window view below of Air Canada Airbus A340-300 from Vancouver.


Emirates used to operate the Airbus A340-500 to Dubai and Auckland.


Taxi to runway 16R.


Departure was towards the South from runway 18R.


Southern Sydney Suburbs in view.


Attaining cruising speed and altitude.


Window View

It was a going to a wet day in Sydney. Flying over the cloud.


Inflight service

As I never intended to write a report, I did not take any photo of food or cabin. On achieving cruising level, service started with drinks.

I chose the orange juice. Brunei being a islamic country, no alcohol was served on the flight. The was a drop down display with direction towards Mecca and distance.

Crew on this flight were friendly and served customers well.

After drinks, cabin service commenced, option was chicken or fish. I chose the chicken.


There wasn't much in form of inflight entertainment other than looking out the window. After breakfast rested. Occasionally peeping out of the window. Flight path for this flight was towards North West Queensland and then towards Northern Territory, flying close to Darwin. Below view of leaving Northern Territory.


Last of Australian mainland below as flight is over the Timor sea.


Cabin Service

Cabin service began about 2 hours before landing, with snacks and drinks. During flight, water was served to customers.


Time passed off and it was landing time. Crew did their routine checks and landing was on runway 03. After arriving deplaned throught aerobridge.


Immigration, Custom and exiting the airport


BWN was a quiet and relaxed airport. BWN has a small transit hotel in the airport to rest.

As I was transitting through Brunei and the next flight to SIN was in the evening at 7.45pm. It was midday and nothing else to do at the airport.

Me and few other passengers headed towards the immigration.

The on arrival visa counter wasn't open and passengers who didn't have SIN$ or B$


City Trip

Bus service in BWN is irregular but for B$1 to city, who will complain. In comparison, taxi is expensive for $15 to city. I wasnt carrying much Brunei dollars as I was not planning of shopping.

People usually share a cab, but I was in no rush and there is nothing much to see in the city. It was mid-day and the sun was hot, while waiting for the bus, it started to rain heavy for few minutes and sun came back.

On reaching bus drop off point, met few of my fellow traveller. Checked where the return bus to airport would be departing from.

I entered the shopping centre and ended up shopping as the price seemed good.

Interesting note of this trip, people watching Bollywood movie in food court of the shopping centre.The movie had Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.

I appreciate the staff for helping me with the bag else my city visit would have been impossible. I don't get to feel the relaxed atmosphere living in a major city and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling.


Brunei Sights

Bandar Seri Begawan views


Kampong ayer


Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque



Trip Report: Brunei to On Singapore Royal Brunei Airlines

On return from City took public bus along with other passengers, I had met on the trip.

I thanked the staff and collected my bag from the counter.

After completing check-in passed security and waited for boarding to commence.

Aircraft to Singapore was a Airbus A320 with new interiors. As it was dark and having a film camera. I did not document the flight.

Trip Report: Singapore to Bangkok and Mumbai On Thai Airways

After spending 2 days in Singapore, it was time to head to India. Had booked flight on Thai Airways as I was planning of visiting Thailand on return journey. It would be first time visit to Thailand.

I got my first digital camera Sony DSC-P73 with 4.1 megapixels in Singapore.

Flight details:

Airlines: Thai Airways
Flight :TG 404 SIN-BKK
Reg : HS-TJD "Mukdahan"
Aircraft: Boeing 777-2D7
Dep - SIN :12:25 pm
Arr - BKK : 13:45 pm
Flight time : 2 hours, 20 minutes
Distance: 885 miles (1425 km)

At the airport, I met my friend who was going to Delhi. I checked my bags at the check-in and received boarding pass. My visa to India was checked. As I there was no online check-in, I request the check-in staff for window seat.

Inflight and Cabin Service

I wasn't planning of writing a trip report hence I took just 1 picture of the interior with flight path. Lunch was served on the flight.


Window View flying over coast of Thailand.



Closer to Bangkok.



Flight was to arrive at Don Mueang International Airport as Suvarnabhumi Airport was under construction to open in 2006.


Arrival in Bangkok

Time passed quickly for this short flight.Crew conducted routine check before arrival.





As I had recently bought a camera, I had limited memory about 4MB card and the battery was not fully charged. I didn't make a video in 480px instead clicked photos as plane taxied.



International flights




Exited runway, to watch martin cargo depart


Phuket Air arriving in BKK [DMK now]


Thai Airways Boeing 747-400


Heading towards gate.


Taxing Singapore Airlines to Singapore .


Thai Airways A300


Phuket Air Boeing 757-200


Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 about to touchdown.


Phuket Air Boeing 747-300


Mid-day Traffic at BKK.


Turkmenistan Boeing 757



Arrival area at Bangkok airport. As I was transitting with 6hrs before next flight to Mumbai. I took photos of action around.


Baggage claim information


Apologies for the blurry picture as I clicked while walking.


Immigration area at BKK



Visitors filling the visa on arrival form.



