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Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:53 pm

I was lucky enough to experience the business cabin of Asiana Airlines last weekend and after enjoying many trip reports on airliners.net I decided to try my hand at writing my first trip report, hope you enjoy.

Saturday 8th March 2008, Asiana Airlines OZ522 LHR-ICN, Boeing 777-200 Reg HL7739, STD 2100 STA 1640

Asiana Airlines check-in desk at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 was empty on Saturday afternoon when I arrived, but being 3 hours before STD I suppose it wasn't that surprising. SAS were the handling agent and check-in was quick but the agent wasn't not overly friendly, I wasn't even asked about my seating preference but was given 1D and an invitation to the bmi international lounge.

I'm afraid thats the only pic for the outbound but lots for the return sector!

With lots of time to spare I ended up roaming the duty free before going to find the bmi lounge. The lounge itself was also quiet and looking a bit shabby but there was loads of time to enjoy the plentiful magazines, papers, nuts, crisps and self service bar.
Boarding for the flight was due at 2030 so around 2000 I decided to wander to the gate to catch a glimpse of the 777 that was going to take me to Seoul. At exactly 2030 the boarding started with business, star gold and pax who needed extra assistance. By the time I boarded the business class cabin was half full and I quickly settled into 1D. Asiana business on the 777 is configured 2-3-2 so I was pleased to be on the aisle on this busy flight so I could easily get up without disturbing anyone. On this aircraft there were 35 business seats with 6 empty. The crew came around with juice, water or champagne, immigration cards for Korea and newspapers. Boarding was swiftly completed doors shut and push back was at 2105. Before the safety video was played the cabin crew stood in the cabin performed a traditional Asian bow as a welcome which was very charming.
No delays tonight at LHR and we were soon speeding down the runway and away at 2015. The crew then introduced themselves over the pa 13 of them to look after us tonight (4 in the business class cabin) for the 10 hours 15min flight to Seoul. The flight crew then introduced themselves, 2 Captains and 2 First Officers, the Korean Captain first and then the other Captain, an Australian, did the English PA's.
The friendly cabin crew then passed around with washbags on a trolley, menus and hot towels and promptly took a drink and meal order. I choose a lovely German Reisling and the traditional Korean Bi-Bim-Bab (steamed rice mixed with various kinds of vegetables, accompanied by hot pepper paste, sesame oil, side dishes and soup). The western choices were salmon starter, salad , beef fillet or prawns with sweet and sour sauce.
While the crew were laying the table cloths out the senior crew member came around to introduce herself to each passenger and thank them for choosing Asiana.
The crew passed by with drinks, offering a taste of the wine first and my meal tray quickly followed. The Bi-Bim-Bap was really tasty and I soon polished off the whole lot. The crew then cleared my tray and offered a cheese and fruitplate with Port, cleared this away and offered Pear Tart from the dessert trolley with teas or coffees and another hot towel. My wine and water glass was never empty, the crew being very attentive.
By now it was about 3 hours into the flight, about midnight, and I decided to give the Avod system a miss, not much to my taste was on offer, and decided to try to sleep. Asiana's business seats are the angle lie flat type which I found to be comfortable to sit and lounge in but not quite as comfy when in the fully reclined position as I did feel I was sliding down all the time. Nevertheless I managed to doze on and off for around 4 hours and during that time I noticed the crew passing around with sandwiches and fruitplates for those awake. I thought I'd give the AVOD system a go and watched a couple of comedies. Time passed really quickly and before I knew it the lights were being turned on gradually and a pa made to announce we were to be served the next meal. I was quite surprised that it wasn't breakfast but the second meal service was lunch, I suppose it was the next afternoon in Korea but for me it was still 6 am! The ever smiling crew came around with hot towels juice and water and took the meal order. I choose Beef and Pimento Skewer with potato, turnip and tomato. The other choice was Stir Fried Chicken. Appetizer was Smoked Turkey, Prawn and Tomato and dessert was a fruit plate. The service had lots of nice touches about it that were almost like a first class cabin, food was displayed on the trolleys as you were served, main courses that had sauces and gravy were spooned on top in front of you and the teas and coffees were not served with packets of sugar rather the crew put it in for you from a sugar bowl. Another set of hot towels and we were soon starting our descent into Seoul. A quick freshen up in the spotless toilets making use of the well stocked amenities, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss, combs and colognes back to my seat and ready for landing at 1630 ten minutes before STA. A great flight and was hoping the return would be just as good.

Monday 11th March 2008, Asiana Airlines OZ521, ICN-LHR, Boeing 777-200 Reg HL7700, STD 1335 STA 1725

On this flight I managed to take pictures so I'll let them do the talking and keep the chat down!!
Check-in at Incheon was again very quick as there was no queues at the Asiana desk. The agent was friendly this time telling me about how she had seen on the news it had been windy in London the previous day! I asked for a window seat and was offered 3A, or K or 1A. I choose 3K as i thought it might be more private out of the way. Straight through security and I went to find the gate to see if I could take some pics as it was daylight not like when I departed London.

