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Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:03 am

Hi there,

Just thought it'd be nice, if we called all share our warmest memory's of flying (as a passenger).

Mine would have to be, the second time i went to Portugal. I had been before but was too young to remember, i was scared of flying and wasn't looking forward to the flight.

The year was 1994, the date, 23rd June. I couldn't sleep the night before, i was really looking forward to going on holiday. 2:30am i was woken by my parents, everyone was getting ready, everything was a little surreal. My grandparents were with us, and we all had breakfast watching some crappy tv program (i think it was something to do with people dressed up in banana suits, game show?!?!). at 3am the Taxi arrived, we all got our bags and packed them in the back (it was more of a minibus).

The roads were very quiet, we were all very excited, but too tired to talk. Driving over the Avonmouth bridge was weird, no traffic, i think thats the quickest i have ever driven over it. We turned off, and down the winding B roads that lead through the forests to the south of Bristol. One vivid memory was seeing an owl fly in front of the minibus down a straight road covered over by draping trees (that road looks exactly the same today).

It was still dark when we got to the airport, at 3:45am, i can't remember checking in the bags, but we went straight to the restaurant before going through to the departure lounge. There all i can remember is looking out of the window and seeing the radar spinning round in the fog.

We walked through to departures, and sat down. It felt like forever, the longest i can remember spending in a departure lounge. While we sat there the sun began to creep over the horizon. When our flight was finally called i had alot of butterflies in my stomach!!! We sat down in our seats, i was very shivery, the Air conditioning made it very cold in the cabin. The weather wasn't too good, very overcast, but not wet.

After we had sat on the tarmac for ages, we eventually pushed back, seeing the airport move made my stomach fill even more with Butterflies!! We taxied to the holding point, and held there forever (it was 6am, no traffic and still the pilot did this). So i was getting slightly pissed off, finally we taxied onto rwy 27. Held there for about another 5 minutes. Finally we started rolling, i looked down at my feet, the loud roar of the A320's engines filled the cabin, we sped down the runway, the wheels left the ground and we became airborne.

we spent a few seconds in the cloud, before we were met by the sun rising gracefully into the sky. I looked with excitement, but then i was struck by fear, it felt as if we were loosing altitude and the engines dyed down. No-one else was frightened, and the feeling left after a couple of seconds. As we crossed the English Channel the clouds broke, the flight attendents came around with a hot breakfast, the best food i have ever had. I can remember looking out of the window, seeing a tiny bit of frost around the airhole in the window (the outer window  Big grin). The skin of the wing was a dark colour, and the Air2000 logo stood out on the small winglet.

I flicked through the inflight magazine, paying most attention to the Stats and figures of the A320 and 757 (this before my love of Aviation, and the only AMM fleet members at the time), the "countdown to takeoff" feature and the "Things that go Bump" Article. We flew across miles and miles of blue ocean.

1 1/2 hours into the flight we were met by the Portuguese North Coastline, shortly afterwards the pilot alerted us of our descent into Faro Airport (FAO). The Flight Attendants passed around Sweets to suck on, very tasty  Smile. As we approached FAO, we flew back over the airport to begin our approach. Every part of the journey was smooth, the Ice on the window now was just water running in the direction of the stiff wind outside.

As we neared the airport, water was replaced by mud flats. The undercarriage now fully retracted, the passengers buckled into their seats and the flight attendants in theirs. The aircraft passed the threshold of the runway, and touched down without the slightest vibration onto the warm tarmac. The roar of the engines filled the cabin once more, this time in reverse, and the aircraft came to a stop. As we taxied to the terminal, people gathered their coats and bags. We came to a stop, the crew wished us a pleasant stay in the Algarve, and we left the aircraft. The one thing that i remember most is leaving the cool air conditioned cabin, and being met by hot air, we stepped onto foreign earth and made our way to the terminal. Collected our bags and spent ages trying to find our rental car. We left the terminal and made our way to our Villa for 2 weeks.

It was undoubtedly the best flight i have ever had, and one which i will never forget.

Please share your experiences!


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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Mon Aug 20, 2001 6:30 am

I love those kinds of flights, they dont usualy happen to me to often but, my best memorie of flying is kinda a weird one. We were flying from MBS (my local airport) to LAX to visit some family. We had a stop in Clevlend, one of Continentals hubs, we were flying Continental. We left Clevlend with an uneventfull take off, but every take off is eventfull i think. We were flying over Colorado when the pilot came on the PA and said that we were deverting to Denver Int. for an emergency landying because of electrical problems. When the pilot said emergency i saw everyones face on the flight turn white, even mine and I was a preaty experienced flyier. So we as we were just about to touch the down i looked out the window and saw a train of fire trucks, that was preaty scarey, but we landed safley and taxied to the gate. The reason this was my best memory of flying is because as we left the plane every person who got off shook the pilot and co-pilot's hand and thanked them. When I saw that i knew then that thats what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a pilot. I know it sounds weird but, I dont know it just made me want to be a pilot. Now I'm getting my privet license.
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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Mon Aug 20, 2001 4:25 pm

Cool Post, I like it!

RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Tue Aug 21, 2001 5:29 am

My warmest memory was on a US Airways flight from CLT to CMH. We missed our connecting flight in CLT because of a delay at MCO, so US Airways put us up in the Southpark Suites Hotel. It was cool. But anyway, we boarded the plane early in the morning. It was a DC-9 (old colors). Since we missed our connection, the airline put us in first class (they were the only seats left). I liked it a lot because I sat in the first row on the right hand side of the pane, and I got to see and hear everything that was going on in the forward galley. I saw the flight attendants make the announcements, prepare for departure and close the door.

It was very sunny and nice outside, and as we were taxiing to the runway, the head flight attendant came over the P.A. and said that it was our captains birthday (59th I think) and that because of FAA regulations, he had to retire and this was going to be his last flight.

During the flight, the captain was cool. He always kept us informed about things like the weather, and how high we were flying and how fast we were going.

I was enjoying myself in first class. Big thumbs upI got two bags of chips and the flight attendant gave me my Sprite (the full can) in a glass (oh my god!). I guess I was just used to the one serving drink in the little plastic cups along with a one 2x3 bag of pretzels.

On approach to 10R, I got to see the skyline, the "Horseshoe" and Crew Stadium. We flew right over my uncle and Grandma who were on their way to pick us up at the airport.

We landed on 10R and taxied to gate A6. We arrived 10 minutes earlier than we were supposed to. When the captain came out of the cockpit, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. As we were exiting the plane, we got to shake his hand. It was really nice. Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Of course, It would have been cooler if there were some fire trucks out there that sprayed down the plane when we arrived Big thumbs upBut I guess that they only do that for hub airlines. But still, that was my best flight.

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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Tue Aug 21, 2001 9:46 am

It is weird that a captains last flight not be to a hub which is where he lives. lol But this year I flew MCO-CLT-CMH also and almost missed the last connecting flight of the day too.

As for my warmest memory of flying, I would definately say it was flying to Hawaii. We left on December 26, 1999, the day after Christmas. We hardly even celebrated Christmas that year because we were preparing for the trip. I woke up at 3:45 AM after not getting any sleep the night before since I was SOOOO excited and didn't get back home from a Christmas party till Midnight. It was the coolest feeling in the world as I was waking up in the shower so early in the morning, knowing that I was gonna be sleeping halfway around the world that night in sunny, warm Hawaii!! After final preparation the family minivan was loaded by 4:30AM and we were out the door. I was so excited I wasn't sleepy at all. Plus this trip to Hawaii was gonna be my first long haul flight, first trip on Northwest Airlines, first time in DTW,MSP,HNL,OGG,LIH, first time on a DC-10 and a 747. So I had alot to be excited about. As we were taking the 15 minute drive to the airport, we litterally didn't see any cars on the road. It was so peaceful looking at all of the Christmas lights still on covered in the light snow that was currently falling. It was if the whole world was still asleep in the dark nightime sky. We finally arrive at the airport and park our car. As soon as we walk in the door from the cool, icy, and snowy air we surprisingly find it extremely busy this morning at PIT. However everyone had dark circles undertheir eyes from the day before. The massive Christmas tree was still lit in the checkin area. We check in our bags with an unusually happy NW agent and she wished us a fun trip to Hawaii and wished she could come with us. Happily we board the people movers and go through security at the airport. Then we wait 15 minutes in line to grab some breakfast at Arby's (It had the shortest line) and run to the gate for our short puddlejump to DTW from PIT on our tried and true DC-9. Happily we board the plane with our breakfast and I sit in my window seat and finally realize that now I am officialy on vacation! Going to Hawaii no less! The sky is still dark as night as we taxi through the snow to our runway after getting deiced. The blue lights are glowing under the snow as we fly past them and leave the busy airport. Eventually we make in through the clouds and the sun begins to rise while the cheerful F/A's serve some orange juice. As we crossed Lake Erie, the clouds were like a cotton mat laying below us as the sun slowly rose over it. It was the coolest sunrise I have ever seen. We land in DTW (and realize how much nicer PIT is) and then continue on the HNL in a DC-10. My first longhaul flight was filled with a bunch of other extremely happy Hawaii goers like me. The service was excellent and the flight flew by. It felt much shorter than I expected. Then suddenly after crossing the blue waters of the pacific for hours, Oahu appears out of nowhere! We land and get off the plane and the VERY humid 80 degree air shocks your body. Finally I realize I am in Hawaii! We take our next flight to OGG and dont get to bed until 4AM EST, yeah, I finally felt tired. But I couldn't stop thinking about the spectactular day I just had.


RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Tue Aug 21, 2001 10:05 am


That's what I thought to. But I don't know how it works.

RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sat Aug 25, 2001 1:45 am

Nice stories!

One of my best memories was this past January flying from Detroit, Metro to LHR on a British Airways Boeing 747-200. I was on my way back to Europe to live after a 9 yr stint in the USA. The past year I had lived in Los Angeles, CA where I had a truly miserable time in the film industry and I was very ready for a change of scenery. Plus, I hadn't seen my family in three years so I was looking forward to being reunited with them.

The previous week was spent with one of my best friends in Troy, whose mom drove me to the airport that morning. Check in seemed to be very quiet for this flight, and after booking my usual exit row seat (I'm 6'2", Economy gets a li'l tight at times) asked the staff if it was a pretty full flight. 'Not at all, there are over 250 empty seats on this flight)!!! My luck Big grin

I said my goodbyes, and proceeded to the boarding gate. The aircraft was 'City of Winchester' (I didn't get a chance to read the registration. If any of you know please pass it on as I'd love to find a pic of this plane) and was still in the old BA paint scheme. I boarded and was quite happy to discover that the rear cabin in the tail contained less than 10 passengers. After takeoff, I took off my shoes and spread myself out over 4 seats. It was more like flying in an airborne lounge than anything else.

Dinner was quite enjoyable. Absolutely kick-ass cheesecake! Got in some fun flirting with a stunningly attractive flight attendant. Turns out we were both reading Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire (one is never too old to read Harry Potter!! Big grin ) There must have been some spark there, as she kept on feeding me more and more of that cheesecake  Big thumbs up Should have gotten her number, darn!

I flew BA again, roundtrip from LGW to SAN on a 777, and they are starting to become my favorite airline. Good airfares on good routes and excellent service.

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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sun Aug 26, 2001 3:27 am

Warmest memory? 60,000ft above the Atlantic at Mach 2 on G-BOAF. Quiet, smooth, with that dark-blue sky and curve of the Earth to look at. (October 1993, Washington to London).
A few days earlier, four of us were the only pax on a USAir B737-300 on a night flight from Vegas to LAX. No food was stowed, but a charming F/A called Victoria put us in first and sat and chatted to us.
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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sun Aug 26, 2001 1:22 pm

Any flight I have been on except the recent MEM-TPA trip.. 727 was ICE COLD!

Lets do some sexy math. We add you, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply

RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Thu Aug 30, 2001 3:25 am

My warmest memory is dedicated for my first Transpolar flight over the south polo and Antartic.
It was on Tue september 16th 1986 on an old 747 200 of Aerolineas Argentinas.Registered LV MLR
We departed from EZE 08 00 am and after two and half hours flying we arrived at RGL for refulling due the range of those 747 didnt allow to fly nonstop to AKL in New Zealand.Then we went out RGL at 1.20 pm and arrived AKL Wen 17th 4.15 pm due diff time zone!!!
The flight was OK. Superb!!! But I didnt sleep at all because you flown the whole jorney in daylight!!!! and for us , in the south hemisphere is not very normal fly over the polar route...So every one looked out the windows ...
I remained in AKL for a week and returnerd to my country on sep 24th 1986 flt AR 881 akleze non stop
registered LV OEP. ETA 6.15pm and arrived THE SAME DAY at BUE 4.45pm....No common for us that usually fly to Europe or the States .
On those days Aerolineas Argentinas operated once a week this route. Years later added another flt so, twice weekly and then add SYD operating EZE RGL AKL SYD AKL EZE...
AR signed a code share agreement with QF ...In former times the code shares was
x2 747/200 ar
x2 747/400 qf
When AR bought the 340 cancelled RGL operating non stop to AKL..
To day AR almost died , doesn t operate this flt anymore, just QF continues on the market.

RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sat Sep 01, 2001 9:46 am

Well as the screen name dicatates, my most memorable flight was on Skyservice's C-FBUS. It was a round trip flight to Italy with my grandmother. We left on July 23rd 1998, from Toronto, on a non-stop... flight 504... to Pescara. Now for anyone who's been to Pescara it's a small regional airport in Abruzzo. Anyhow, we left Toronto about 20 minutes late, around 10:50pm at night. It was a cloudy rainy night... the engine start and taxi were remarkably quiet, those PW4168 engines are quiet during taxi and takeoff. We were sitting just forward of the wing, right behind first class. The takeoff was from Toronto's runway 33R. They opened up the power, and those mighty engines really push, and it was quite loud... as it was a full flight we used most of the runway, and then climbed out, heading North, then right, and up over Ottawa, Montreal, and entered the Atlantic around St. John's. It was a very smooth crossing over the North Atlantic, wish a really spectacular sunrise as we were around the 3/4 mark. We entered the Irish Coast right near Shannon, then headed south over London, Amsterdam?, over France, the Alps, and then Milan, and about 15 minutes later we began our descent, it was very gradual, and took around 25 minutes. It was really gorgeous descending over the hilly Italian countryside, and on our side of the plane, the left side, you could see the lovely blue coastline, and beaches. we joined the circuit on the base leg, and then a sharp left to join the final leg... now Pescara is a relatively small airport, just big enough for the A330-322 to get in and out of... so it was a low and slow approach, the pilots try to use as much runway as possible... we clipped low over the perimeter fence, just over the threshold, then smack down hard, the seats and bins rattle, heavy reverse thrust, heavy breaking, all the passengers clapping... and we turned off at the last exit, and made the quick taxi into the terminal. Awesome flight, we actually arrived 15 minutes early, despite having left 20 minutes late, the tail winds had been very good over the Atlantic. The return trip was on August 28th, once again of course on C-FBUS. We left Pescara 1 hour late, as the plane had been an hour late arriving from Toronto. We boarded flight 505, now bound for Toronto, via Milano Malpensa, and took our seats about 5 rows behind the wing, on the left. The plane is only refuled for the trip to Milan at this point, because otherwise they don't have enough runway length to takeoff. We taxiied into position right at the very end of the runway, the pilot applied the breaks, eased the engines up to full power, then released the breaks and we thundered down that runway, lifted off briskly, and made a steep strong climb, to make less noise, because you go up right over the city of Pescara. It was a quick one hour hop to Milano, where we were delayed for ANOTHER hour due to a strike at the airport. When we finally left for Toronto it was sunset, and the trip across the Atlantic was made in the dark, which is odd, because as most of you know, coming back to North America is usually in the daylight. Anyhow, we arrived in Toronto almost 3 hours late, because of strong winds on the Atlantic, so it was well after 11:00pm. We descended very smoothly over the sleeping city, and made an absolutely smooth touchdown on the then 24R (now 23). And also completed a reverse thrust less landing, the pilots told me later it was to reduce noise at that time of night. It was also the smoothest touchdown and roll out I ever experienced on a plane... like silk. Anyhow, arrived tired, and vacationed, and tanned... great flight, Skyservice had excellent service, despite being a charter airline... the crews were friendly, and accomodating... even through the delays... the seats were a bit cramped, but that's what you get at a discounted rate. The A330 was a dream to fly on, loved it thouroughly.
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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sat Sep 01, 2001 12:20 pm

My warmest memory of flying was in July of 1999. I had flown many times in the past, but one plane had eluded my experience- the Boeing 747. We had tried to get on a NW 747 between MSP-SEA in 1995, but took AmTrak instead. This flight would also be my first to Europe, with my parents, of course.
I was so excited! Big grin It had been my dream to fly the 747, and it was becoming reality. The Flight was NW 68 from DTW-AMS, a Boeing 747-400. I visited the Flight Deck before departure, and chatted with the pilots. Then, we roared down the runway, taking much longer to get up than ever before for me. A nice flight crew, a spacious (for me) cabin, and good in-flight entertainment topped this off. Something else was new for me: Ice-cream about an hour out of AMS.  Big thumbs up
As we started to decend, I got my first glimpse of Europe (Ireland, I think.) Then, at about 5:50 am we landed to a beautiful, but chilly morning in Amsterdam. I looked at the plane a few minutes after I got off (there was no time in DTW, short connection time.) and we went to our connecting flight to STR, a Eurowings A319, also a great plane. As we took off on the 319, I looked back one last time, and saw the first 747 I had flown on, get smaller in the distance.
Hopefully, not the last!!  Smile
That is definately the best flight in my life!
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RE: Your Warmest Memory Of Flying

Sun Sep 02, 2001 1:34 am

This is for NWAirlines, just for some FYI-

They did do a washdown for a TWA 727-200 in 1996 for a retiring pilot @ CMH, so why they didn't do it for your flight, I have no idea. I live about 50 miles from CMH, and saw it in the newspaper

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