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HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 2:51 am
by LH492
Hí there,

this report is about my trip to Singapore and Bali, it was done last summer with LH and SQ.
We booked it half a year in advance because we wanted to make sure, that the flights are not sold out.
I insisted on flying SQ rather than LH because as an aviation nutter I know that they are much better in Y-class. I was very excited because I never flew them before and heard great storys about their service and entertainment system. We had to take the evening flight because my mum had to work that day. When the time came, we called a cab and drove to Hamburg airport which took fifteen minutes. We entered the Terminal and saw a very long line in front of the Lufthansa check in desks, what was no problem at all because we always come three hours prior to boarding. We waited for about twenty minutes until we were waved to one of the check in desks. We showed our passports as well as the miles and more cards and I requested a window seat but the lady at the check in desk said that the flight to Singapore would be full and that there is no windowseat left.  Sad
We made our way to seurity were we had to wait another ten minutes until my backpack was screened. I collected it and we made our way to the waiting area were I left my parents and made my way through the terminal to see what planes I could spot.
After 40 minutes it got boring and I made my way to a duty free shop were I bought some sweets for the flight. I also bought an aviation magazine and made my way back to the gate. While walking I passed a screen which showed arrivals and departures and I checked when the next flight from FRA would land because we would use that plane for our flight. It said that it would land with a fifteen minute delay which was no problem at all because we had over two hours in FRA until boarding anyway. So I settled into the seat in the waiting area and flipped through the magazine while listening to some music on my MP 3 player. When the plane came I noticed that it was once again an A300, a plane I nearly take everytime when flying to FRA.

Airline: Lufthansa
Equipment: A300-600
Load factor: 100%
Registration: D-AIAU

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Photo © Florian Negele
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Photo © Chris Sharps

After the passengers disembarked we were delayed for 20 minutes and worst things were about to come. After 20 more minutes the agent at the desk called for boarding an since this flight was completely full 250 passengers lined up for boarding. It took quite a long time for all those people to board and when I entered the plane I noticed that it was extraordinary hot. I walked to my seat and while I did, the captain came on and said that due to noise restrictions they were not allowed to use the APU and therefore they were not able to cool the plane down. That was something I never experienced before  hot . When everybody was seated and the doors were closed, the jetbridge disconnencted and we were ready to go. At least I thought we were but after five more minutes the captain came on again and said that due to the fact that they were not allowed to use the APU they need some kind of pressure vehicle which would start our engines but the one assigned for our flight was broken. So we waited for another 15 minutes until another one came and by the time we pushed back and started the engines we had a delay of one hour what would mean that ten minutes after our arrival in FRA (considering a flighttime of 45 minutes) boarding for the SQ flight would start.
We taxied to runway 33, lined up and power was engaged right away and after a quite short take-off roll we rocketed into the sky. The cabin was cooled down and drink service started which was done quite quickly and efficient.
I ordered a coke which was served with ice and a lemon which was great after that “hot” experience.
When the trash was collected we started our descend and the seatbelt signs were switched on again.
The descend went over without anything exciting and soon we were on approach into FRA.
Landing was normal, and while taxiing to the Gate I saw a lot of asian carriers which were prepared for their departures. We passed them and made our way towards the intra-european terminal.

Conclusion: The delay and the broken APU made this flight quite inconvenient, The service was standard and nothing to write home about. I give this flight 4 out of 10.

After we disembarked we made our way to the other terminal and in order to get there we had to walk through this weird tunnel were the lightcolors change every few seconds. The escalator was broken and so we had no choice but walking the whole tunnel which is quite long. There were many people waiting and it looked like that this flight would be also full which was confirmed when I asked the agent at the desk.

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Equipment: 747-400
Load factor: 100%
Registration: 9V-SPC

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Photo © Karl Haller
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Photo © Dominic Nortney - Capital Aviation Photography

