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Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2000 6:00 pm
by Guest
Well, here is my 1998 trip.Here it goes!

BTW,the cost of tickets were free.(mom works for SQ)

05 June 1998 Saturday SIN-NRT-LAX

0700 am

We departed from my house to the Changi Airport for our 10 am flight to Los Angeles.We took the Central Expressway, the Tampines Expressway and finally to the airport.

0745 am

We reached the airport and went to the check-in counter for check-in.We were confirmed on SQ 6 on Sunday but we had to get on SQ 12 or we would miss our connecting America West flight to PHX!

0800 hrs

Finally got a ticket on SQ 12.I got Seat 48C(no window :-( ) and went for breakfast.

0900 hrs

Went to the departure hall and said goodbye to my relatives and boarded the plane, 9V-SMT.Since Seats 48A and B were empty,I took the window seat.

0955 hrs

Pushback and the pilot said our ETA was 5.30 GMT +9.We taxied to Runway 2R and had a take-off roll of 55 seconds.

During flight SIN-NRT

They started serving brunch and I quite enjoyed it although I could not finish it.Played a few Krisworld games and then slept.

1700 hrs GMT +9

Captain came on the PA and said that we would be landing and stewardesses started collecting headsets.

1730 hrs

We landed and taxied to Terminal One where we had a layover of one hour.

1830 hrs

We boarded the aircraft and then two pretty Japanese ladies took Seat 48A and B.the one in A wanted an aisle seat, and she gave Seat 48A to me.I was so grateful that I started thanking them in my limited Japanese language.

1845 hrs

Pushback and headed for Los Angeles.Pilot said our ETA would be 12.30 LAX time.Took off and the two Jap girls did not konw how to use Krisworld so I taught them.Dinner was served and I started eating.I was so tired that before we were about to cross the International Date line, I fell asleep.

0600 hrs

Breakfast.They served some cereal and fruits.I was still sleeping soundly so the two girls decided to wake me up.I ate my breakfast and started to play again.It was getting bright and so I pulled the window shades down.

1140 hrs

Captain came on PA system again and said that we would be landing in LAX at 12.20 pm LAX time.The stewardesses came around collecting the headphones and I buckled my seatbelt.

1220 hrs

We landed on Runway 28 L(??) and taxied to the International terminal where we went thorugh Immigration and Customs inspection.On our way to the Terminal One for our PHX flight, we gave our bag to the two baggage attendants who said that they would be sent to the plane.

1230 hrs

We went on the airport bus to Terminal One for lunch and waited for our 1400 hr connection to PHX.

1325 hrs LAX-PHX HP 2366 Price=???

We went to the waiting area and checked in.The plane was a 737-200 in the old colors operating our flight, HP 2366.

1355 hrs

We pushed back and taxied to 10 L(??) and took off at a very high rate.A few seconds after take-off,we could see the blue Pacific Ocean.

1410 hrs

My head started to hurt and my mom suggested that I lie down and rest.I did and after 1 hour, we arrived in PHX.

1510 hrs

As we left the plane,I felt a stomack ache and returned to do a poo in the toilet.I had to do a fast one as the plane was continuing on to DEN.

1525 hrs

We went out, met my cousin, got our luggage and went to his house where we would be staying for 4 days before continuing on to Las Vegas.We loaded our lugage in the Dodge Caravan 1995 and drove to my cousin's house in Litchfield Park.

Part Two coming soon..............look out!