Indian Airlines to Chennai and Kolkata


While waiting for flight, saw the Thai Airways Airbus A330 in Royal Barge livery.


Waiting area for flight.


Flight to Mumbai was TG317 BKK-BOM. I had received my boarding pass in Singapore for this flight. I waited in the transit area for boarding call. flight departed on time. I didn't take pictures except the shot below as it turned dark after departure. Aircraft was Boeing 777-200ER. Meal was served after departure and light were turned off.


Flight arrived in Mumbai on time. Immigration queues were long in those days. Baggage took time to arrive and Custom was quick as I walked out through the Green channel.

Trip Report: Mumbai to Bangkok AND Singapore On thai Airways

Return trip from Mumbai was on TG318 BOM - BKK was in Jan 2005. Flight departed around Mid-night to arrive early in the morning in Bangkok. I didn't document this flight being late night. After arriving in Bangkok, I went to immigration and received visa on arrival, didn't have to fill any form.

After couple of days in Bangkok, it was time to head to Singapore. Below trip report details the Bangkok- Singapore flight.

Flight Details:
Airlines: Thai Airways
Flight :TG 409 BKK-SIN
Reg : HS-TJG "Pattani"
Aircraft: Boeing 777-2D7
Dep - DMK :16:20
Arr - SIN : 19:35
Flight time : 2 hours, 15 minutes
Distance: 885 miles (1425 km)


Arrived at Don Mueang International Airport by taxi and headed for check-in. Checked the bag till Singapore as I would be staying in Singapore for few days.



In those days had to pay airport tax in Thailand and there were machine to make payment. paid the airport tax.


Visit Thailand sculpture.


Flight Schedule


After completing check-in headed upstairs for some food.

Plane Spotting

Royal Jordanian Airbus A340-300


Tiger Airways



Royal Nepal Boeing 757-200 and Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-96


Boarding and Departure

Boarding commenced on time for the flight. I had got window seat. Flight departed on time.

Inflight Service

As flight time was short, received snack on this flight.

Arrival in Singapore

Soon it was descend time and crew conducted pre-arrival checks.


Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400


Flight arrived at Terminal 2.


After arrival, passed immigration and headed to hotel.
I travelled to Malaysia same day by bus. On return trip to Singapore, I was asked by lady immigration officer at the Johar Baru, why I went to Malaysia. I answered the questions from the immigration officer, was stamped 48 hrs visa. Which didn't matter to me as I was departing same day to Brunei.

Trip Report: Singapore to Bandar Seri Begawan And Sydney on Royal BruneI Airlines

]After few days travelling in Singapore and Malaysia, it was time to return back to Sydney.

Flight details:

Airlines: Royal Brunei Airlines
Flight : BI422 SIN-BWN
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Dep - Syd: 15:15 pm
Arr - Bwn : 17:35 pm
Flight time : 01 hrs 45 minutes

Flight to BWN was in the afternoon connecting to the Sydney flight with 4.5hr transit.Flight was departing from Terminal 2. Arrived at the airport on time and checked my bag till Sydney.

After passing immigration, had some meal before heading to the gate area.



Singapore Terminal 3 was under construction


Royal Brunei Airbus A320 at gate after arriving from Bandar Seri Begawan


V8-RBT to operate flight BI422 SIN-BWN



Passengers flying to Brunei were mostly connecting to Australia or Philippines. Boarding was called on time and flight departed on schedule.

Crew on this flight were friendly. they provided good service to customers. Snacks were provided on the flight.


View of Brunei country side while descending.


Arriving in Brunei


Transit in Brunei

After landing, disembarked through the aerobridge and waited in the transit area for next flight to Sydney.


Transit area was small with few shops for souvenirs.


Flight details:

Airlines: Royal Brunei Airlines
Flight : BI 193 BWN- SYD
Aircraft: Boeing 767-33A/ER
Dep - Bwn: 11:30 pm
Arr - Syd : 6:35 pm
Flight time : 06 hrs 55 minutes

Transit time passed seated or browsing the shop. i ended up spending my last few Singapore Dollars on gifts. Boarding was called soon for the flight. After passing security check, waited for boarding calls.



Flight departed BWN at 11.30pm. it was dark outside. I did not document the food and cabin being tired. I could not note the flight registration as the aircraft could not be viewed from the gate. On Arrival too the aircraft view was obstructed.


Sydney flight was operated with Boeing 767-300ER with upgraded interiors. Each seat had IFE. After departure, meal was served and cabin lights were switched off.


Flight Path

Flight path for this flight was over Northern Territory and then Queensland before arriving in Sydney on Runway 16R.



Cabin Service

Breakfast was served in the morning. Flight information before arrival.


Arrival in Sydney

Flight arrived on time. Immigration and quarantine queues were short as BI was one of the first arrival before morning peak in Sydney.

Got my bag and was out soon.

I hope you enjoyed the report.

Thanks for reading.


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