When boarding was called we waited until most people were gone and then we made our way through the Jetbridge to the plane were a very friendly F/A greeted us and showed us to our seat.
We stored our stuff in the overhead bins and settled into our seats while the last passengers strolled around looking for their seats.
I started to discover the IFE which was truly great, many movies and one could decide when they would start. We also had a menue in the seatpocket with the choices we would have for dinner and breakfast. For dinner we had the choice between roasted duck with a mandarin sauce, rice, asian vegetables and ice cram for desert or the “european” way, chicken with roast potatoes, vegetables and pudding for desert. As for breakfast, the choice was either some sort of noodle served warm with vegetables or an omlette.
It sounded promising and while I continued to read, the doors were closed and the safety-demo began.
Soonafter we were pushed-back and we made our way to the runway, which took over ten minutes. When we reached the runway we did not have to wait for an incoming aircraft but lined up right away and take off power was applied. Since this flight was full of fuel, pax and luggage we had a very long take off roll but we made it into the air eventually.
We reached FL 220 and were soon cleared FL 340 were we would cruise the next four hours before climbing to FL 390 which was our final altitude.
When dinner service started I ordered the duck because I love asian style duck and since I never had it on a plane I was quite excited. It was served with the vegetables and rice as described above but also with a warm smile from the F/A and I started to share the attitude most people have towards SQ.
The duck tasted great, the crust was actually crispy and the mandarin sauce was very fruity.
The icecream was a whole cup of häaegen Dasz which I thought truly awesome since it is quite expensive and tastes great. After the very good dinner I played a little with the IFE, I looked around in the music list, listened to “clocks” by “Coldplay” and after that I went to the movie list which consisted over 50 movies and I chosed to watch Hellboy since I did not see that before.
The movie startet and I relaxed in my seat thinking about the great service and how lucky I was sitting in this Jumbo 12 hours away from my holiday and suddenly I fell asleep. When I woke up I had no clue how long I slept and since I nearly never sleep on a flight I thought it could not have been langer that two hours but as I looked on the moving map it said that we would land in 90 minutes. I slept for 8 hours and felt greatly relaxed. I thought that it is no use to start a movie because I would not look at the screen while eating breakfast anyway and so I kept watching the moving map.
At this point I want to apologize that there are no pics but since this was a night flight and I was seated in the middle row I had no opportunity to capture anything intreresting. But the flights which follow in this report will have pics.
When breakfast started I thought I would try the Asian breakfast even though I normally never eat warm breakfast. The noodles were quite tasty and I did not regret my choice. The F/A´s came around with water all the time and I was really impressed by the service. When breakfast was finished we had one hour to go and after a short time the captain came on and said that if anyone wants to use the lavatory they should go now because the seatbelt signs would be switched on shortly. I took that opportunity and when I returned to my seat we started our descend which was quite bumpy. While descending a kid seated two rows infront of us had a terrible pain in his ears and started crying. Two F/A´s came and offered hin gum so he could chew on something what should help. Even though it did not ease the pain, I thought it was great by the F/A´s and my attitude towards the service on SQ became even better.
After about half an hour we were on short finals and after a smooth touch down we made our way towards the terminal. When we came to a full stop at the Gate we gathered our stuff and after a warm goodbye by the F/A´s we made our way to the baggage claim area and the emigration. I got a nice stamp into my passport and after that we made our way into a very humid Singapore where we spent three days before flying to Bali.

Conclusion: The flight was truly great and even though I slept through most of it I had enough opportunities to see how great SQ´s service is and I was very impressed by the food. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that the flown miles on SQ do not count for Miles and More. But since that does not have to do much with the actual flight I give it 10 out of 10, GREAT JOB , SQ  bigthumbsup 

After three awesome days in Singapore we made our way to the airport which was some 30 minutes away from our hotel. We took a shuttle and we reached the airport three hours prior to boarding. We entered the terminal and found a deserted SQ check in area what was very convenient for us. I asked the lady if I could get a window seat and was very happy when she said yes. We made our way through security into the great terminal, which provides internet access for free, which was a great opportunity to check E-mails and After that I walked around to see as many aircraft as possible and I was not disappointed, there were many windows and I had the chance to spot a Thai A300, KLM and Lufthansa with their 747 and numerous SQ aircraft. I also saw the ex-SQ A310 parked on the apron . Time flew by fast and too soon we had to walk to our gate were the 777 was already waiting for us. I checked the registration and wrote it down jut in case.

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Equipment: 777-200
Load factor 35%
Registration: 9V-SRL

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Photo © Islam Chen
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Photo © Tango3 - Team Ninervictor

When boarding was called I was astonished to see how empty this flight would be because there were like 40 pax for this flight.
We entered the aircraft and were greeted by a very nice F/A who actually lead the way to our seats. I settled down in the window seat and shortly afterwards the doors were closed and the safetydemo was shown. We were pushed back but had to wait for a SQ 747 and a 777-300 passing by.

We then made our way to the runway were we were second for take-off behind an SQ A340-500 and when we entered the runway we did not come to a hold but accelerated right away. Since this flight would last two hours and it was very empty, lift off was very early and we had a great view with the setting sun.

