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Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 08, 2000 1:30 pm

NZ 24 (SQ code-share) / AKL - SIN
Approx. scheduled dep. - 0955hrs
Approx. scheduled arr. - 0100hrs
Flight time - 9hrs 55mins
Aircraft - 767-300
Class - Business

Took this flight several months ago. Booked an AirPoints members' special @ only SGD$799 return, and traded in 17000pts for a 1 way/class upg. on a space available basis.

It was business as usual at Changi T2. Calm, clean and spacious. Headed straight to the "Raffles Class" counter. Both the AirNZ pax at the counter next to me and I had difficulties checking in as all the terminals at AirNZ were logged on, squeezing out the SQ staff that were trying to check their pax in. They personally escorted us to the AirNZ counter. Once again there was a delay, and after a few tense moments awaiting my upg. authorisation, I was handed my boarding pass for an aisle seat in the centre block and my lounge invitation.

The lounge turns out to be the SATS (SQ's ground handling subsidiary) Premier Lounge. I presume AirNZ closed its lounge in T1 when it moved over to T2 to be next to quarter owner, SQ. Its a far cry from SQ's Silver Kris Lounges, but those at that moment were partially closed for refurbishment and therefore opened exclusively to SQ's pax. That is so typical of SQ! The lounge had a few pastries and and an impressive bar, but the pastels peppered with lurid purples hid a fairly basic facility. It services SilkAir, and I think, the Star Alliance.

First impressions were fairly mixed. The aircraft seemed bright, clean and stylishly done up. The reception by the crew was less enthusiastic. While they appeared to be fairly chirpy, I had to ask for my coat to be taken and no one offered to help me with my bag. I was not personally shown to my seat but instead vaguely shown towards that direction. Luckily I was only in the 2nd row. There was a mix up with my neighbour. He was on my side of the double seats. I guess if the crew were more diligent this would not have happened. I did not really care about that, but neither did the crew. There were abt 5 empty seats in the 24 seat cabin, filled with mature European/NZ couples, businessmen and quite a few Japanese.

Champagne, OJ and mineral water were offered...
-... along with a stylish Danielle Ryman filled amenity kit.
-A very thoughtful touch was a shoe bag placed in the seat pocket. Every airline should take note since most give out socks.
-Headsets were already placed in small storage space in the armrest.
-Newspapers were handed out by hand. No n'paper/magazine trolley was pushed out. A big no-no.
-While taxiing, The Cabin Svs Director came round to each indvidual traveller to introduce himself, welcome us aboard, and offer any help regarding the seat or PTV functions. The delightful junior member of the 3 crew team, Mel, did the same. This was a VERY PLEASANT touch, and AFAIK, unique to AirNZ.

Take off was delayed for abt 15mins. Once airborne, hot towels were distributed; custom forms; menu/wine list.
-Noted that the wine list did not print the labels of the wines! There was just a list with descriptions.
-It was time for drink orders. Due to the seat mix-up, the crew had to clarify who was whom. It was uncomfortable to note, even after sorting that out, the crew deemed that my neighbour's Japanese name and my Chinese one were too difficult to pronounce. This would be the first and last time we would be greeted by name. If SQ crew find little difficulty in pronouncing and remembering the names of 34 European passengers on the upper deck, what was wrong with AirNZ?

45mins later, a refreshing and stylish lunch service was carried out. The menu was as follows...
tossed salad with a choice of dressings;
prawns, scallops and squid Shanghai noodles or
smoked chicken n camembert focaccia sandwich;
coconut macaroon pavlova.
-The menu was created by a Christchurch restaurant, Micheal's of Canterbury.
-Appetisers were served with GREAT style. Salads were tossed in front of you on the trolley. Soup was mixed on the trolley as well. The ingredients were laid out. Each pax would choose what he/she wanted and it was all mixed with the soup base that was placed in a pot on the trolley.

The next 5 hours were spent napping or catching "Heavenly Creatures" and "the Astronaut's Wife".

The distribution of hot towels signalled the arrival of dinner, and 20mins later, a delicious meal served over an hour and a half commenced.
Menu was as such...
AGED PRIME BEEF FILLET w/ mustard n cognac sauce or
prawn roulade w/ steamed ginger rice or
spicy citrus duck w/red onion hash;
dark chocolate terrine;
-The beef was succulently rare and the cheese board impressive.

Nothing much happened during the last hour or so, as the crew left the pax alone to freshen up for arrival n the usual city guide was screened. The atmosphere was relaxed and laconic.

