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Trip Report

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2000 10:21 am
by Adam84
This a quite a long report.
I arrived at JAX at 6 for the 7am flight to IAH, check in was quick and the agent was very friendly. I went through security and to my gate and when I looked out the window it was a 737-300 which kinda saddend me cause my itinerary said I was flying a 737-700. My stepbrother and I used our miles to upgrade the whole way so we were in 1 E & F. They served us drinks before the flight and asked us what we wanted to eat for breakfast. The choices were Scrambled eggs and something else, I chose the eggs. We tookoff on time and hit some turbulence right after takeoff. They then started serving breakfast, The eggs, sausage and potatoes I got were very very good. Right after breakfast I fell asleep for the rest of teh 2h20m flight, we hit quite a bit of turbulence on the way so I kept waking up. It was a excellent flight. We landed on time and taxied to the gate which was in the IAB terminal. Our layover was only an hour so we didnt have much time to do anything. We walked to gate C46? which was where the flight to HNL was departing, we got there and there was no where to sit and the line at the counter was huge. We waited in line to see if there was any First class seats avialable, they told us to get on the plane with our coach boarding passes and they would get us if anything was available. Well we got on the plane and took our seats 18 K&L and waited but no one showed so I guess it was full. The inside of this plane looked brand new, it was immaculate, the only way you could tell the age was by the audio controls on the armrest. We left about 25 minutes late because there was a "People to People Student Ambassador" group on the plane and most of the kids didnt know how to read a boarding card so they couldnt find their seat. Everyone was finally seated and we backed away from the terminal, taxied around the building and to the runway. The takeoff in this DC-10-30 was very quick, it felt like a 757, I was very surprised. I was very tired so I stayed awake watching the moving map display for about 20 mins. I then went to sleep until we hit this horrible turbulence over Arizona. I couldnt fall back asleep cause my back was hurting soo bad (you have to be like a contortionast to sleep on CO DC-10s). They were playing some movie that looked stupid so I didnt watch it. They started lunch service which consisted of this horrible chicken and rice dish, the flight attendants were very nice about everything, They didnt give me the can so I asked for the whole can and the lady said, "Come to the galley after the lunch service and Ill see what we have left" I was surprised cause usually I get "No" for an answer. I fell asleep right after lunch again and slept until we were about and hour out of HNL and my back was killing me even worse this time, the rest of the flight seemed like an eternity. We finally landed in HNL and it was a very rough landing but I liked it. We got off the plane and had about a 2 hour layover so we wandered around the center concourse looking at all the AA DC-10's, DL L1011's, ATA L1011's and quite a few HA DC-10's. We started walking to the interisland terminal to catch the HA DC-9 flight to OGG. We tried to catch some earlier flights but they were all full, they had like 3 flights in like 1 hour. Our flight was finally ready to board and everyone started lining up. We finally got on board and got in the exit row seats which were very comfortable even though they didnt recline, got the lecture about the emergency exits, and were pushed back and tookoff, the flight was onlye like 25 mins so they had to run through the plane, throw some juice at everyone then come back 2 seconds later and take it back. It was an uneventful flight except for the landing, it musta been windy cause we were bumpin all over the place, we made a very hard landing and taxied to the terminal where my stepmom was there to pick us up. It was a very very long day and I was glad I could get some sleep when we got to the hotel, we were staying at the Embassy Vacation resort which is about 2 miles north of Lahiana. The beach at our hotel sucked so bad. The room was very nice though, right outside our balcony they had this waterfall that I guess is supposed to go all the way down the side of the building but they had it turned off the whole time we were there. We did plenty of things in our week in Maui, we went scuba diving, snorkeling, driving around and enjoying the scenery, and we also took a helicopter tour of the island. It was soo much fun being in Maui. Part 2 will have my flight to HNL and what I did on Oahu.