After take-off IFE was turned on and I started to watch Hellboy again since I fell asleep during the flight to Singapore while watching it.
I was surprised when the F/A suddenly came around with dinner, I did not expect a whole meal for a flight this short. The choice was Asian styled chicken or beef. I opted for the chicken which was served with some Asian vegetables and rice and which tasted really good. I washed it down with a coke and continued to watch the movie. I did not take any more pictures on this flight because it was dark outside.
After 90 minutes we started our descend and after 15 minutes the IFE was turned off which was bad because I had ten minutes left on the movie.
We overfliew the ocean while coming lower and lower and 5 seconds before touchdown we overflew the beach and then made a smooth landing in Bali.
We exited the runway and after a few minutes we arrived at the gate.
We exited the plane and made our way to emigration were I again received another good looking stamp.
We collected our bags and took a shuttle to our hotel with two weeks of sun and relaxing waiting for us.

Conclusion: The service was great once again and the meal was a nice surprise, IFE was good too but turned off too quickly. It was nice that there were only 40 pax on this flight. I give this flight 9 out of 10.

When I went to breakfast the next morning I was delighted to see that the runway was visible in the distance what would mean that I could combine relaxing and spotting, the perfect holiday.
A perfect holiday

After two weeks of great relaxing we had to fly back home and leave this paradise.
We took the shuttle to the airport which came at 6AM because our flight would depart at 9AM. The ride to the airport was uneventful and when we entered the terminal, we had to wait for like 5 minutes until it was our turn at the check-in. I asked for a window seat for all three flights (DPS-SIN, SIN-FRA, FRA-HAM) and I was delighted when the lady told me that it is no problem. We got our boarding passes and made our way through security to the gate. While waiting I read a book until boarding was called and I noticed that this flight would not be any fuller than the one from SIN.

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Equipment: 777-200
Load factor: 35%
Registration: 9V-SRN

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Photo © Rajesh Changela
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Photo © Eric P Lee

When boarding was called we were among the first to enter the plane and were greeted once again by a nice F/A who showed us to our seat again.
The door was closed soon and the safetydemo was shown while we pushed back. We taxied to the runway were we did not have to wait but applied take off power right away.
standing at the gate
taxi to the runway
take off

We airborned quite soon again and learning from mistakes I did not try to watch a movie but rather enjoyed the route-map.
This time we got breakfast but had no choice between two. We were given an omelet with fresh fruit. I skipped the omelet since it did not taste very good and only ate the fruit.
The flight was pretty uneventful all the way to Singapore, the F/A came around with water a couple of times an soon we started our descend again. I saw a couple of planes in the distance until suddenly there came a C-130 and passed right over us. That was quite a sight because it did not look like 1000 feet separation at all but of course it is hard to measure that with the eye. After that we continued with the descend and we had a nice view over the shore.
shortly before landing

Soon we were on final approach and landed smoothly and on time in Singapore.
This time we did not have that much time until the flight to FRA, boarding started 90 minutes after we landed.

Conclusion: An uneventful flight with nice F/A´s and an on time arrival. Food was not very good on this flight. 8 out of 10 points.

After saying goodbye to the crew we made our way to the internet station in order to check E-mails. After that we grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at this jungle area displayed in the terminal. After half an hour we made our way to the Gate were our plane was standing and getting prepared for the flight.
my home for the next 12 hours

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Equipment: 747-400
Load factor: 45%
Registration: 9V-SMR

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Photo © Stefano Capuzzo - SpotIT
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Photo © David James Clelford

When boarding was called I was surprised to see that there were not many people waiting and when we settled down in our seats there were many rows left free.
standing at the gate while boarding

When everyone was seated the doors were closed and we were pushed back. Taxi to the runway was quite short and it was nice to see how the wing bended down due to the big amount of fuel.
We passed two A340-500´s and then lined up on the runway were we came to a complete stop. We waited for about 30 seconds and then the pilots pushed the throttles into take off configuration and we accelerated down the runway. Take off roll was very long and we used most of the runway. After lift off we climbed into a great blue sky and turned on course to FRA.
shortly after take off

It was great to have such an empty cabin, the F/A´s were ina a very good mute and the whole flight promised to become very pleasant. After we reached our cruising altitude of 35.000 feet, the seatbelt sign was switched off and the meals were prepared. I checked the menu and was very pleased when I discocvered duck again but with another sauce this time (Plum). I can´t remember what the other choice was but I know that my dad had it and that it was good too. The duck came with rice vegetables, fruit and a chocolate cake. I ordered a coke and got a whole can. It all tastes really great and when it was finished the F/A gave us Häagen Dasz ice cream in addition to the desert on the tray. It was the best meal I ever had in economy class and when I finished I was really full.
The trays were collected quite quickly and I turned my attention to the IFE and to the movie which escaped twice already. I turned it on and looked out of the window from time to time.
great views

After two hours the movie ended and with 8 hours still to go I checked the list for the next one which was Starsky and hutch, which I found very funny. That´s how I killed most of the time but I also spent about an hour at the back of the aircraft and chatted with one of the F/A´s about aviation and she said that she loves working for SQ.
When her brake was over I remained in the beck because I wanted to stretch my legs a little longer and while I lookes out of the window I noticed that I could see our own condensation trail.