Arrival was a little late, but at that hour, Auckland Airport was pretty deserted. I got my bags which were amongst the first, went thru the usual channels, and was outta the doors pretty quickly.

(Cabin Amenities)
The interior was very stylish and modern in shades of dark blue and jade/teal. Everything looked clean n bright. Even though the seats were introduced in '96/'97, they still looked good!
-Biggest gripe is the 2-2-2 configuration on a 767. QF fits a more realistic 1-2-2. After 9 hours, I felt constrained, width wise. The seats were actually a narrower version of the ones found on their 747s.
-Armrests were placed too high. My left arm was numb after a couple of hours of having my body in the reclined position.
-Seat pitch of 50" and recline felt very generous. Adjustable winged headrests were pretty fun too.
-Suede armrests and big square cushions in striped linen were stylish touches.
-My neck did ache after a while, but it does on EVERY plane.

AirNZ's meals were a joy to partake in. Meals were very tasty, and presentation was stylish. They certainly meant it when they boasted a "contemporary brasserie style".
-Wines, selected by Tony Adcock of Auckland's Harbourside Restaurant were excellent. Especially the delicious Aussie dessert wine! The selection, apart from the Champers, was strictly NZ or Oz.
-Crockery was a delightful mix of blue frosted glass or blue china. Very IKEA! They have GREAT coffee cups. Napkins were either sky blue or terracotta linen. Salt rocks and pepper were served in shot glasses - not shakers! Very unique.
-Only the "airplane-sized" cutlery and paper tray lining let the game down. But even that resembled some sort of cane mat. Looked good!
-FOUR delicious breads were offered.
-Snacks of sandwiches, cookies or kumara chips were offered mid-flight upon request.
-Crew patrolled the cabin constantly with a large Evian bottle to keep glasses filled.
-No tiny packets of nasty peanuts. Instead organically grown kumara chips were offered with pre-meal drinks.

(Cabin Crew)
Overall, the team of three were quite friendly. They possessed a sense of confidence (unlike SQ) and were relaxed without being too "matey" (how QF suffers).
They did not take things too casually, but lacked a sense of earnesty, respect and formality that airlines such as CX, SQ and AN International have. Mel, the most junior of the team was indeed one of the nicest F/As I'd ever met. The more senior F/A was a bit more dour, but not rude.
-Gripes incuded the lack of attention to detail. Crumbs were strewn on a neighbour when the crew cleared meal trays.
-Before take-off, the crew cleared my champers glass but left the coaster on the armrest.
-The lack of interest in calling each pax by name.

It is still an excellent airline. I'm just being VERY fussy. It would definitely be in my Top 5 (tho' I've not flown EK or VS before). Miles ahead of QF/BA, or any US carrier.

26/35 or 74%

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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:29 pm

Great report! One of thebest yet!  

Jeremiah Teahan
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Wed Sep 13, 2000 7:02 am

Airline: Air New Zealand
Flight: NZ10 Auckland - Honolulu
Aircraft: 767-300ER
Class: Pacific (Economy)

Took this flight 4 weeks ago. I purchased at a very high NZD$1699 but I attempted to use 13,500 air points for a one way upgrade unfortunately I wasn't successful and had to settle for Pacific Class.

I was very impressed with the check-in facility at Auckland Airport (its such a nice modern airport now!) and i didn't have to wait long to check-in

I was lucky to get an exit row seat 18A which had more legroom. The 32in pitch in Pacific Class is class-average but the AirNZ 747-400's have 34in pitch which is better however the 767-300's have 32in pitch. (I don't know why Air NZ doesn't have 777's they are so much nicer than there 767's and the 777's are made more for long flights). The Pacific Class seats are resonably comfortable but nothing special. No PTV's here and had to settle for the big screen which is always hard to see.
The seats have winged headrests but aren't that good I find.

Meals were pretty good overall, except the meals were not very hot which was a disappointment. Nothing wrong with the actual meals however. AIRNZ always has above-average meals i find.

Was excellent no faults here but no extra touches that would set them apart from other airlines. I know that it is Pacific Class no Business Class but i still thought a little more conversation wouldn't have gone a miss.

Air NZ is pretty good i have to admit. But there is still a few areas for improvement. The "Pacific Wave" upgrade in 1996 is starting to lag behind a bit on international standards. Expect a new upgrade around 2002-2004 though. First Class only is available on Los Angeles, London & Sydney flights which is not very much I thought. One more points is that some 777's wouldn't go a miss in the near future.

