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Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2003 7:21 am
by planesarecool
December 16th 2002

London Gatwick to Paris CDG-British Airways

The flight was due to leave at 07:30am and that was when it did. We were taken on a bus from Gate 45 of the north terminal to our remote stand just opposite the western pier. It was a B737-300 (instead of the usual 500 series) and Flight BA2820.

We were to take off to the west and we entered the runway at about 7:45 behind an Air 2000 B757-200 bound for Hassi Messoud and infront of a BA B737-400 bound for Frankfurt (i think). We got straight onto the runway and we were away. We rotated about half way down and after about 15 seconds of flying we were in heavy rain clouds. This caused a bit of turbulence but not much. Then we came out the top and turned left about 135 degrees. 10 minutes later we recieved a cheese and ham sandwhich. As we approached the French coast we were put on hold due to the heavy traffic into Charles de Gaulle. On final approach there was heavy condensation and mini tornados coming off the wings but it was only 3 degrees. We touched down and the reverse thrust came in and after about 10 seconds we were off the runway and heading for satellite 5. When we were just turning into the gate you got a reasonably good view of the other satellites of T2 and saw an Eva Air B747-400, US Airways A330-300 and many other long haul aircraft. The flight had landed on time and took about 50 minutes.

On the return we had the last flight of the day back to Gatwick. We boarded at 21:30 onto our RJ-100 with the Union Flag tail design. The boarding didn't take long and before long we were moving just ahead of the company B757-200 to Heathrow which practically followed us out. We went on the runway about a quarter of the way down and again were straight off. The run down the runway took longer than i expected but after about 25-30 secs we were off. 5 minutes into the flight we turned to the left so i had a great view of the airport even if it was at about ten o'clock at night. We were served with Fajita's (sp). Then about half an hour in we approached the coast of England and then the engines made an extremely familiar sound like they do on the RJ-100s that fly over my house so i guessed we were somewhere near it. After a sharp right turn we approached and landed into Gatwick at 21:42 which was 13 minutes early so it wasn't too bad. We taxied very fast into gate 57 where we were offloaded by steps and walked into the north terminal.

So overall a good return flight with no delays at all


Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2003 5:04 pm
by LPL
Very good report with good information.

Does the B737-300 differ from the -500 (in terms of comfort)?


Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:22 am
by TriStar500
I will be flying that route in August and was wondering about the flight details and the service I will get. Thanks for your report, it answered all my relevant questions!  Smile


Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2003 2:40 am
by Sabena 690
Nice report.

How were the load factors?



Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2003 7:23 pm
by planesarecool
LPL: I haven't been on the 500 so i don't know however the 300 had leather seats and surprising quite a bit of legroom

Sabena 690: On the first flight there were lots of businessmen because it was monday first flight out. On the wednesday return it was also full however they only used the RJ-100 for that so they obviously don't expect to fill the 737s at that time