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From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:40 pm


Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

IPC-SCL-LAX (with stopover in Lima)
Dep 13:50
Arr 20:30
Business Class
Seat 1L

Dep 22:35 (actual 22:45)
Arr 07:05 (actual 06:45)
Business Class
Seat 1A

It was time to leave Easter Island. The place does grow on you but 4 days was long enough. The biggest problem I had with the place was the inability to get good food (with the one exception of the Sushi place) even though it has a lot of restaurants that serve what I presume to be fresh fish. They always seem to be able to screw it up by overdoing the cooking. Keep it simple guys!

The sushi chef in front of his bistro

If you ever get to Easter Island, check this place out!

The IPC-SCL flight is notoriously oversold so everybody comes to airport the moment check in opens (10:00 in this case). When I was there at 10:30 there was already a line. When I called the BA RTW desk in the US to request a window seat they said there was none available and that only seat 3C was still available. Of course that was rubbish. The check in agent assigned me seat 1L without any problems and there was one other empty seat.

The airport at IPC

Since I had some time to kill before boarding (to put it mildly) I decided to explore the volcano and see if I could get a shot of the plane as it came in. I checked Flightstats so I knew it would be early. This is how that turned out...

It might not be SXM but still.

This by the way is the end of the runway.

Another way to get to the island...

And of course the volcano...

By now it was time to head for the airport again. You never get to the airport before the plane has actually landed in IPC. In my case I went there 40 minutes prior to departure. Boarding had not yet started. Here are some shots of Easter Island International Airport...


Outside waiting area with a little restaurant/bar.

The 'Terminal'

Queuing for what? There is no hurry!

The IPC fire department

The twin engined plane I discussed in an earlier TR. Will this make it to IPC from SCL?

The plane that would take me back to civilization

And a little closer

And very close

Boarding was swift, especially for preferred passengers. You just show your boarding pass and walk to the plane. As someone rightfully pointed out we were never asked to show our boarding pass together with some form of identification.

Last shot of Easter Island

The cabin

I was in seat 1L and the lady next to me had pre-boarded because she had broken her ankle on a hike in the volcano. She had continued hiking on it for 2 more hours before she got medical attention. Her foot was in the worst cast I ever saw and I strongly recommended her to seek immediate medical attention when she was back in France. I pampered her for the whole flight with blankets and pillows under her leg. I have earned my badge on that flight.

Otherwise the flight was boring. It is 4 hours over nothing but water. My video screen was also defect so I eventually dozed off a little. Those LAN Executivo seats are so darn comfortable!

We arrived perfectly on schedule in SCL. I had to cross from the domestic to the International terminal. I had under two hours and having seen the lines earlier I was a little worried. It turned out that there was an enormous line for customs. No express lane in sight. I asked one of the staff and it turns out there is an express lane but you really need to know about it otherwise you will never find it. It is next to the LAN ticket sales office on the mezzanine. Pass the regular customs on the left and you will see it on your right after 10 meters. It took me 1 minute to pass.

The international terminal is not that impressive. There are several LAN lounges but you need the one near gate 20. They say it is the nicest. I interpret that as it being the least horrible. The lounges are dark, windowless places with absolutely no atmosphere. The food was all right but nothing special. The Chardonnay was very nice.

The Lounge

My corner

The food


The drink

My selection

After that not so impressive stop at the lounge we were called for boarding. To my surprise they were actually boarding when I arrived at the gate. So it is possible. You can make a boarding call whilst they are actually boarding instead of 10 minutes prior. Amazing.

Again the BA agent had told me this plane was full and there were no seats. The load factor in J was maybe 20%. I had 1A and 1B all to myself. I love that. The crew was extremely friendly and informative. I expected them to be changed in Lima (4 hr flight) but no, they would stay on board for the whole 14 hour experience. Talk about a long working day...

Yep BA, completely sold out...

Home sweet home


I have done a review of the LAN business seat in my earlier TR on the SCL-IPC flight so I will not bore you with a discussion. I will show you some pictures.

The control for the AVOD

Seat controls

Man in seat (optional extra)

Seat in semi flat position (it goes perfectly flat)

Dinner was served quite early after leaving SCL. The passengers boarding in LIM would only get a snack.

Here is the menu

I chose the scallops as a starter. They were the smallest scallops I have ever seen but they were tasty-ish. The accompanying pasta was a cold pasta salad. I was a little bewildered by the cheese at this point in the meal. I could not stop myself and ate it anyway.  

The main course was fillet of beef stuffed with mushrooms and vegetables. It was bone dry and barely edible.

For desert I chose Tarte Tartin. It has a strange flavor and consistency but it was not really bad.

After dinner I settled in for my flight. Now is this or isn't this every a-nutter's dream: movie on the left, moving map on the right...

Cabin by night

I love the way the seat controls are illuminated

Bad night shot of the cabin

When we landed in Lima about 50% of the Y passengers disembarked. They cleaned the plane quickly and efficiently without being obtrusive. Good work. I tried to take some shots of the airport but the windows on the LAN planes are very reflective and they do not dim the light for landing or takeoff (weird don't you think?) so this is what you get...