23.5/35 67%

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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Thu Sep 14, 2000 2:46 am

They could just get the 777s from SQ in the near future, couldn't they? SQ has a huge fleet of the Boeing twin jets on order. Even if they are not on a very long term (as in 10 yrs) basis, at least they could start off with a borrowed fleet. Few things to think about though...
1) What abt SQ's A343s that are being phased out? Wouldn't they be suitable as well.
2) SQ's present 777 fleet is, I think, of the medium-haul variety. Which is why they, I presume, hve specifically converted 10 options just for the 777-200ER version.
3) SQ is now booming. They did defer a few orders during the Asian crisis. Plus, would SQ really release brand new planes. All that they haved leased out before have been the oldest aircraft in their fleet.
4) The 777s are really a bit too big for NZ/AN, don't you think? What abt the trans-Tasman, domestic (NZ and OZ), and Pacific routes? Unless they continue to keep their aging 767s, wouldn't the combination of the proposed "shrunk" A330 and the A343 be better?
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Thu Sep 14, 2000 5:00 am

The Airbus's sound like a good idea, but will Air New Zealand be happy to get Airbus's, They have always stuck to Boeing Aircraft. But then I suppose anything is better than the 10-15 yr old 767's.

Also I didn't realise that the 767 Business Seats are actually smaller than the 747 Business Seats. And I think if any class should be replaced the First Class should be as most airlines have sleeper suites like UA, SQ, QA, BA, VA.

Also another possibility I just thought of was replacing them with 747's because they already fly 747's to Sydney & Brisbane & Nadi. But then they are quite large! I don't really know, I think we'll just have to wait to find out. When do you think they will replace the 767's?

See ya
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Thu Sep 14, 2000 5:15 am

"The interior of the 767-400ER already is being offered to 767-200ER/-300ER customers, providing a modern look across the 767 family" (

So this is an option as it means for the passengers it looks like a new airplane from the interior but really its the old airplane.

Actually maybe the 767-400ER will replace the 200/300 models?
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 2:57 am

The 764/777 combination would be very appropriate. I did not think of that before!
1) The 764 would carry on from where the 763/762s in the NZ/AN left of, if they were to be replaced at all.
2) Actually, I think the 763s at NZ aren't all that old, but don't you think their interiors are pretty dated n ugly? Lauda Air is receiving new 763s with the 764/777 interior. If only NZ would send their older ones back to Boeing for refurbishment...
2) The 777s could then be supported by SQ.


1) Don't the shortened 330/343 provide greater commonality?
2) Could the 764 still be too big? But, I guess, we should not forget the refurbished 763.

I think the 767s won't be replaced for a couple of years, unless or until NZ/AN do one of those sweeping orders that SQ does so often, for a total fleet replacement.

P.S. According to "Business Traveller" magazine, the seat width for NZ's Business Class seat is only 18", while the ones on 747s are an inch or two wider. By the rest of the design, they are identical.

P.P.S NZ could still launch a "suite-like" FC. There are rumours that AN International are keen on a FC for their rumoured USA routes. Don't forget these competitive decisions are route-specific. UA, their main competitor on the AKL-LAX-LHR route, may not have introduced their "suites" on these flights yet. Funnily, QF/BA is another biggie on that route. Why else is SQs SIN-AKL one of the few routes flown by their 744s without the new SkySuites. There is no other competitor on the route! Consumers beware...SQ's 6 oldest 744s have no SkySuites and will probably not be refurbished!!!
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 3:13 am

bloody good report!!
isn´t the First Class also in the 744s operating FRA?
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:11 am

Wouldn't you agree that SQ First Class is the best! The first 767-200 was delievered in 1985 which makes them 15 years old. While the 767-300's were first delievered in 1991 so the 200's will be the first to go.

But think about this the previous 737-200's on AirNZ's domestic routes were first delievered in 1968! And were only phased out in 1998-1999. While they were replaced by the 737-300 (which were delievered 98-00) that has recently gone out of production giving way to new generation 600/700/800/900.

But we did get the 744's early around 1989 I think. So when the 745/746 come out in 2004/2005 we might order up large!

Are you a member of Koru Club? It's really great value only $250 joining fee + $375 per year after that.
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 10:03 am


NZ's fleet is not so bad. Here in Mexico, one of our airlines (AVIACSA '6A') bought and leased all the NZ's 737-200A that were phased out in 1999.



RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 10:20 am

Hi there:

I kinda agree with Rojo. Checked out one of those airliners census web stes created and maintained by some nice folks around, and realised that while Air NZ did START B737-200A from way back in 1968, the oldest aircraft of their current B737-200Advs were uilt in the early 1980s - so that's about 20 years old. i' of course not one for old aircraft, and would be delighted to see them replaced by newer B737-300s, but still it's not that bad I guess...

Of course, whenever I fly between AKL-WLG vv I'll always try and make sure the flight i'm catching is operated by a B733!!!

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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 10:52 am

Superb trip report! One of the best I've seen on this forum. Do you do this professionally? If not, you should.


RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Sep 15, 2000 6:52 pm


Can you please post the URLs for the airline census sites you mentioned?


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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Sat Sep 16, 2000 12:25 pm

To MattNZ
I agree with you that SQ's FC is pretty good. But I think feedback on CX's new FC seems very positive as well. I'm sure it's giving SQ a run for it's money. Both have pretty distinct products. SQ went for a more traditional approach, creating an ambience reminiscent of the classic luxury cars. CX seems to strive for a more "zen-like", modern Asia approach. Just a pity that SQ's 744s that fly to AKL do not have the new SkySuites.

I'm not a member of Koru Club, only good old AirPoints, though I do see it's usefulness in domestic travel. Actually there used to be a time when the Golden Wing membership seemed more attractive with its affiliations and reciprocity with UA and CX. But that was a while ago. But really, domestic travel in NZ is such a breeze compared to the hell you go through in the US. Koru Club may be a tad frivolous. Anyway, I never did travel domestically often enough (only abt 4 times a year - I drove a lot) to find it useful. Most of the time I shuttled internationally.

To MattNZ, Rojo and Fltsimmer
I admit that the NZ fleet is actually not that geriatric. But it still is a pretty small fleet, and if you wished to compare it to similarly-sized fleets the likes of CX and EK, well...
747s -
Most airlines have pretty old 744s flying around anyway. NZ, I presume, will hold out for a few more years and decide with SQ on a replacement. It could be the 346/777LR/747X. I would bet on one of the former.
767s -
Pesumably this would be handled with AN and SQ again. Like I've said before, it would be in line with SQ's requirement for a "W" type plane - which is the replacement for their aging A313s. That appears to be a shrunk A330 proposed by Airbus. Therefore the combinations could be... 763/764/777 or shrunk330/332/340. Why not SQ's old 343s??
737s -
This would also be in conjunction with AN. AN operates 320s. Don't really know which way it would go.

Both airlines have very similar fleets. They will probably indulge in joint orders, like SR and SN. Anyway, all of the above are only my opinions. I speak on behalf of no one.

To Ctbarnes
Thanks for the compliment. I do not write professionally, though I am interested in doing so. I just read alot.
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Sat Sep 16, 2000 10:47 pm

I had heard some time ago that ANZ didn't allow cockpit visits anymore (which surprised me, because I'd have thought they'd be fairly laid back about this). Was it just temporary or are they still doing an FAA?
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Sun Sep 17, 2000 10:26 am

You might already know but Boeing have released their new 747-400X, 747X & 747X Streach and they have a feature on their website just released this week. Shows that the new 747-400X will enter service in 2002 while larger 747X & Streach in 2005. Interior is 777-like and a range of up to 16.000kms is offered.
See ya

RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Mon Sep 18, 2000 9:46 am

Specifically to Andrew but for everyone who interested in general:

The census web site I found is
It's maintained by William Harms. You may also subscribe to his mailing-list so when he updates the site you get a notification. So far, this site seems the MOST COMPLETE and up-to-date

There's also anothe site by David Gregg :
But then David's site does not seem too updated - guess he's too busy sometimes to keep updating it. But still worth a look if you're keen...


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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Fri Oct 06, 2000 11:01 am