HL7700 being towed to gate ready for the flight to London

At the gate

The Asiana Business Lounge at Incheon was big, modern and clean with showers and sleeping rooms for those who needed. When I arrived there was plenty of space but it did start to fill up quite quickly. I had enough time to use the internet and have a drink but wasn't hungry so didn't help myself to the salads, noodles and snacks.
Went to the gate just before the stated boarding time of 1305 to find people queuing to board. The agents announced boarding and before they let us board they performed the traditional Asian welcome bow. As soon as I boarded I noticed this 777 was a slightly different config in business class, one row less of seats with the toilets at the back of the cabin where 5a/b and 5j/k had been on the way out instead of at the front.

Boarding complete and I was glad that I had an empty seat next to me. In fact the cabin was really empty 12 out of 28 seats taken. Once again the crew were in the cabin and friendly and I enjoyed some pre take off champagne and the crew distributed the washbags

Push back followed on time and as we were pulling from the stand the ground crew waved from the tarmac.
Managed to get some pics from my seat before take off;

Then we turned onto the runway and it was our turn for take of

The start of our 11 hour 45 min flight to London.

The order of service was the same as on the way out with the same level of attentiveness from the crew. This time though we were served canapes with our drinks
Salmon Pineapple brochette with sour cream and a glass of Sancerre
I decided to go for the Korean Main course again, Ssam-Bab (Various lettuce leaves to wrap around steamed rice, vegetables, grilled beef bulgogi and bean paste)
With a glass Bordeaux!

Cheese plate and dessert

This aircraft did not have AVOD rather 18 channels on a loop. I spent the rest of the flight trying to snooze and reading.

Sayan Mountains, Irkutsk, Russia 7 hours 30 to London

With 5 hours to go I was a bit peckish and the crew fixed me some warm scones with jam then we were served another meal 1 hour 30 before London. Shrimp salad and crab leg meat in crab shell, ham, melon ball and asparagus followed by Deep fried prawn or beef skewer and fruit, tea or coffee.

Getting closer to London over flying over Poland.

Half empty cabin during flight.

The approach to London was over the city with some great views of the Thames and Tower Bridge

Landing was at 1705 and we were on the gate only 5 minutes later. I thanked the crew as we disembarked and was through immigration in no time. Waited a few minutes for my bag and was on the bus to the car park a full 10 minutes before we were even supposed to have landed. Who says Heathrow is congested?!

Two great flights with Asiana. Would recommend.
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:18 pm

Good to see an Asiana report. Their food looks quite tasty. I'm like you though - i'd prefer a proper 'flat-bed' horizontal sleeping surface in J class, as opposed to the sloping-type J class seat, where you put a lot of pressure on your ankles, or just feel like you're sliding down the seat the whole time.

Pity OZ don't fly their 747-400 Combi's to LHR anymore. They looked very cool....!

Thanks for the effort, it's appreciated.
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:19 pm

thanks for the report!
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:26 pm


Looks like a really nice meal. Question what were the cabin crew like? They are meant to be very good indeed?

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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:31 pm

Thanks for a nice report  Smile I really like the look of Asiana's business class cabin. Nice color's  Smile

I am not a big fan of 2+3+2 seating in J-class though.. Flew on OS VIE-BKK-VIE on their 777-200 and I really felt bad for the ones in the in those middle seats. I think that 2+2+2 is much better configuration in a premium cabin!


2-3-2 is NOT a premium configuration
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:51 pm


The crew were excellent, they were friendly with plenty of smiles that seemed genuine and not robotic and they looked immaculate even after 11hours 45.

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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 12, 2008 7:16 pm

Nice report.

And some nice airline pictures from ICN  bigthumbsup 
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:13 pm

great report on Asiana... Looks like a great airline... thanks a lot for sharing this report with us  Smile
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:42 pm

Excellent report! Good to see an Asiana report- an "exotic" airline for us here in the UK! I have heard so many good things about them, which are borne out by your experience.

My only gripe is the middle seat in business class. I would hate to pay 000's for a J ticket to have someone sitting on each side of me. This is why I am not at all a fan of the 777, but prefer Airbus for long haul travel.

Great report, and looking forward to your next trip...
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:08 am

Nice TR and pics!! Thank you for sharing!
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:50 pm

Great TR

The pics are really good.

Seems that Asiana is a brilliant carrier, and gives you the service you pay for. Do they just have a one daily rotation to LHR??

Thank you for sharing

Work Hard, Fly Right
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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:37 am

They only have 4 flights a week tue, thurs, sat and sun to lhr.

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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:25 am

Nice report, thanks.

We don't get that mank OZ TR's here so it is good to see another.

Not keen on that 2-3-2 layout in Business and the legroom does not look that great either.

Like the spotting pic's.


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RE: Asiana Airlines LHR-ICN-LHR Biz (with Pics)

Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:37 pm

Hi Ajs123uk,

Great TR!

I think this is my first time to read an OZ TR and i have to say they seem fantastic!

How did you find ICN?

Quoting Ajs123uk (Thread starter):
the cabin crew stood in the cabin performed a traditional Asian bow as a welcome which was very charming.

Quoting Ajs123uk (Thread starter):
before they let us board they performed the traditional Asian welcome bow.

WOW! How creative actually!

Asian carriers never cease to amaze me. They are purely on a league of their own.

Thanks a lot for sharing, hope we see more TR's from you! Keep up the good work!

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