I did manage one

About 8 pax joined us in J for the onward journey to LAX. I also took a snack and I must say: that was a nice surprise. Some small 'burger' of beef and cheese (hey, it is Chile!) that was extremely tasty. I even had seconds and thirds...

After that I decided to sleep. I was gently awakened about 90 minutes before touchdown as requested so I could have a full breakfast. I was too groggy to remember to take a picture, but it was nice. Eggs, cereal, etc.

Also I could not take picture of the descent into LAX because of the window problem I mentioned earlier. That is a real shame since that early morning landing at the moment just before sunrise is very beautiful. Maybe some other time.

We touched down about 20 minutes early and I made sure I was the first one of the plane. US customs being what it is and all. After 2 minutes of walking I realized I left something on the plane (coat) and I headed back making my way through all those people who I would now be behind at customs. The FA had already identified my jacket and gave it to me within seconds.

I headed back dreading the long lines at customs. But what do you know... 10 stations or so were open and we were the only plane. No line. None. I was through in 1 minute. I am still in shock. I got my rental from Alamo (Cadillac STS) and headed toward Santa Monica where the Marriott actually allowed me to check in at 08:30. Kudos to them.

Last shot is that of the LAN kit. I took two.

So, another part of my trip finished. I hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures. Feedback is always very much appreciated.

All I can say now is: HAPPY 2009! Make something out of it and do at least one unforgettable thing this year!

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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:06 am

great TR, those LAN seats do look impressive. any idea who makes them?
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:51 pm

Thanks Henkybaby, another great read and decent pictures too - shame about the window shots thought.

Food again looks unimpressive, shame really as the overall product appears to be pretty decent.

Best Wishes

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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:53 am

Great report. Well written and fantastic photos. I have quite a few LAN flights coming up later in the year, so I was especially curious to read your reports. Looking forward to more!!
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:29 am


I have enjoyed your RTW trip reports for this adventure so far. Fascinating parts of the world I hope to visit some day in the future. You pictures and report are an enjoyable read. I hope you continue to have a great trip and I look forward to your next installment.

I am thinking about purchasing a RTW ticket in the new year or two and it looks like I should splurge and travel in the business or first class cabin.

Safe travels.....
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:48 am

Hi Henkybaby,
great report again on LA. I've to agree with you, the food here doesn't appeal me.
Your picture quality is really good again, giving a good overall impression on your flights.

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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:25 pm

Nice report Henkybaby

The seats and ptv's on LAN's J product looked great as usual. The Food didn't look that nice on the other hand, the beef didn't look nice at all and the portion of dessert seemed very small.
The lounge in SCL looked nice, the food options seemed ok.

Oh, and by the way, you didn't answer my question i gave you on your previous report. What lens are you using for your D80?

Thanks for posting
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:01 am

Quoting LH4116 (Reply 6):
Oh, and by the way, you didn't answer my question i gave you on your previous report. What lens are you using for your D80?

Thanks again and I think I did... I have 2 bodies and 3 lenses so i interchange a bit. The lenses are the Nikon 18-200VR, the Nikon 10,5 Fisheye and the wonderful Sigma 11-18 Wide Angle zoom.
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:41 pm

I always enjoy seeing the person behind the camera.
As always you have a wonderful trip report, with stunning pictures.

Easter Island looks sounds like a place anyone would like to see, however I think there are more interesting places I would go. BTW.. you are very handsome!
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:36 am

Quoting Phileet92 (Reply 1):
those LAN seats do look impressive. any idea who makes them?

Those seats are made in France by Sicma Aero Seat.


BTW the seat is the same model that airlines such as South African, Air Mauritius (new seats) or Iberia (among others) have on their respective Business Class cabins. Of course there are some differences such as colours, design of the "shell", location/size of the personal TV monitor.

In IB's case it's also worth mentioning that except for the bulkhead rows, all other seats are not "fully flat" or "parallel to the floor". They recline 180º which makes them flat, but their full recline position is slightly angled. Seems that on SA and LA all seats are completely parallel to the cabin floor when fully reclined.

It's an excellent seat. I have only had the chance to try it twice on Iberia long-haul flights, and the experience has been great.
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RE: From Easter (Island) To New Year In LA -LAN/J/PICS

Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:07 pm

Quoting Henkybaby (Thread starter):
The food was all right but nothing special.

Well, KL Crown Lounge does not have any impressive food to start with!  Wink

Quoting IBERIA747 (Reply 9):
In IB's case it's also worth mentioning that except for the bulkhead rows, all other seats are not "fully flat" or "parallel to the floor". They recline 180º which makes them flat, but their full recline position is slightly angled. Seems that on SA and LA all seats are completely parallel to the cabin floor when fully reclined.

Your point is very relevant and correct. LA and SA have fully flat (180 degrees or paralel to the floor) seats.

Thanks for the bulkhead seat tip for IB business cabin, I was not aware of it. Could you explain why?


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