Great trip report Marcel, you conveyed AirNZ's biz class spot on - both the good bits and the bad. I flew on NZ18 from NAN - LAX a month or so ago and was seated (in biz) next to the secretary of state for Tuvalu (!) who was actually a really nice chap, asked me all about what I was doing in Fiji. Unfortunatly, the service on this flight wasn't quite up to AirNZ's biz class standard. Except before the flight, though, when, in Nadi's AirNZ lounge, the in-flight service director (on this flight he was one of those oldish, very professional and well-mannered stewards that AirNZ seems to have a few of) came around and introduced himself, saying he would be "on the flight to Los Angeles with us", and if there was anything he could do we should please ask. A nice touch, seeing a the senior member of the cabin crew over an hour before the flight! He was unfortunately for me working in first class on that flight (as the senior pursors usually seem to do), and my f/a was a lady who was obviously a bit tired (a late-night party before departing AUK?), although she was doing her best to be cheerful and nice. She forgot to clear my glass before takeoff (which was alright by me, as I was sipping champagne all through the climbout), and seemed quite embarassed about it when she noticed later. The food was good as usual, I had the main course of coconut garlic fried shrimps (caught fresh in Fiji, mmmm), the starter, dessert, cheese, wine, in-flight snacks and breakfast were also excellent. I must have been flying on one of AirNZ's newer 747-400s as the PTV screens were different than the usual ones on the 747-400s and 767s, and the remote control included a telephone and gamepad, although neither seemed to work. The flight was uneventful, it was interesting to see how AirNZ delt with the Tuvalu VIPs (the Prime Minister and the director of .tv were in first, the secretary of state next to me in biz, and two younger members of the deligation were in econ, they were travelling to LAX to see the new headquarters of the .tv company) - they were all moved to first before landing, so that they would be first off the plane (they were being me by the secret service).
By the way, my trip TO Fiji began in Munich, and was one of the most eventful trips of my life - I will post a report about it sometime soon.
Cheers, fqtvNZ
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:01 pm

Quoting Marcelduchamp (Thread starter):
I had to ask for my coat to be taken

Gosh!! No wonder I don't like travelling in classes above economy, I am quite happy to ask for my coat to be taken.

Quoting Marcelduchamp (Thread starter):
After 9 hours, I felt constrained, width wise. The seats were actually a narrower version of the ones found on their 747s.

Hmmmm, try 26 hours in economy AKL-LHR

Quoting Marcelduchamp (Thread starter):
AirNZ's meals were a joy to partake in. Meals were very tasty, and presentation was stylish. They certainly meant it when they boasted a "contemporary brasserie style".

Agreed and even in coach the food is excellent.

Quoting Marcelduchamp (Thread starter):
I'm just being VERY fussy

I think you are!! but never mind, this is an old TR and it is good to see what has changed and it seems not much has, the Kiwi FA's are just as you describe and I like that, to force them to be obsequious is, in my view, a form of abuse that rich travellers often like to impose on "servants" and I don't think that is very nice.

Do you still travel Air NZ nowadays??
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:05 pm

And why did you have to wake up a 7 year old trip report?  Wink
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:49 pm

Quoting Cabso1 (Reply 19):
And why did you have to wake up a 7 year old trip report?

Because I wanted to make a point, to strike a blow in the heartland of the "No bumping old threads nazis"...the point is, this is an interesting report as it allows me to compare Air NZ today with Air NZ 7 years ago.

What is also interesting is the arrogant tone of how the guy wasn't treated like a God and he found business class seats "constraining".....check his profile (age 21-25) and you'll see that GTR's and arnchair CEO's have been around a long time.

Good to get a historical perspective on the development of  Smile
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:57 pm

Quoting Jafa39 (Reply 20):

Jafa you get really angry when I am replying to old TRs. So you shouldn't reply to this TR, when you tell others to not post on older TRs. I cant understand this???
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:21 pm

Quoting B747forever (Reply 21):
Jafa you get really angry when I am replying to old TRs. So you shouldn't reply to this TR, when you tell others to not post on older TRs. I cant understand this???

I have never gotten angry at you posting on old TR's, check the facts and you'll see i have supported you all the way through this.
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:23 am

Quoting Jafa39 (Reply 20):
the point is, this is an interesting report as it allows me to compare Air NZ today with Air NZ 7 years ago.

I'm amazed you could find something this old haha it was active when I was flying to SYD on NZ Pacific Class to watch the Olympics.. Although being a Pacific Class passenger (and a junior) I feel as though I got served better than that. We left on the day of the closing ceremony and just after take off one of the FAs invited me and my brother to the cockpit, and just as we were there, we flew over the Olympic Village. One memory I'll never forget, in a 762 cockpit over Sydney. It's also interesting to see how far trip reports have come with all these pics etc (the guy above saying it's one of the best TRs ever and now bring it up to date with pics and even add to that list your hilarious ones).
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:24 am

Jafa - check out one of my early postings - the last Air NZ 737-200 flight report. Another 'blast from the past'  Wink
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RE: Air NZ Anyone?

Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:56 am

Quoting NZ107 (Reply 23):
One memory I'll never forget, in a 762 cockpit over Sydney.

Lucky bugger!

Quoting NZ107 (Reply 23):
add to that list your hilarious ones

Ok, Ok, the cheque is in the post!  Wink

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