It also attracted some other passengers who spent some time stretching their legs in the back of the plane.
After taking a pic of that I returned to my seat and after one hour which I spent reading the lovely smell of food spread through the cabin and sure enough, about 15 minutes later dinner service started. We had the choice between Asian cooked fish or pasta, and this time I choosed against the Asian cuisine and took the chicken which was OK.
It was served with mashed potatoes some vegetables, a bun, fruit and pudding. I chosed a sprite as a drink and after we finished our meals the F/A came around again and handed out Magnum Ice-cream, another surprise and a very nice touch. After the trays were collected I chosed to watch men on fire and that kept me entertained for another two hours. After this movie ended we were one hour out of FRA and the airspace filled up with aircraft. I looked out of the window and all of a sudden there appeared a Malev 767-200 and passed us 1000 feet above us. I always love when that happens on one of my flights.
Soon we started our approach and the captain turned on the seatbelt signs because we experienced some turbulence during the descend. We did some turns but due to the clouds I was unable to see any other aircraft. The flaps came out soon after the gear followed. The approach was quite bumpy and we were surrounded by clouds shortly before touchdown.

We landed with the left main gear first which was quite a sight and frightened some passengers. We exited the runway and made our way towards the terminal which was reached after five minutes. When it suddenly started to rain, I knew that I was bag in Germany.  cold 

Conclusion: The flight was great and I have nothing to complain about, the F/A were extremely friendly and the extra portions of food were nice. The flight was on time and the entertainment was really good. 10 out of 10.

We left the aircraft and made our way through passport control into the other terminal were our flight to HAM would depart. I expected it to be an A300 but this time I was mistaken. When I approached the window at our gate I saw an A321 waiting for us.

Airlines: Lufthansa
Equipment: A321-100
Load factor 90%
Registration: D-AIRF

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Photo © Marco Toso - SpotIT
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Photo © Gilles Bausch

When boarding was called we entered the aircraft and a stewardess greeted us at the door. We settled down and my dad fell asleep even before boarding was completed. When it was, the F/A´s did the safety.demo and we were pushed back. We taxied to the runway and left FRA 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Flighttime would be 45 minutes and soon after take-off the drink service started. I took a coke because I wanted to stay awake. However when I finished it I it took two minutes before I dosed off and I did not wake up until landing which was extremely smooth.
We disembarked the aircraft, collected our bags and made our way out into a dark and rainy Hamburg. We called a cab and left the airport with great memories about SQ´s service.

I hope you enjoyed this report even though it is quite long. Any comment is more than appreciated  Smile

RE: HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 3:25 am
by StarFlyer
Hi LH492,

thanks for your detailed report and the photos. I flew the to Bali on the same routing back in August and returned to HAM in mid-September and your report brought back some precious memories! Where abouts in Bali did you stay?

Quoting LH492 (Thread starter):
The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that the flown miles on SQ do not count for Miles and More.

Unfortunately, collecting miles is excluded in booking classes G, N, Q, R, T and V on SQ. Quite disappointing...



RE: HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 3:33 am
by LH492
Hey Star Flyer,

our hotel was located at Jimbaran Beach, a great place with not that many tourists and a great view concerning arrivals  Smile

RE: HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 4:00 am
by Door5Right
Nice report LH492, now you will always want to fly SIA when you head East!

RE: HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:57 am
by gardermoen
Nice read, glad you enjoyed your first SQ experience.
I once flew SIN-FRA on the daytime SQ service, and same thing, very light load, no more than 40%. The over night service though always seem much more popular, probably as it has more connection choices from Singapore and onwards from Frankfurt.

RE: HAM-FRA-SIN-DPS And Back On SQ (long Incl. Pics)

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 5:18 pm
by MAS777
strange reading this - as I am currently on my last sector of a similar trip LHR-SIN-KUL-SIN-DPS-SIN-LHR - so far all sectors including SIN-KL have been 100% full, even in First Class on both Shuttle flights to/from KL.