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Your Experiences With ATA...

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2001 6:33 am
by Tango-Bravo
In planning for a trip in late September I am considering whether to book with ATA (American Trans Air). The flights in both directions require a transfer connection at MDW. Non-stop service is available from 3 different carriers on the same route, albeit at much steeper fares when I checked on the 'net today. Plus, ATA offers flights at times that meet my preferences in both directions.

I'm especially curious to know what ATA is like since becoming a scheduled carrier in terms of reliability and the quality of their service on the ground and in the air. Their aircraft are configured to seat 10-20% more pax than what is typical on the same types operated by the U.S. majors - does that affect comfort in a noticeable way? What is it like to make on-line connections at ATA's MDW hub?

Anything you can share from a "been there, done that" perspective will be appreciated.

RE: Your Experiences With ATA...

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2001 7:37 am
by Jason Seiple
If you do a search on this forum, or just scroll down a little bit, you'll find several ATA trip reports. One was done on here within the last 10 days or so.

RE: Your Experiences With ATA...

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2001 9:10 am
by chepos
Im also a bit curious as I'll be flying ATA in August . I was also wondering whats its like, but on the other hand my flight is just from SJU-MCO one way so I wont really get to experience much of ATA.
Puerto Rico

RE: Your Experiences With ATA...

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2001 1:18 am
by TonyBurr
I flew ATA for the first time last week. I had to go to CHciago without a Saturday night stay over and at the last minutes. I save exactly $1,000.00 over UA or AA. I fly over 100,000 miles per year on UA and then other airlines, so get quite some exposure.

I flew ATA from PHL-MDW. The flight left Philadelphia on time to the minute. Check in took all of 2 minutes (no luggage). The staff was very coutreous.

The plane was a 727. It was not full so there was pelanty of room. Is there last leg room (pitch) on ATA? If there was it was not noticeble.

ATA served a light snack, which is more than AA or UA do to Chicago.

The flight arrived early at Midway. If you wer eto connect in Midway to another flight it should not be a problem. The airport is small (too small really). However sometimes you have to go through security again to get to other ATA gates. Consider yourself lucky if you only have to connec at Midway. The "new aiport" across the street is horrible. You waltk, and walk, and walk. Leave an extra half hour from the front door of the airport to the gate - at least half an hour! There are some "people movers" but they do not even go the length of the corridor. Whoever planned that addition.....

My return flight. The midwest had severe thunder and lightening storms the morning I was leaving. I got to the airport with over an hour to spare so I could get my five mile hike in from the front door to the gate. With the storms still in the area I thought unless the plane was starting from Midway that ,orning we might have a delay. It was starting from IND, so it was three hours late. However, I was not really upset because the storms were severe and I expected this. I am sure UA and AA would also have been delayed. The airport was very uncomfortable to wait around in, but that is not ATA fault.

Would I fly them again! YES!!! I was as pleased with them as UA (which really does not take much). Their fares are fantatstic. I intend to use them again to support them Go for it!