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Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:58 am
by slcdeltarumd11
I was planning on attending the ESRI(GIS) user conference in beautiful San Diego so I decided to make a real trip out of it. I decided to make a stopover in Salt Lake City/Park City on the way to really get a nice relaxing vacation in First Class.

I have never flown in Continental First class before so I decided I would give it a shot. I have only read good things about the service. This I was also my first Delta trip in FC in probably 5 years so I decided to give them another try since delta is my favorite airline. I downloaded the continental timetable and tried to book a continental fligth with international configured planes to get international seats.

757-200 International Business First Configuration
2A Breakfast
A boeing 757 in the international configuration

The F cabin on this fligth was 100% reserved six days before we took off!! I got my ticket maybe 13 days before and at that time they only gave me two seat options on the phone the rest were reserved. I was really surprised to see this. It is worth it for those seats i guess  Smile

Very comfortable seats for a domestic seat but I didn’t like the seat nearly as much as united business class. The seat was very comfortable to sit in but not comfortable for me to sleep in. It had the touch screen system on the ptvs I have never seen this before.

A pre breakfast fruit platter was served. Pretty large in size and excellent quality.

Breakfast was served and was a choice of eggs or cereal. Hot cinnamon rolls and croissants were offered with the meal. I chose the eggs that came with potatoes, sausage.

The amenities on continental were outstanding for a domestic flight. Hot towels, warm cookies and milk before landing. Nice good tasting breakfast.
The flight attendants were just not even comparable to the delta flight attendants I had who were beyond excellent.

The asian flight attendant seeemed more interested in complaining about everything and talking to the other fligth attendants than actually being helpful.. She rolled her eyes every time people asked how to get their ptvs to work. They had to reset every single ptv to get it to work. Instead of resesting all of them they made all 16 people ask seperatly and she rolled her eyes each time like it’s a big deal to reset it. I heard her complain to one of the other fas about having to reset each ptv. Then she should have simply reset all of them rather than making each person ask and making get out of her precious seat 16 times.

Typical EWR we got to DEN about an hour late so i had to run to make my connection.

MD-90 First Class 2C snack basket

Unfortunately Continental and Delta are not in the same terminal at DEN so I had to jump on the train. The problem was that my flight from Newark came in over an hour late so I had to run. I ran and got to the plan as they were halfway thru boarding. I made the plane unfortunitly my luggage did not  Sad

Excellent fa on this flight. Just very nice. The first class cabin looked pretty beaten up and not clean at all. The plane may have been late into DEN I don’t know the situation so I wont judge. The plane itself looked beautiful just warn in but the interior def needs a makeover badly.

MD-90 First Class snack basket

Pretty uneventful flight. 100% full in F 90% full in coach.

Stayed at the W in San Diego. Very beautiful hotel. San Diego is just a great city I always have a blast. The hotel has an outdoor beach bar with heated sand-very nice.

737-800 First Class seat 2A snack basket

Great views of the pacific and San Diego after takeoff. Great delta FAs again!

First Class seat 3C
757-200 Dinner

Excellent smooth flight. The 75 was completely full this flight. Dinner was served it was one choice. Chicken with manacotti. The entree was served with a side salad and rolls. Chocolate cake and milk were the dessert. Overall the food was not too bad. Not nearly as tasty as CO but not too bad. Overall a very enjoyable flight.


Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:18 am
by WeAreUnited
Where are the pics?



Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 11:27 am
by slcdeltarumd11
I am going to add photos soon


Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:58 am
by B737900ER
Quoting SlcDeltaRUmd11 (Thread starter):

Quoting SlcDeltaRUmd11 (Thread starter):
Then she should have simply reset all of them rather than making each person ask and making get out of her precious seat 16 times.

If you reset the whole system coach will reset also, so any movie that is being shown will restart.

Quoting SlcDeltaRUmd11 (Thread starter):

I did'nt know CO flew 757-200 between EWR and DEN. When was your flight?